GHSA AA Boys State Meet Preview

For the first time in GHSA history, AA HS Boys will have the opportunity to scorch the mondo down in Albany at Hugh Mills Stadium. This season will culminate in both genders competing together at a GHSA State meet, once again making history. For schools coming from above Macon, prepare for heat and gnats! Though, with the 'Omega Factor' affecting our weather the next 8 days it could be the coolest weather an Albany State meet has experienced in history..

The Boys team competition looks to be very tight after looking at Sectionals between Vidalia (who took a huge hit last year when Sprinter Nathan McBride suffered an injury at Region or Sectionals costing the Indians 20 points and the state title, finishing 8 points behind now A Private Wesleyan. The Landscape for AA has changed though, after new region alignments moved all the powerful private programs up/down in class. With McBride now healthy, Vidalia's speed and jumps make them the favorite to take the title (barring a DQ or False start). Their primary contender is Bleckley County, who will score big in the distance events led by XC State Champ Carl Corley and on the infield by Torenio Davis (favorite to win the HJ with a pr of 6-10. The Royals will need to step it up in a few events to beat Vidalia though.Screven County and Fitzgerald have the firepower to make the Podium with Banks County, Jordan and Temple on the outside looking in.

Top Athletes to Watch:

Nathan McBride of Vidalia- 100, 200, Relays

Carl Corley of Bleckley County- 1600, 3200, 4x400

Image result for Tyquan Johnson Screven County
Tyquan Johnson of Screven County- 100, 200

Nykeem Farrow of Bleckley County- 100, 200

Tristan Lynn of Toombs County- 800,1600

D'andre Snead of Jordan (L)- 110h, 300h

Tyqwuan Powell of Vidalia- 110h, 300h

Carter Shell of Temple- LJ, TJ

Torenio Davis of Bleckley County- HJ

Antonio Perry of Fitzgerald- LJ, TJ

Will Simmons of Bleckley County- PV

Kayne Berryhill of Banks County- PV

CJ Wright of Screven County- Discus, Shot

Team Scores

2Bleckley County High School66.5
3Screven County40.5
5Banks County HS28
7Temple High School26.5
8Dodge County High School21
9South Atlanta20
11Washington County17
12Toombs County HS16
12William H. Spencer High School16
14Benedictine Military School15.5
15Lamar County High School15
16East Laurens14.5
16Elbert Co.14.5
19Frederick Douglass12
19Pepperell High School12
21Rabun County11.5
22Heard County HS11
23Jasper County10
23Putnam County HS10
25Gordon Central High School9
25Jeff Davis9
27Chattooga HS7
28Berrien County HS6
28Oglethorpe County HS6
32Southwest Macon5
33Callaway High School4
33Swainsboro High School4
36Early County3

100 Meter Dash
1Nathan McBride2017Vidalia10.71 10
2Tyquan Johnson2018Screven County10.75 8
3Nykeem Farrow2019Bleckley County High School10.89 6
4Dennis Bailey2018Benedictine Military School10.90 4.5
4Martavius White2017East Laurens10.90 4.5
6Deon Green2017Vidalia10.93 3
7Luwaski Mccloud2017Swainsboro High School11.06 2
8Larry Johnson2017Dodge County High School11.08 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Nathan McBride2017Vidalia21.80 10
2Nykeem Farrow2019Bleckley County High School22.15 8
3Martavius White2017East Laurens22.19 6
4Tyquan Johnson2018Screven County22.25 5
5Deon Green2017Vidalia22.32 4
6Braylon Sanders2017Callaway High School22.36 3
7Jontavius Johnson0Early County22.40 2
8Chance Whitman2018Screven County22.51 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Mielon Parrish2019Vidalia50.40 10
2Aleem Jones2017Albany50.75 8
3Joshua Martin0Laney51.07 6
4Noah Howard2018Southwest Macon51.25 5
5Ameir Abrams2018William H. Spencer High School51.57 4
6Phillip Jackson2018South Atlanta51.70 3
7Jeremy Smart2017Swainsboro High School51.87 2
8Reilyus Calhoun2017Putnam County HS51.93 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tristan Lynn2017Toombs County HS2:01.05 10
2Justin Wilkes2018Rabun County2:03.14 8
3Chaney Holder2019Armuchee2:05.24 6
4John Griner2018Lamar County High School2:05.78 5
5Ameir Abrams2018William H. Spencer High School2:05.84 4
6Rickie Allen II2018South Atlanta2:06.12 3
7Austin Gabriel2018Oglethorpe County HS2:06.22 2
8Jimmie Pierre2020Frederick Douglass2:06.64 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Carl Ellis Corley2017Bleckley County High School4:29.66 10
2Clayton Scarborough2017Dodge County High School4:42.99 8
3John Griner2018Lamar County High School4:46.73 6
4Demarcus Boulware2018Jordan4:46.77 5
5Tristan Lynn2017Toombs County HS4:48.24 4
6Kevin Martin2020Fitzgerald4:48.75 3
7Griffin Stephens2020Banks County HS4:49.63 2
8Guy Gober2020Rabun County4:51.21 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Carl Ellis Corley2017Bleckley County High School10:01.89 10
2Samual Davidson2017Banks County HS10:11.59 8
3Clayton Scarborough2017Dodge County High School10:13.87 6
4Garrett Rogers2020Bleckley County High School10:17.57 5
5Hunter Cochran2018Banks County HS10:25.03 4
6Kevin Martin2020Fitzgerald10:39.42 3
7Ricardo Santana2020Toombs County HS10:41.25 2
8Tanner Norman2018Early County10:43.14 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1D'andre Snead2017Jordan15.06 9
1Malik Jackson2017Washington County15.06 9
3Nyjai Gillis2019Jeff Davis15.18 6
4Tyqwuan Powell2018Vidalia15.20 5
5Fletcher Trappier2018Albany15.27 4
6Metrius Fleming2019Elbert Co.15.33 3
7Dawson Melton2018Pepperell High School15.35 2
8Larry Johnson2017Dodge County High School15.43 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Tyqwuan Powell2018Vidalia39.80 10
2D'andre Snead2017Jordan40.42 8
3Jonah Griffin2018Benedictine Military School41.06 6
4Fletcher Trappier2018Albany41.22 5
5Race Hudson2017Gordon Central High School41.28 4
6Nick Calhoun2019Putnam County HS41.34 3
7Antowin Bouie2019Fitzgerald41.48 2
8Dawson Melton2018Pepperell High School41.82 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Vidalia42.57 10
2Fitzgerald42.74 8
3Frederick Douglass42.75 6
4Rockmart42.80 5
5South Atlanta42.82 4
6Jordan42.92 3
7Elbert Co.43.10 2
8Callaway High School43.14 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Vidalia3:29.10 10
2South Atlanta3:30.51 8
3Putnam County HS3:31.19 6
4Frederick Douglass3:31.49 5
5Chattooga HS3:31.56 4
6William H. Spencer High School3:32.21 3
7Elbert Co.3:32.40 2
8Albany3:33.28 1
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High Jump

1Torenio Davis2018Bleckley County High School6-8 10
2Austin Miller2017Heard County HS6-6 8
3Tyquan Johnson2018Screven County6-4 5.5
3Willie Ross2017Fitzgerald6-4 5.5
5Edgar Martinez2017Temple High School6-2 2.5
5Emmanuel Mann2019Jordan6-2 2.5
5Metrius Fleming2019Elbert Co.6-2 2.5
5Will Simmons2017Bleckley County High School6-2 2.5
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Triple Jump

1Carter Shell2017Temple High School48-4.25 10
2Antonio Perry2017Fitzgerald47-6.5 8
3Tyrin Page2017Vidalia45-9.5 6
4Joseph Johnson2017Elbert Co.44-0.25 5
5Martavius White2017East Laurens44-0 4
6Jamarious Mosteller2020Chattooga HS43-11.25 3
7Tae Holiday2017Lamar County High School43-7.5 2
8Armani Bunbury2018Screven County42-10.75 1
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Long Jump

1Jay Johnson2017Jasper County22-9.5 10
2Carter Shell2017Temple High School22-6 8
3Bryce Bennett2017Banks County HS22-3.5 6
4Larry Johnson2017Dodge County High School22-3 5
5Daeshaun Scott2018Metter22-2 4
6Austin Miller2017Heard County HS22-0.5 3
7Antonio Perry2017Fitzgerald21-8.25 2
8Tae Holiday2017Lamar County High School21-6.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Will Simmons2017Bleckley County High School14-6.25 10
2Kayne Berryhill2017Banks County HS14-6 8
3Jake Ross2017Pepperell High School13-0 6
4Porter Arnold2018Bleckley County High School12-6 5
5Lee Ullman2017Gordon Central High School12-0 4
6Grayson Mitchem2019Rabun County11-6 2.5
6Timothy Heyward2018Washington11-6 2.5
8Logan Swaim2018Gordon Central High School11-0 1
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Shot Put

1Cj Wright2018Screven County51-3.5 10
2Jamal Davis2017Rockmart49-0 8
3Jordan Davis2018Berrien County HS47-5.75 6
4Yemajesty Sanders2017William H. Spencer High School46-6 5
5Jared Ogle2018Oglethorpe County HS46-5 4
6Jason Poe2017Fitzgerald46-4.5 3
7Richad White2017South Atlanta46-4 2
8Jaylon Kirby2019Jeff Davis45-11.5 1
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1Cj Wright2018Screven County169-5 10
2Preston Daniels2019Washington County140-6 8
3Hunter Sanek2017Temple High School139-10 6
4Merritt Whiddon2018Benedictine Military School134-6.5 5
5Jason Poe2017Fitzgerald133-1 4
6Brian Tanner2018Pepperell High School132-0 3
7Harrison Sheeler2018Jeff Davis131-11.75 2
8Sean Smith2018Lamar County High School130-9 1