Getting The Discussion Board Rolling Again

(photo by Dan McCauley)

I was onsite at the North Oconee Meet 9/5 earlier today, as Fast Feet was timing it and I spoke with one of the original webmasters of, Coach Jim Yike, also formerly the head coach of the Mill Creek girls team in the early 2000's who is now is at Morgan County. One of the items we discussed was what has happened to all the activity on the 'Discussion Board' compared to when the site was with that old light green background?

Seriously, where has all the lively banter gone when I was just a user and parent of a HS runner? Are coaches not allowing their athletes to post,  have we just become lazy, like getting food delivered from many restaurants, including grocery delivery now from stores like Publix, etc? If I am not mistaken, one does not have to be a subscriber to post on the 'Discussion Board' Occasionally, we do have some hot topics, but it seems reduced to courses not being legit, etc.

Carrollton has been a hot topic lately, but there is much more to discuss than that folks. There are topics that are taboo, like openly calling out and criticizing a coach or an athlete by name. Rankings used to be a HUGE topic of discussion, have our Rankers gotten so accurate in their analysis there is no controversy, that may be entirely possible as our Rankers are experts in their Class.

The Discussion Board used to be so active, we gave select coaches 'admin' access to delete improper posts after sunrise, as I often used to 'burn the midnight oil' working very late on the site. It's understood, we now live in a world where anything in the media is heavily scrutinized as to whether it's politically correct or offensive to someone's delicate sensibilities. MileSplit GA is not about politics, it's about the Sport of Cross Country & Track and Field. Can we start discussing the Sport again in a lively manner amongst ourselves? 

Bruce MileSplit GA