GHSA AAA Girls State Meet Preview

After a 3 year drought from 2013 thru 2015 (due to many strong and talented Marist squads) Monroe Albany, roared back to the top last season, adding another title notch in their belts. Let's take a moment to breakdown why hometown cooking matters. First off, its business as usual, like a school day. Next, you get to go home and sleep in your own bed, eat what you eat every day, you have rabid fans that support the program and a 'Tradition of Excellence' expecting to win. Plus, most of the top girls run Summer and sometimes Indoor track with Sapphire-Ruff Riders. 

Only 1 school, really has a chance to make it interesting teamwise, and that's Greater Atlanta Christian. GAC also boasts a team of year around Track athletes, who are talented. Its unusual, their prospects actually improved for winning a State title after moving up in Class...Looking at the team scores, they are strong in the same areas as Monroe, just not quite as good. But, anything can happen down in Albany. Westminster, clearly is going to pile up enough points in the 800/1600/3200 to power themselves impressively to the top of the old scoreboard after Friday, but will have to sit and watch Monroe Albany and GAC bypass them, around the 200m/300h finals Saturday. The battle for the final Podium spot should be intense between: Bremen, Cedar Grove, North Hall and Central Macon. In the distance events, a few gals held back, including Audrey Honiotes of Hart County, NXN XC All-American, Serena Tripodi of Lovett (who's rumored to be on the comeback trail from an injury)

Top Athletes to Watch: 

Jaeda Hunt of Monroe Albany- 100, 200, LJ, Relays

Nia Brown of GAC- 200, 100, Relays

Central Macon Macon, GA, USA

Mekya Walden of Central Macon- 100, 200, Relays

Ja'Milya Poole of Monroe Albany- 400, 300h, Relays

Naima Turbes of Westminster- 800, 1600, Relays

Serena Tripodi of Lovett- 3200, 1600

Audrey Honiotes of Hart County- 3200, 1600

Katherine Vuckovic of Westminster- 3200

Jasmine Jones of GAC- 100h, 300h, Relays

Monroe Comprehensive High School Albany, GA, USA

Isis McVay of Monroe Albany- 300h, 100h, Relays

Jada Jones (5) of GAC- 100h

Alyisha Anderson of Liberty County- TJ

Kaylee Riley of Bremen- PV

Rebecca Bowen of North Hall- Discus

Team Scores

1Monroe Comprehensive High School96
2Greater Atlanta Christian82.5
3Westminster HS62.5
4Bremen High School33.5
4Cedar Grove33.5
6North Hall31.5
7Central Macon30
8Haralson County HS27
9Liberty County25.5
10Franklin County High School24.5
11East Jackson High School21
13Stone Mountain HS17
14Hart County15
15Morgan County12.5
16Appling County HS11.5
17Adairsville High School10
18Pike County High School9
18Rutland High School9
20Pace Academy8
20Westside, Macon8
22Jackson County5
22Sonoraville HS5
24Coahulla Creek HS4.5
24Dawson County4.5
27Long County HS3
27Peach Co.3
29Southeast Bulloch2.5
30Union County HS2
31East Hall HS1.5
32HV Jenkins1
32Redan High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Jaeda Hunt2018Monroe Comprehensive High School12.06 10
2Mekya Walden2020Central Macon12.35 8
3Tyra Cullum2017Cedar Grove12.36 6
4Nia Brown2018Greater Atlanta Christian12.43 5
5Alyisha Anderson2017Liberty County12.51 4
6Aris Hubbard2018Morgan County12.54 3
7Ja'Nya Bryant2017Long County HS12.60 2
8Jada Jones2018Greater Atlanta Christian12.62 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Nia Brown2018Greater Atlanta Christian25.24 10
2Mekya Walden2020Central Macon25.36 8
3Tyra Cullum2017Cedar Grove25.46 6
4Jaeda Hunt2018Monroe Comprehensive High School25.55 5
5Aris Hubbard2018Morgan County25.91 4
6Alyisha Anderson2017Liberty County26.03 3
7Artexis Drake2018Monroe Comprehensive High School26.30 2
8Ja'Nya Bryant2017Long County HS26.41 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Ja'Milya Poole2019Monroe Comprehensive High School57.15 10
2Chloe Fair2020Greater Atlanta Christian57.37 8
3Artexis Drake2018Monroe Comprehensive High School59.52 6
4Olivia Bradley2017North Hall59.53 5
5Victoria Flowers2019Westminster HS59.70 4
6Zaren Harris2018Central Macon1:00.04 3
7Raven Cystrunk2020Central Macon1:00.09 2
8Seralyn Scott2020Redan High School1:00.35 1
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800 Meter Run

1Naima Turbes2019Westminster HS2:16.51 10
2Haley Hooper2019Lovett2:25.17 8
3Sue Ann Morales2018East Jackson High School2:25.27 6
4Naila Harris2018Monroe Comprehensive High School2:25.62 5
5Victoria Flowers2019Westminster HS2:25.85 4
6Tanner Guest2018Hart County2:27.65 3
7Julia Ross2017Pace Academy2:27.69 2
8Kayla Chance2018HV Jenkins2:29.74 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Naima Turbes2019Westminster HS5:02.12 10
2Serena Tripodi2017Lovett5:05.54 8
3Sue Ann Morales2018East Jackson High School5:15.75 6
4Grace Clements2018Bremen High School5:18.50 5
5Bronte Bacchetta2018Westminster HS5:20.07 4
6Abby Kettle2017Greater Atlanta Christian5:24.16 3
7Audrey Honiotes2017Hart County5:30.18 2
8Tanner Guest2018Hart County5:32.77 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Katherine Vuckovic2020Westminster HS11:49.08 10
2Audrey Honiotes2017Hart County12:01.69 8
3Grace Clements2018Bremen High School12:04.40 6
4Abby Kettle2017Greater Atlanta Christian12:24.13 5
5Bronte Bacchetta2018Westminster HS12:29.38 4
6Serena Tripodi2017Lovett12:34.95 3
7Zoe Sanchez2020Union County HS12:40.56 2
8Madison Congdon2018Hart County12:49.91 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Jasmine Jones2020Greater Atlanta Christian14.67 10
2Jada Jones2018Greater Atlanta Christian15.54 8
3Isis McVay2018Monroe Comprehensive High School15.75 6
4Gracie McBride2019North Hall15.80 5
5Breona Dicker2017Appling County HS16.13 4
6Chanlor McGhee2019Cedar Grove16.41 3
7Bailey Staud2019East Jackson High School16.76 2
8Lindsey South2017Franklin County High School16.80 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jaylen Sewell2017Haralson County HS45.24 10
2Isis McVay2018Monroe Comprehensive High School45.45 7
2Ja'Milya Poole2019Monroe Comprehensive High School45.45 7
4Jasmine Jones2020Greater Atlanta Christian46.88 5
5Chloe Fair2020Greater Atlanta Christian47.15 4
6Breona Dicker2017Appling County HS47.25 3
7Gracie McBride2019North Hall48.42 2
8Maiyah Willis2019Peach Co.48.76 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Monroe Comprehensive High School47.31 10
2Greater Atlanta Christian47.95 8
3Haralson County HS48.70 6
4Central Macon48.79 5
5Cedar Grove49.06 4
6Liberty County49.37 3
7East Jackson High School49.60 2
8Peach Co.50.54 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Monroe Comprehensive High School3:53.88 10
2Westminster HS4:02.02 8
3Cedar Grove4:04.89 6
4Pace Academy4:09.44 5
5Central Macon4:10.52 4
6Greater Atlanta Christian4:12.64 3
7Haralson County HS4:13.08 2
8East Jackson High School4:13.92 1
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High Jump

1Macy Carter2019Pike County High School5-4 9
1Toni Pellington2018Stone Mountain HS5-4 9
3Ashlyn Barnes2017Calhoun5-2 4.5
3Danielle Ship2018Greater Atlanta Christian5-2 4.5
3Mynaisha Mitchell2019Cedar Grove5-2 4.5
3Rachel Walker2018Coahulla Creek HS5-2 4.5
7Alyssa Taylor2019Bremen High School5-0 1.5
7Shyla Anderson2017East Hall HS5-0 1.5
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Long Jump

1Jaeda Hunt2018Monroe Comprehensive High School18-4 10
2Toni Pellington2018Stone Mountain HS17-3.5 8
3Aris Hubbard2018Morgan County17-2 5.5
3Kiara Edwards2017Liberty County17-2 5.5
5Jaylen Sewell2017Haralson County HS17-0 4
6Tyra Cullum2017Cedar Grove16-9.75 3
7Joelle Gregory2018Greater Atlanta Christian16-6.5 2
8Manazia Merritt2018Franklin County High School16-5 1
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Triple Jump

1Alyisha Anderson2017Liberty County38-8.5 10
2Zoe Jordan2018Westside, Macon37-4.25 8
3Jada Brown2017Rutland High School36-0 6
4Jaylen Sewell2017Haralson County HS35-9 5
5Shiquita Sturdivant2018East Jackson High School35-8 4
6Destiny Gaudlock2017Jackson County35-7.25 3
7Gracie McBride2019North Hall35-5 2
8Markeda Rashidi2018Peach Co.34-11 1
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Pole Vault

1Kaylee Riley2017Bremen High School12-5 10
2Katie Hanegan2017Bremen High School11-0 8
3Claire Cotton2017Westminster HS10-0 6
4Brooklyn Wilson2018North Hall8-0 2.5
4Cierra Jordan2017Southeast Bulloch8-0 2.5
4Kelly Rule2019Sonoraville HS8-0 2.5
4Lindsay Vincent2018Westminster HS8-0 2.5
4Montana Cheek2019Franklin County High School8-0 2.5
4Rozelyn Rule2018Sonoraville HS8-0 2.5
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Shot Put

1Josie Summerville2018Adairsville High School36-8 10
2Ivey Ginn2018Franklin County High School35-5 8
3Maria Harris2018Greater Atlanta Christian34-10 6
4Anna Lowe2019Dawson County34-6.5 4.5
4Kelsey Jones2017Appling County HS34-6.5 4.5
6Erin Fortson2019Rutland High School33-10.5 3
7Denver Bryant2020Monroe Comprehensive High School33-8.5 2
8Ibum Obu2018Pace Academy32-11 1
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1Rebecca Bowen2018North Hall124-5 10
2Ivey Ginn2018Franklin County High School119-10 8
3Denver Bryant2020Monroe Comprehensive High School103-6 6
4Ansleigh Ferguson2019North Hall101-3 5
5Madison Williams2018Franklin County High School98-6 4
6Alyssa Bennett2020Bremen High School97-7 3
7Karis Harbin2018Jackson County96-2 2
8Antania Swain2019Cedar Grove95-5 1