GHSA A Private Girls State Preview

The A Private State meet is heading into a new environment beginning Thursday at 'Valhalla' on the Berry College campus in Rome. It should be a welcome relief for the Girls, not having to fight the heat, humidity, pesky gnats, and long drive  down to Albany. Wesleyan and Holy Innocents dropped down in class after the re-alignment, making this a more competitive meet than perhaps ever before.. We made some adjustments to the 1600/3200 Virtual meet, based upon those who Q'd with their 'Season Bests' instead of the slower Area/Region times to make the scoring more approximate. Hope this doesn't throw a 'Curve Ball' out there to many (it took some time) Team Standings in 'BOLD' will reflect the changes in team scores. 

Athens Academy will be attempting to repeat as State Champs, and with their balanced attack, they are the team to beat. Anna Marian, look who has the best 400 time in class...and she has not been pushed all season to her limits and Julia Harisay is a monster in the Throws events. If, the Lady Spartans perform to their potential, with no hiccups they could very well ascend to the top of the Podium again. Wesleyan is back in the familiar confines of A (after getting booted out of AA, now a Public class) The Lady Wolves are talented, and have more speed/jumps talent than ever before. But, their lack of distance scoring opps may well hurt them (unusual for Wesleyan) ELCA is all about speed, where they will rack up big points, but weak in all other areas. Landmark Christian will be on top going into Saturday, but will have to watch some teams surpass them during Finals. ACS, behind new head coach Cayla Cummings, has the pieces that can score enough points to make a Podium run. Let's face it, 'THE RACE' everyone is waiting to see (and which may produce the 2 fastest times) is 2 Foot Locker National XC Finalists, going head to head in the 1600m race, featuring Nicole Fegans and Anna Marian Block. Both are heated competitors, may the fastest gal win..

Top Athletes to Watch:

Nicole Fegans of Landmark- 1600,3200, 4x400 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Anna Marian Block of Athens Academy- 800, 1600, 4x400 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Becky Arbiv of the Weber School- PV, HJ

Ariel Arbiv of the Weber School- PV

Sophia West of Paideia- 3200, 1600 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

T'aja Cameron of ELCA- 100, 200, 4x100 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Morgan Millikan of Mount Pisgah- 100, 200, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Reagan Mahoney of AIS- 800m (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Jackie Addy of Holy Innocents- 800, 1600, 4x400

Erin Fegans (L) of Landmark- 3200 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Emily Elder of Athens Academy- 1600, 3200, 4x400

Morgan Lewis of Mount Vernon Presbyterian- 100h, 300h (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Anna Davis of Tallulah Falls- 100h, 300h, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Katie Phillips of Athens Academy- 100h, 300h, Relays

Julia Harisay of Athens Academy- Discus, Shot

Team Scores

2Wesleyan School69.5
1Athens Academy79
3Eagles Landing Christian Academy60.5
5Athens Christian37.5
6Tallulah Falls30
6The Weber School30
4Landmark Christian School55.5
10North Cobb Christian22
9Mount Pisgah Christian School22.51
11Mount Vernon Presbyterian School20
12Mount De Sales19
8Holy Innocents' Episcopal School23
16Stratford Academy11
14Whitefield Academy122
16Darlington School13
18Savannah Christian Prep9
14Atlanta International School12
21King's Ridge Christian School8
21Providence Christian Academy8
23Hebron Christian7.5
24Savannah Country Day School6
24St. Francis6
18Mount Paran Christian School94
25Prince Avenue Christian School5
26First Presbyterian Day School4
27George Walton Academy4
29Our Lady of Mercy2
30Tattnall Square Academy1

100 Meter Dash

1T'aja Cameron2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy12.52 10
2Jasmine Senter2020Eagles Landing Christian Academy12.58 8
3Kristin Stephens2018Athens Christian12.66 6
4Jacqueline Savage2020North Cobb Christian12.69 5
5Rebekah Haynes2018Prince Avenue Christian School12.77 4
6Morgan Millikan2018Mount Pisgah Christian School12.80 3
7Shelby Wingate2019Whitefield Academy12.83 2
8Ona Nwabueze2020Mount De Sales13.19 1
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200 Meter Dash

1T'aja Cameron2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy24.92 10
2Kristin Stephens2018Athens Christian25.59 8
3Jasmine Senter2020Eagles Landing Christian Academy25.76 6
4Meagan Lynch2018Wesleyan School25.88 5
5Jacqueline Savage2020North Cobb Christian26.04 4
6Adaeze Nwabueze2018Mount De Sales26.21 3
7Morgan Millikan2018Mount Pisgah Christian School26.28 2
8Rebekah Haynes2018Prince Avenue Christian School26.67 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kayland Thomason2018Eagles Landing Christian Academy58.41 10
2Sutton West2018Wesleyan School59.31 8
3Meagan Lynch2018Wesleyan School59.39 6
4Parke Faison2017Holy Innocents' Episcopal School59.84 5
5Jasmine Barrow2020Athens Academy1:01.07 4
6Lexi Coleman2017George Walton Academy1:01.51 3
7Erthaly Thomas2018Our Lady of Mercy1:01.87 2
8Morgan Thomas2020Eagles Landing Christian Academy1:02.99 1
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800 Meter Run

1Anna Marian Block2018Athens Academy2:15.73 10
2Reagan Mahoney2020Atlanta International School2:19.37 8
3Jackie Addy2019Holy Innocents' Episcopal School2:20.65 6
4Kate Flory2017Darlington School2:23.61 5
5Lindsey Biggar2018Landmark Christian School2:23.95 4
6Sarah Foreman2018Landmark Christian School2:25.67 3
7Bailey Edwards2017Wesleyan School2:29.76 2
8Mary Jane Meyer2020Savannah Christian Prep2:30.31 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Nicole Fegans2017Landmark Christian School4:58.01 10
2Anna Marian Block2018Athens Academy5:07.44 8
3Jackie Addy2019Holy Innocents5:07.87 6
4Sophia West2018Paideia5:08.23 5
5Reagan Mahoney2020Atlanta International School5:12.71 4
6Lindsey Biggar2018Landmark Christian School5:13.30 3
7Emily Elder2018Athens Academy5:22.89 2
8Nicole Polemitis2018Mount Paran Christian School5:34.09 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Nicole Fegans2017Landmark Christian School10:37.66 10
2Sophia West2018Paideia11:05.37 8
3Erin Fegans2020Landmark Christian School11:13.68 6
4Emily Elder2018Athens Academy11:41.84 5
5Kate Flory2017Darlington School11:58.53 4
6Nicole Polemitis2018Mount Paran Christian12:03.74 3
7Emily L. Little2020Whitefield Academy12:07.60 2
8Kara Shepp2017Mount Pisgah Christian12:11.69 1

100 Meter Hurdles

1Morgan Lewis2017Mount Vernon Presbyterian School14.19 10
2Katie Phillips2018Athens Academy15.79 8
3Anna Davis2018Tallulah Falls15.96 6
4Claira Heiss2018Athens Christian15.97 5
5Renee Dockins2020Mount Paran Christian School16.41 4
6Morgan Weaver2017Mount Pisgah Christian School16.63 3
7Sadie Frame2018First Presbyterian Day School16.75 2
8Miranda Powell2019Athens Christian16.86 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Morgan Lewis2017Mount Vernon Presbyterian School45.42 10
2Anna Davis2018Tallulah Falls46.59 8
3Katie Phillips2018Athens Academy46.92 6
4Tori Johnson2017Hebron Christian47.20 5
5Morgan Weaver2017Mount Pisgah Christian School48.88 4
6Samantha Mitchell2020Eagles Landing Christian Academy49.16 2.5
6Sutton West2018Wesleyan School49.16 2.5
8Sadie Frame2018First Presbyterian Day School50.22 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Wesleyan School49.25 10
2Whitefield Academy49.90 8
3Athens Christian49.97 6
4Eagles Landing Christian Academy50.01 5
5Mount Pisgah Christian School50.53 4
6Mount De Sales50.79 3
7Athens Academy51.13 2
8George Walton Academy51.26 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Wesleyan School4:00.74 10
2Eagles Landing Christian Academy4:04.39 8
3Athens Academy4:10.57 6
4Tallulah Falls4:12.15 5
5Landmark Christian School4:13.38 4
6Holy Innocents' Episcopal School4:17.88 3
7Savannah Christian Prep4:18.66 2
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High Jump

1Abby Magoola2018Savannah Country Day School5-0 6
1Becky Arbiv2017The Weber School5-0 6
1Drake Miscall2019Stratford Academy5-0 6
1Elizabeth Oliver2019Savannah Christian Prep5-0 6
1madison pickerel2018Athens Christian5-0 6
1Sutton West2018Wesleyan School5-0 6
7Sarah Kate Sellers2017Stratford Academy4-10 1
7Sydney Williams2017Athens Academy4-10 1
7Taylor Paulsen2020Walker4-10 1
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Long Jump

1Meagan Lynch2018Wesleyan School17-2.25 10
2Jacqueline Savage2020North Cobb Christian16-7.75 8
3Meredith Potts2019Galloway16-5.25 6
4Camryn Bourne2020Paideia16-2.25 5
5Faith Boyington2018Stratford Academy16-1 4
6Heaven Simmons2020Athens Christian16-0.25 3
7Mackenzie Gignilliat2019Walker15-10.75 2
8Christiny Reeves2017First Presbyterian Day School15-9.75 1
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Triple Jump

1Clark Kelly2020Mount De Sales35-3 10
2Briana Docsol2020Tallulah Falls33-10 8
3Becky Arbiv2017The Weber School33-5.5 6
4Callie Davis2018Wesleyan School33-3.25 5
5Meredith Potts2019Galloway33-1.5 4
6Christine Catherman2018Holy Innocents' Episcopal School33-1.25 3
7Frances Herrin2017Athens Academy33-0 2
8Emily Lorenz2017Mount Paran Christian School32-11 1
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Pole Vault

1Becky Arbiv2017The Weber School13-4 10
2Ariel Arbiv2019The Weber School12-0 8
3Mackenzie Gignilliat2019Walker11-0 6
4Janie Williams2017Athens Academy9-6 5
5Claira Heiss2018Athens Christian9-0 2.5
5Julia Goldschmidt2018Hebron Christian9-0 2.5
5Mary Kellison Thorne2018Landmark Christian School9-0 2.5
5Morgan Millikan2018Mount Pisgah Christian School9-0 2.5
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Shot Put

1Julia Harisay2017Athens Academy39-11.25 10
2Sydnee Walker2017King's Ridge Christian School39-10.75 8
3Kori McDaniel2018St. Francis39-5.25 6
4Elizabeth Gibbs2019Landmark Christian School35-5.5 5
5Schuyler Heflin2020North Cobb Christian33-9.25 4
6Jira Smith2017Mount Pisgah Christian School32-3.5 3
7Clara Ann Hammel2018Providence Christian Academy31-5.75 2
8Allie Gordon2018Tattnall Square Academy31-5 1
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1Julia Harisay2017Athens Academy139-11 10
2Elizabeth Gibbs2019Landmark Christian School126-11 8
3Clara Ann Hammel2018Providence Christian Academy110-2 6
4Avyonce Carter2020Wesleyan School107-1 5
5Kacey Kemp2019Darlington School102-2 4
6Damali Danavall2019Tallulah Falls100-11 3
7Agnes Pare2018Mount De Sales90-10 2
8Wy'kia Frelot2018North Cobb Christian90-1 1