GHSA AAA Boys State Meet Preview

It will aslo be the first time the AAA Boys will be competing 'Way down South' in Albany for State titles. I'm fairly certain, Peach County and Appling County have competed in Albany during the regular season, but for the majority of the AAA schools it will be a very new experience. Cedar Grove is in position to win a third consecutive AAA team title, but strange things have happened down there in Albany... Karl Brust from MileSplit GA will make the trek to cover the meet on Day 2 and 3. We're not allowed to shoot video, as NFHS owns the rights, as they will be Live Streaming at least Saturday Finals, making it tough on those fans at home to choose a meet to watch, lol. 

Cedar Grove will have to pour it on Saturday, as their scoring opps are very limited on the Field and Distance events. They can't afford to have more than 1 miscue during either prelims/finals or Peach County may really push them until 4x400 finals Saturday. Peach County has speed, and a 1 man wrecking crew in Kearis Jackson, who may score in 4/5 events. Their relay squads are stride for stride with Cedar Grove as well. If Kyle Nixon has a great meet, this one could go to the wire. One can never count out the consistency of Westminster, as they seem to always be lurking around the Podium. Appling County has speed to burn behind Japheth Morris and their relay squads. Ok, the sand bagging has now began in the distance events from Sectionals. The Kennedy twins from East Jackson ran smart and just Q'd as expected, Everett Smulders from Lovett definitely had his foot lightly on the pedal in the 800 and 1600 as did many of the top harriers, running smart, staying away from trouble, qualifying and not getting injured. The matchup in the 1600 between Chase Kennedy and Everett Smulders should be epic...

Top Athetes to Watch: 

Chase Kennedy of East Jackson- 1600, 3200

Chandler Kennedy of East Jackson- 1600, 3200

Everett Smulders of Lovett- 800, 1600

Jacob Poston of Dawson County- 800, 1600

Tommy Johnston of North Hall- 1600, 800

Japheth Morris of Appling County- 100, 200, Relays

Israel Spivey of Cedar Grove- 100, 200, Relays

Kearis Jackson of Peach County- 100, Shot, Discus, Relays

Westside, Macon Macon, GA, USA

Suaryburn Sampson of Westside Macon- LJ, TJ

Jack Cahillane of Westminster- PV

Jack Rhea of Calhoun- PV

Image result for Andrew Ward Pike County

Andrew Ward of Pike County- Shot, Discus

Mac Bennett of North Hall- Shot, Discus

Team Scores

1Cedar Grove72.67
2Peach Co.60
3Westminster HS52.5
4Appling County HS45.67
5Pike County High School39
6Monroe Comprehensive High School34.5
7Westside, Macon33
8North Hall32
9Monroe Area High School26.5
10Dawson County24.92
12Tattnall County High School16.5
13Liberty County16
15East Jackson High School13
16Bremen High School12.75
17Central Macon12
17Pierce County HS12
19Greater Atlanta Christian11
20Pace Academy9
21Long County HS7.67
24Sonoraville HS7
25Murray County High School6
26Towers High School4.5
27Redan High School4
29Jackson County3
29Morgan County3
29Worth County HS3
32HV Jenkins2.67
33East Hall HS2
33Hart County2
35Franklin County High School1.67

100 Meter Dash

1Japheth Morris2017Appling County HS10.73 10
2Israel Spivey2018Cedar Grove11.05 7
2Kearus Jackson2018Peach Co.11.05 7
4Kortney Cox2018Cedar Grove11.09 5
5Jabari Perry2017Monroe Area High School11.11 4
6Devon Moore2017Appling County HS11.25 3
7Ronnie Lawson2017Westside, Macon11.35 2
8Zay Malcome2017Westminster HS11.36 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Japheth Morris2017Appling County HS21.90 10
2Devon Moore2017Appling County HS22.05 8
3Israel Spivey2018Cedar Grove22.40 6
4Kortney Cox2018Cedar Grove22.42 5
5Je'marious Holloway2017Kendrick22.49 4
6Deondre Johnson2018Tattnall County High School22.57 3
7Brandon Hammond2017Westminster HS22.59 2
8Devin Hart2019Peach Co.22.66 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Terrence Lewin2020Cedar Grove49.54 10
2Kyle Nixon2017Peach Co.49.61 8
3Brandon Hammond2017Westminster HS50.08 6
4Dean Brown2018Peach Co.50.10 5
5Joshua Ferrell2018Liberty County50.52 4
6Dee Bethea2019Pierce County HS50.65 3
7Samuel Woodhouse IV2018Westminster HS50.80 2
8Drew Rutledge2019Calhoun50.81 1
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800 Meter Run

1Everett Smulders2017Lovett1:59.21 10
2Jacob Poston2017Dawson County2:00.08 8
3Jack Powers2017Westminster HS2:01.66 6
4cameron Taylor2018Long County HS2:02.18 5
5Tommy Johnston2017North Hall2:02.79 4
6Dalton Shaw2017Morgan County2:03.13 3
7Deanthony Moore2018Cedar Grove2:03.17 2
8Ethridge Chaisson2017East Jackson High School2:04.08 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Tommy Johnston2017North Hall4:26.71 10
2Everett Smulders2017Lovett4:28.69 8
3Chase Kennedy2017East Jackson High School4:29.46 6
4Jacob Poston2017Dawson County4:32.74 5
5Jack Douglass2018Pace Academy4:33.17 4
6Jack Powers2017Westminster HS4:36.02 3
7Will Wallace2019Westminster HS4:37.49 2
8cameron Taylor2018Long County HS4:37.71 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Will Wallace2019Westminster HS9:59.89 10
2Peter Huff2019Westminster HS10:04.46 8
3Jesse Martinez2019Murray County High School10:07.71 6
4Jack Douglass2018Pace Academy10:10.28 5
5Chase Kennedy2017East Jackson High School10:20.33 4
6Cody Wood2019Dawson County10:22.53 3
7Nicholas Klavohn2017Lovett10:22.70 2
8Chandler Kennedy2017East Jackson High School10:23.50 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jadon Haselwood2019Cedar Grove14.85 10
2C'borius Flemister2018Pike County High School14.92 8
3Correggio Peagler2018Greater Atlanta Christian15.41 6
4Jourdan Bell2017Monroe Comprehensive High School15.55 5
5Cameron Blake2020Peach Co.15.63 4
6Kylill Miles2018Pierce County HS15.67 3
7Leroy Mason2017Pierce County HS15.75 2
8Andrew Protiva2019Westminster HS15.84 0.5
8Elijah Compton2019Monroe Area High School15.84 0.5
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Ronnie Lawson2017Westside, Macon38.24 10
2Jourdan Bell2017Monroe Comprehensive High School38.40 8
3Jadon Haselwood2019Cedar Grove39.21 6
4C'borius Flemister2018Pike County High School40.17 5
5Kylill Miles2018Pierce County HS40.88 4
6Cameron Blake2020Peach Co.40.96 3
7David Miller2017Tattnall County High School41.05 2
8Elijah Compton2019Monroe Area High School41.09 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Appling County HS41.44 10
2Peach Co.41.85 8
3Cedar Grove42.10 6
4Liberty County42.74 5
5Central Macon42.88 4
6Tattnall County High School42.94 3
7Monroe Comprehensive High School42.97 2
8Westside, Macon43.02 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Cedar Grove3:21.16 10
2Peach Co.3:21.77 8
3Monroe Comprehensive High School3:22.27 6
4Calhoun3:25.39 5
5Redan High School3:26.75 4
6Appling County HS3:27.55 3
7Central Macon3:28.65 2
8Tattnall County High School3:29.19 1
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High Jump

1Brandon Doe2018Cook6-2 7.25
1Carlos Keller2019Dawson County6-2 7.25
1Charlie Crafton2019Bremen High School6-2 7.25
1Jamonte Williams2017Johnson-Savannah6-2 7.25
5Chris Samuels0Appling County HS6-0 1.667
5Deshon Dixon2020Long County HS6-0 1.667
5Jeremy Smith2019HV Jenkins6-0 1.667
5Josh Beasley2020Franklin County High School6-0 1.667
5Raquan Bonner2018Cedar Grove6-0 1.667
5SeVaughn Clark2019Dawson County6-0 1.667
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Long Jump

1Suaryburn Sampson2017Westside, Macon22-4 10
2Jabari Perry2017Monroe Area High School22-3.5 8
3Jaren Harris2017Central Macon22-3.25 6
4Robert Richardson2019Monroe Area High School21-5 5
5Raquan Bonner2018Cedar Grove21-4.25 4
6Huey Rowe-Anderson2018Greater Atlanta Christian21-4 3
7Jaquae Beal2017Tattnall County High School21-2 1.5
7Tristan Key2018Sonoraville HS21-2 1.5
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Triple Jump

1Suaryburn Sampson2017Westside, Macon47-9.25 10
2Camron Lackey2018Monroe Area High School47-1.25 8
3David Miller2017Tattnall County High School45-7 6
4Marquis Bishop2018Liberty County44-10.25 5
5Kyle Nixon2017Peach Co.44-8 4
6Chavis Marshall0Worth County HS44-3.75 3
7Sedrion Morse2018East Hall HS44-3.5 2
8Montraveon Futch2017HV Jenkins44-2.75 1
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Pole Vault

1Jack Cahillane2017Westminster HS15-6 10
2Jack Rhea2017Calhoun14-6 8
3Mitchell Marcuz2019Bremen High School12-6 5.5
3Nathan Ortiz2019Sonoraville HS12-6 5.5
5Andrew Protiva2019Westminster HS11-6 2
5David Seid2017North Hall11-6 2
5Garret Strickland2017Hart County11-6 2
5Seth Caylor2018Jackson County11-6 2
5Spencer Ritchey2019Greater Atlanta Christian11-6 2
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Shot Put

1Andrew Ward2017Pike County High School51-3 10
2Mac Bennett2017North Hall50-1.5 8
3Hunter Hudson2017Pike County High School49-11.5 6
4Eric Seay2017Monroe Comprehensive High School47-8.5 4.5
4Stephen Harris2018Towers High School47-8.5 4.5
6Kearus Jackson2018Peach Co.47-3.5 3
7Cj Fuller2018Calhoun46-11.5 2
8Brandon Damaska2018Jackson County46-5.5 1
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1Andrew Ward2017Pike County High School166-6 10
2Mac Bennett2017North Hall161-8 8
3Kearus Jackson2018Peach Co.160-10 6
4Eric Seay2017Monroe Comprehensive High School155-5 4.5
4Larry Whitfield2018Monroe Comprehensive High School155-5 4.5
6Kevin Nixon2017Peach Co.154-4 3
7Enrika Tolbert2018Liberty County151-0 2
8Hunter Cronier2017East Jackson High School144-6 1