Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Greene Of Evans HS

Jonathan Greene of Evans High School is one of the top runners in 6A boys this fall.
Here's a Q and A we did with him. 

MileSplit GA- Jonathan, how does it feel being the 2019 Wingfoot XC Classic Varsity Boys A Champ?

Jonathan- It feels good! I still have a lot of work to do though. 

MileSplit GA- When did you first become interested in running?

Jonathan- My parents have always been very involved with running and they had me doing fun runs and 5Ks in Elementary School.  My dad ran at Evans High School and he suggested that I should do cross country in 6th grade. That's when it first started. 

MileSplit GA- When did you realize that Cross Country/Track and Field was your calling?

Jonathan- I think it was the 2015 Middle School State Meet. After that meet, I was hooked. 

MileSplit GA- What was the first race you ever won?

Jonathan- North Georgia Championship in 2016. It was my first race of eighth grade. 

MileSplit GA- How supportive is the Evans HS XC running Community of you and the team?

Jonathan- It truly is a family. Everyone has each others goals in mind and we are all looking out for one another. I'm very blessed to have a team that wants to do their best as much as I do. 

MileSplit GA- Are you friends with any of the guys from other schools you compete against?

Jonathan- Yes, for sure. We all recognize the grind we put in and we all congratulate each other after an awesome meet. It's good to have the friendly competition. 

MileSplit GA- What are your goals for the remainder of the GHSA season?

Jonathan- I am really looking to get a better PR. Hopefully, I can get around a 15:25. 

MileSplit GA- Are you planning on competing at Foot Locker South?

Jonathan- Yes, I am!  It's going to be a great race. 

MileSplit GA- What is your favorite food, movie/tv shows, leisure activities and music?

Jonathan- My favorite food is a Kickin' Chicken Sandwich from Zaxby's, but I don't get to eat it very often! I love watching movies. My favorites are Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption. I also enjoy watching football. I listen to all kinds of music. If you name a genre, I can give you my favorite artists in it. Some of my favorites are Led Zeppelin, Drake, Johnny Cash, and Thomas Rhett. 

MileSplit GA- What colleges are you interested in competing for?

Jonathan- I am very interested in UGA and Georgia Tech. I have family ties to both and they are close to home. It's always been a dream of mine to get into one of those. I really would like the opportunity to run D1 at a school located here in the southeast. 

MileSplit GA- Have you decided on a degree path/career choice post HS?

Jonathan- Yes, I would love to go into the business field. Something involved in marketing, Supply Chain, or Project Management would be ideal. 

MileSplit GA- What advice do you have for aspiring young MS and Youth distance runners aiming to be their best?

Jonathan- Just stick with it! Keep grinding everyday and have fun with it. Find some people who you can grow with and support each other. Also, run year round!