Foot Locker South Championship Girls Pic Collage


A Shot of the Lake from the opposite side of the finish line.

Team Georgia Poses just before the Start

A moment of focus for Team Georgia

From focused to goofing off..

Sophia West from Paideia wore her New Balance Nationals singlet

Foot Locker South Champion Weini Kelati

Savannah Carnahan earned a trip to San Diego placing 8th in 17:35

Carnahan part deaux

Kaylee Dupont raced to 15th Overall clocking a 17:57

Kaylee Dupont

Nicole Fegans of Landmark Christian had a top 20 finish in 18:00

Kathryn Foreman of Landmark Christian placed 29th in 18:21

Hannah Petit from 6A State Champ Mill Creek posted a 18:24

Audrey Honiotes from Hart County (C) flanked by Mary Claire Solomon of Blessed Trinity

Anna Hayden of Riverwood (1281) and Josie Wirtz of Marist (3228)

Josie Wirtz

Riley Burr from Milton HS

Tiffany Yue of Northview HS

Weini Kelati breaks the tape

Lindsay Billings overcame 2014's heartbreak to place 4th Overall in 17:15

Emma Grace Hurley shouted 'I'm Going Back!' just before crossing 7th Overall in 17:23

A very happy Hurley! 

Carnahan heard footsteps, & sprinted home to 8th in 17:35 joining Billings & Hurley's Road Trip

Carnahan can taste it now meters away from the finish line

Sue Ann Morales of East Jackson HS guns it in for 13th Overall at 17:55

Dupont hung tough for 15th Overall sealing Team Georgia's 'Top State' win

Nicole Fegans finished 17th Overall

Hannah Petit of Mill Creek finishes 31st at 18:24

Mary Claire Solomon of Blessed Trinity placed 41st at 18:40

Audrey Honiotes from Hart County placed 44th in 18:43

Josie Wirtz from Marist placed 53rd at 18:48

Anna Hayden (L) led Riley Burr (rear) as they sprint to the finish line together.

Sophia West of Paideia placed 80th in 19:12

Sophia West (L)

Tiffany Yue of Northview placed 98th Overall

Camryn Petit from Mill Creek placed 109th at 19:38

'The MAN"