GHSA AAAAA Girls State Preview

Grisham Stadium

AAAAA will once again have North Springs attempting to be yet another school going for a 3-Peat next weekend and there doesn't seem to be anyone to stop them. The Virtual meet team scores will show, if compared to season bests, the Lady Spartans were content to Q' for the big dance and should begin their march with O points on Saturday, before they start ringing up the field beginning with the  4x100 on Saturday. They just have way too much speed and hurdles talent. Their 4 top athletes are Destiny Jackson, Jayda Drake Howard, Saran Kouyeth and Kennedy Crawford, don't be surprised if some relay records fall in AAAAA next weekend. 

Buford has a very strong team and will be on the scoreboard heading into Finals, where they will challenge North Springs in the relays, sprints and hurdles events. Their top athletes are Alexa Rossum, Erin Marsh and Kimberly Harris. Fayette County has the firepower to finish a clear 3rd featuring horizontal jumper Na'ilah Moore. Miller Grove as usual has Relays speed and mid-distance specialist Emoni Coleman, who has a 2:11.98 to her cred in the 800m. Thomas County Central has certainly been the benefactor of sprinter Mahogany Walter moving into their school zone. Individually, Walter could score up to 28 points for the Yellow Jackets..Also fighting for Podium spots will be: Maynard Jackson (who got bumped up 2 Classes), Starrs Mill, Woodland Stockbridge, Stockbridge and McIntosh. As for distance events (1600/3200) it looks like no punches were pulled at Sectionals.

Top Athletes to Watch:

Mahogany Walter of Thomas County Central- 100, 200, HJ, Relays (file photo 2016)

Alexa Rossum of Buford- 100, 200, Relays

Destiny Jackson of North Springs- 100, 200, Relays

Saran Kouyeth of North Springs- 100, 200, Relays

Kennedy Crawford of North Springs- 400, Relays

Jayda Drake Howard of North Springs- 100h, 300h, Relays

Shaianne Sipsey of Veterans- 400, 200

Buford High School Buford, GA, USA

Kimberly Harris of Buford- 400, Relays

Emoni Coleman of Miller Grove- 800, 1600

Erin Leonard of Jones County- 1600, 3200

Elizabeth Graves of Riverwood- 3200, 1600 (photo Daniel McCauley)

Erin Marsh of Buford- 300h, 100h, HJ, Relays

Darci Khan of Stockbridge- 100h

Betty Jackson of Eagle's Landing- 300h

Sade James of Griffin- LJ

Na'ilah Moore of Fayette County- TJ, LJ, Relays

Ashley Devert of Loganville- TJ, Relays

Diamond Atkins of Woodland Stockbridge- Shot, Discus

Carver, Atlanta Atlanta, GA, USA

Soteria Russell of Carver Atlanta- Shot, Discus

Morgan Johnson of Whitewater- Shot

Team Scores

1North Springs79
2Buford High School56.2
3Fayette County43.25
4Miller Grove High School34
5Thomas County Central High School30.2
6Maynard H. Jackson High School28
7Starrs Mill High School27.2
8Woodland HS Stockbridge26.75
9Stockbridge High School25
10McIntosh High School24
11Veterans HS23.7
12Jones County High School20
13Carver, Atlanta18
13Riverwood International Charter School18
15Eagle's Landing High School17
18Statesboro High School12
22Arabia Mountain HS9.75
23Lithia Springs9
23Union Grove9
25Whitewater High School8
26Flowery Branch7
27Cass High School6.2
28Kell High School5
29Hampton HS4.5
30Ware County High School4.25
31Carrollton High School4
33Cedar Shoals3
33Riverdale High School3
35Dutchtown High School2
35Rome High School2
37Villa Rica0.75
38Ola High School0.25

100 Meter Dash

1Mahogany Walter2017Thomas County Central High School11.82 10
2Destiny Jackson2017North Springs11.90 8
3Saran Kouyeth2019North Springs11.91 6
4Kennedy Lewis2018Riverwood International Charter School11.95 5
5LeAsia Johnson2017Lithia Springs11.97 4
6Alexa Rossum2019Buford High School12.04 3
7Faith Lindsey2017Woodland HS Stockbridge12.08 2
8Temperance Newsom2017Stockbridge High School12.17 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Mahogany Walter2017Thomas County Central High School23.79 10
2Saran Kouyeth2019North Springs24.09 8
3Shaianne Sipsey2019Veterans HS24.34 6
4Destiny Jackson2017North Springs24.39 5
5Alexa Rossum2019Buford High School24.59 4
6Kennedy Lewis2018Riverwood International Charter School24.61 3
7Faith Lindsey2017Woodland HS Stockbridge24.79 2
8Ilyria Johns2018Thomas County Central High School24.83 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kimberly Harris2020Buford High School55.55 10
2Shaianne Sipsey2019Veterans HS55.65 8
3Kennedy Crawford2017North Springs55.87 6
4Sylvia Freeman2017Fayette County57.20 5
5Tiana Hawk2017Banneker57.23 4
6Maya Davis2017Stockbridge High School57.31 3
7Zariah Kitchens2018Miller Grove High School57.37 2
8Nia Benton- Andrews2020Maynard H. Jackson High School58.02 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kayla Rose2020McIntosh High School2:19.77 10
2Emoni Coleman2019Miller Grove High School2:21.02 8
3Kennedi Weston shields2018North Springs2:22.12 6
4Imani Arnold2017Loganville2:24.30 5
5Mckenzie Cromer2019Union Grove2:24.37 4
6Lauryn Griggs2020Miller Grove High School2:25.35 3
7Amaya Anderson2018Fayette County2:25.84 2
8Niyah Williams2019Eagle's Landing High School2:26.53 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Erin Leonard2019Jones County High School5:02.82 10
2Carli Clymer2020Woodland5:10.93 8
3Megan Uszynski2020McIntosh High School5:12.53 6
4Emoni Coleman2019Miller Grove High School5:14.60 5
5Tori Rives2017Union Grove5:15.64 4
6Elizabeth Graves2017Riverwood International Charter School5:15.69 3
7Erika Plummer2018Flowery Branch5:18.40 2
8Mckenzie Cromer2019Union Grove5:20.38 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Erin Leonard2019Jones County High School11:10.71 10
2Megan Uszynski2020McIntosh High School11:19.93 8
3Elizabeth Graves2017Riverwood International Charter School11:24.57 6
4Erika Plummer2018Flowery Branch11:38.43 5
5Beining Xiao2018Chamblee11:40.19 4
6Mary Valli2018Starrs Mill High School12:03.63 3
7Ashley McMahon2018Whitewater High School12:06.26 2
8Megan Dobso2020Starrs Mill High School12:09.66 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Jayda Drake-Howard2018North Springs13.73 10
2Darci Khan2019Stockbridge High School14.28 8
3Destinee Rocker2017Arabia Mountain HS14.30 6
4Erin Marsh2017Buford High School14.32 5
5Iylana Helenese2018Eagle's Landing High School14.83 4
6Ryah Jackson2019Maynard H. Jackson High School14.87 3
7Lauren Epps2017Dutchtown High School14.92 2
8Jakeeyah Seymour2018Miller Grove High School15.00 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jayda Drake-Howard2018North Springs42.82 10
2Erin Marsh2017Buford High School43.72 8
3Betty Jackson2017Eagle's Landing High School43.77 6
4Ryah Jackson2019Maynard H. Jackson High School44.53 5
5Temperance Newsom2017Stockbridge High School44.74 4
6China Waldorf2018Maynard H. Jackson High School44.94 3
7Jakeeyah Seymour2018Miller Grove High School45.34 2
8Nailah Underwood2017Starrs Mill High School45.98 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1North Springs46.23 10
2Miller Grove High School46.67 8
3Stockbridge High School46.77 6
4Buford High School46.79 5
5Thomas County Central High School47.36 4
6Arabia Mountain HS47.45 3
7Maynard H. Jackson High School47.55 2
8Riverwood International Charter School47.57 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1North Springs3:44.21 10
2Buford High School3:45.91 8
3Maynard H. Jackson High School3:55.08 6
4Miller Grove High School3:55.67 5
5Starrs Mill High School3:56.52 4
6Fayette County3:58.42 3
7Stockbridge High School3:59.20 2
8Eagle's Landing High School3:59.81 1
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High Jump

1Darryl Langford2017Fayette County5-4 10
2Annie Ervin2017Veterans HS5-2 5.2
2Erin Marsh2017Buford High School5-2 5.2
2Kyler Trouten2018Cass High School5-2 5.2
2Madeline Hammond2017Starrs Mill High School5-2 5.2
2Mahogany Walter2017Thomas County Central High School5-2 5.2
7Mutnodjmet Debnam2018Grady5-0 0.75
7Oneillia Fuller2017Villa Rica5-0 0.75
7Patra Williams2020Arabia Mountain HS5-0 0.75
7Samone Baxter2020Woodland HS Stockbridge5-0 0.75
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Long Jump

1Sade James2018Griffin19-1.75 10
2Na'ilah Moore2018Fayette County18-4.5 8
3Iyana McKeever2017Statesboro High School18-0.5 6
4LeAsia Johnson2017Lithia Springs17-11.25 5
5Faith Lindsey2017Woodland HS Stockbridge17-11 4
6Kimberly Harris2020Buford High School17-10.5 3
7Renauzay Jackson2019Rome High School17-6 2
8Jamaalriya Parker2018Stockbridge High School17-5 1
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Triple Jump

1Ashley Devert2017Loganville39-7 9
1Na'ilah Moore2018Fayette County39-7 9
3Dayona Henry2017Statesboro High School37-11.5 6
4Amber Gordon2018Hampton HS37-11 4.5
4Shaianne Sipsey2019Veterans HS37-11 4.5
6Cierra Pittard2017Cedar Shoals37-8.25 3
7Rachel Edler2017Chamblee37-6.5 2
8Sidney Sims2019Fayette County37-0.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Julia Colson2020Starrs Mill High School9-0 9
1Mutnodjmet Debnam2018Grady9-0 9
3Berkley Berrett2017Buford High School8-6 4
3China Waldorf2018Maynard H. Jackson High School8-6 4
3Kailani Serapion2018Starrs Mill High School8-6 4
3Karson Norris2018Woodland8-6 4
3Shamara Holmes2017Maynard H. Jackson High School8-6 4
8Colleen Griffin2018Grady8-0 0.25
8Emily Lorden2017Ola High School8-0 0.25
8Kayla Youngblood2020Ware County High School8-0 0.25
8Tonya Williams2018Fayette County8-0 0.25
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Shot Put

1Soteria Russell2018Carver, Atlanta40-9.5 10
2Diamond Atkins2017Woodland HS Stockbridge39-4 8
3Morgan Johnson2019Whitewater High School38-10 6
4Hannah Jackson2019Kell High School38-5 5
5Kimberly McKinney2017Carrollton High School38-0.5 4
6Rikkelle Miller2018Fayette County37-9 3
7Oni Tunson2017Chamblee37-8 2
8Chanelle Clemmons2018Cass High School37-4 1
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1Diamond Atkins2017Woodland HS Stockbridge125-4 10
2Soteria Russell2018Carver, Atlanta115-1 8
3Oni Tunson2017Chamblee115-0 6
4Kamaria Horton2019Eagle's Landing High School112-7 5
5Traveshia Birden2017Ware County High School111-2 4
6Runeshia Williams2017Riverdale High School110-2 3
7Rikkelle Miller2018Fayette County109-5 2
8Zikaya Wright2017Buford High School108-8 1