MileSplit GA Week 3 HS Girls XC 'Runners Of The Week'

In the pic are (4) Week 3 ROWS including Laney Doster, Madison Kennedy, Katy Earwood & Erin Fegans

We try to spread the 'love' around from week to week so more runners can be recognized for their accomplishments. (No back to back winners) and course difficulty is taken into account, not just the fastest time or place. This week we begin to honor Overall 'ROWS'

Overall:    Erin Fegans of Landmark Christian School, Overall Winner at AT&T Panther XC Meet in 18:18

7A Girls: Sarah McCartney of Archer HS, overall Winner at Athens Academy Invitational in 19:28

6A Girls: Katy Earwood & Madison Kennedy, 3rd/4th Overall at AT&T Panther XC Meet in 18:59/19:00

5A Girls: Laney Doster of Jones County, 5th Overall at AT&T Panther Invitational in 19:12

4A Girls: Mary Brady of St. Pius X, 2nd Overall at Mobile Challenge of Champions in 19:13

3A Girls: Caylee Wagner of North Hall, Overall Winner at War Eagle Invitational in 20:33

2A Girls: Mari Jablonski of Monticello HS, Overall Winner at GMC Prep Small School Showcase in 21:14

A Private Girls: Jordan Walter of Paideia, 14th at AT&T Panther XC Meet in 19:51

A Public Girls: Paden Bell of Commerce HS, 7th Overall at War Eagle Invitational in 22:52

Independent Girls- Charlotte Augenstein of Deerfield-Windsor, 14th Overall at Big Bend Cross Country Festival in 21:01