Interview w/ MS Runner Sarah Harrison of Athens Academy

Sarah Harrison is an 8th grader at Athens Academy.  She is a newcomer to track and field but a fierce competitor already.  Sarah was discovered while running miles at P.E. 2 years ago.  She realized then that she was special as she was faster than the majority of the class.  Sarah enjoys playing the violin, piano, and participating in taekwondo.  This will be her first time participating in the championships. 


What events do you compete in? 

The 1600, 3200, 800, 4x4, and 4x1.

What do you give up (sacrifice) to run track? 

Not many sacrifices, but sometimes taekwondo.

What is your preparation to get ready for competition?  

Drinking plenty of water, eating good foods, and staying healthy throughout the season.

What qualities or things do you gain from running track that you can apply to everyday life?  

Hard work... learn to keep working forward toward a goal.  Maintain an attitude of working to improve in everything I do.

Who inspires you and why? 

Good runners in track and field.  I watch times of other athletes that show up on Milesplit.  My parents also inspire me.

How do you celebrate after a great win?  

I don't do much celebrating after my meets.  I eat a ton and finish homework.  

Can you remember your first race?  What was the experience like?  Did you know you were good?

Scary, because it was my first 1600 but really cool!  I remember the weather being cold in the morning and warmer a little later in the day. 
What do you enjoy doing for fun? What book are you reading now?

I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and violin.  I'm currently reading King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo.

What's one word that describes you?  

That's a hard one.  My mom says Feisty!

What's your favorite song to listen to before a race?  

Queen and just my usual playlist

What is your most memorable track experience?  

I was running at my Riverside track meet and was able to see an indoor track for the first time.

What do you like about track and field?  

It's difficult but you feel accomplished after the race.  You're not reliant on other people to do well.

Do you feel any pressure going into the MS championships?  What are your goals or expectations for this year's meet?  

I don't really feel any pressure.  I look forward to running against other awesome athletes and hopefully PR in my events.