A Private Boys Pre-Season Outlook

Galloway's Boys Survived a frigid Saturday at Region 5 Area 3 taking home the Hardware. (pics by Daniel McCauley)

1A Private Boys Team:

Much like the 1A Private Boys Individuals, this class currently does not a have a dominant squad coming into the opening weekend of big Invitationals. Defending champ Hebron Christian lost their big guns, Galloway lost Reilly Friedman (1 huge point), Athens Academy lost their top 2 (including Jihoon Choi) Landmark Christian seems to be the favorite going into the season with their top 6 coming back. Galloway and Providence Christian should be Podium and possible title contenders by November, and after a great Outdoor Track season in which their distance squad scored 34 points, Paideia cannot be discounted. After these 4 squads, it gets a little stretched out between each school on paper with Whitefield, Athens Academy, Athens Christian and Hebron Christian jockeying for position.

1- Landmark Christian- This could be the season that Landmark sweeps the 1A Private XC team titles The Eagles finished 5th in 2014, but heavy graduation to the 2014 Podium winners opens a door for a new champion to emerge this Fall. With their entire (very experienced) top 6 back, the Eagles go into this Fall with a #1 pre-season ranking.Sr. Austin Taylor is their returning runner, but with more help from Seth Cruver and a fairly tight 1-5 pack a State title is within their grasp.

2- Paideia- The Paideia Pythons are coming off their best Track season in the school's history. 'Mad Max' Heaberlin and Griffin McCauley spent 2 and 3 weeks respectively at Smoky Mountain Running Camp this summer. Nasir Campbell ran at USATF JO Nationals in Jacksonville with the Quicksilver team, winning gold in the 4x800. Solomon Burt-Murray should find himself as one of Paideia's top 5. There's no logical reason this squad shouldn't make the Podium and possibly contend for a title.

3- Galloway- The defending 5A region champ Scots have some big Shoes to fill with Friedman running with the Buffaloes of Colorado. The boys look to defend their Region title and better their 3rd place State finish with efforts from Senior Aaron Earl and sophomores; Luke Murray, Peter Johnson, and Alex Van Schoor. To repeat success from last year's team, the Scots will need to share the responsibility from the #1 runner to #5 runner. So far, the efforts and attitude toward training has been excellent.

4- Providence Christian- The Storm had a great State meet in 2014 ascending to 2nd on the Team Podium. They return 4 of their top 7 including frontrunner Sammy Clough, but have some shoes to fill losing their 1 and 3 including All-Stater Duncan Gotfredson. A region 8 favorite early season, with a strong shot at returning to the Podium.

5- Athens Academy- After a surprising 4th place finish at State last year, the boys team is looking to replace some solid runners and set themselves up for another solid year. The Spartans have a good mixture of seniors through freshmen who have trained hard this summer. Without a front runner, look for these runners to pack together and feed on a group running mentality. Top Runners: JT Camp, Ryan Cook, Ryan Iyer, Severen Brown, Thomas Suarez, and Kevin Yin. Top Newcomers: Jay Bangle, Alex Branch.

6- Whitefield Academy- A 7th place finish at State last season and lost big gun Robby Keough. They do have a core to work with as their #2 at State soph Brooks Merkle placed 13th and their 4-7 are slated to be back. A Region 6 title and cracking the Podium would be solid goals.

7- Athens Christian- Athens Christian boys are rebuilding with a very young team this year with the 4 freshman in their top 7. After a 9th place finish at the state meet last year, the Eagles have loaned sophomore track phenom Richard Jubinor to the football team this season, and are now led by rising freshmen Noah Irwin and Samuel Hayes as both logged hundreds of miles over the summer. Region 8 went 1-2-4-9 at state last year for the Boys and is arguably the most competitive region in the state.

8- Hebron Christian- Coming off their State Championship, the guys graduated a large majority of the Varsity lineup. (#1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9) However, there is an eager group of returning runners and new athletes that have been hard at work and challenging each other. The Lions are also aided by our 1st season of having Mark Stein running XC (5th place at 2015 State in the 800m.) The guys are determined to make it back to the State Championship to defend their title and then anything's possible.

9- First Presbyterian Day- The Vikings placed a respectable 8th in 2014 and dominated weaker Area 1. They do a have a Individual contender in Sr Will Martin who was the top underclassman at 2014 State and has a pr of 16:08. Have some experience back also from 2-4 with Dylan Bridges, Cooper Martin and Nicholas Farmer. After that FPD will need to develop some depth, though are favored to win their Region.

10- Lakeview Academy- Lakeview peaked in 2013 placing 5th at State just missing the Podium, but lost their dogs and in a rebuilding year couldn't get out of tough 8-A. On paper their prospects look more promising this Fall after losing another frontrunner, but have their 2-7 set to return. Need to get their guys all under 19: at State and develop a couple to stay with at least in that 2nd chase pack. Dhruv Gauer is their top returner.

*1A Boys Teams by Fastest Team Average from 2014 XC Season (Courses Vary)*

1Landmark Christian School (GA)87
1) Austin Taylor17:15.787
2) Seth Cruver17:37.3710
3) Daniel Wilson18:03.1918
4) Kermit Jackson18:14.8023
5) Mark Humphries18:25.9329
Average Time: 17:55.41 Total Time: 1:29:37.07 1-5 Split: 1:10.15
6) Micah Burdette18:27.6533
7) Zack Truitt18:33.0535
2Paideia (GA)97
1) Griffin McCauley16:35.172
2) Max Heaberlin16:55.454
3) Solomon Burt-Murray17:50.5716
4) Nasir Campbell18:35.2336
5) Leo Mancusi-Ungaro18:42.4239
Average Time: 17:43.77 Total Time: 1:28:38.84 1-5 Split: 2:07.25
6) Sohail Ghatnekar19:43.6283
7) Tyler Russell20:36.71129
3Galloway (GA)105
1) Luke Murray17:29.108
2) Aaron Earl17:31.809
3) Alex Van Schoor17:46.3915
4) Luis Posada18:25.4028
5) Davis Waln18:55.3645
Average Time: 18:01.61 Total Time: 1:30:08.05 1-5 Split: 1:26.26
6) Cameron McIntosh19:13.9663
7) Peter Johnson19:14.3064
4Providence Christian Academy (GA)122
1) Sammy Clough16:56.585
2) Connor Allen17:42.0913
3) Andrew Duffie17:42.9714
4) Caleb Hall18:26.7532
5) Chandler Scoggins19:06.8558
Average Time: 17:59.05 Total Time: 1:29:55.24 1-5 Split: 2:10.27
6) Taylor Legg19:24.4469
7) Henry Park20:40.82134
5Whitefield Academy (GA)157
1) Brooks Merkle17:39.8011
2) Kerry Martin17:41.0012
3) Brian Pickens18:36.2037
4) Nicholas Harris18:57.0046
5) Kalen Tavassoli19:02.8051
Average Time: 18:23.36 Total Time: 1:31:56.80 1-5 Split: 1:23.00
6) Brooks Bynum20:07.8099
7) Parker Cantrell21:16.00173
6Athens Academy (GA)215
1) Jihoon Choi17:07.406
2) Ryan Iyer18:53.8043
3) Alex Branch18:59.3647
4) Thomas Suarez19:06.9359
5) J.t. Camp19:09.2160
Average Time: 18:39.34 Total Time: 1:33:16.70 1-5 Split: 2:01.81
6) Severen Brown19:36.0578
7) Ryan Cook19:45.1085
7Athens Christian (GA)254
1) kohl phillips18:05.9319
2) Richard Jibunor18:16.6025
3) Noah Irwin19:04.6055
4) Will Gilbert19:28.2673
5) Samuel Hayes19:42.1082
Average Time: 18:55.50 Total Time: 1:34:37.49 1-5 Split: 1:36.17
6) Zane Wolfe19:47.8286
7) Clayton Hall21:28.56183
8Hebron Christian (GA)264
1) Wesley Warbington18:07.5520
2) Peter Marty18:29.4034
3) Ben Glover19:04.5554
4) Jaden Miller19:09.7562
5) Byrce Nygaard20:00.4994
Average Time: 18:58.35 Total Time: 1:34:51.74 1-5 Split: 1:52.94
6) Brandon Potra21:16.96174
7) Peyton Byrne22:03.14201
9First Presbyterian Day School (GA)329
1) Will Martin16:08.001
2) Cooper Martin19:19.3966
3) Dylan Bridges19:26.9171
4) Nicholas Farmer19:44.3384
5) Heyward Smith20:13.41107
Average Time: 18:58.41 Total Time: 1:34:52.04 1-5 Split: 4:05.41
6) Jackson Spivey20:24.28118
7) Trey Fountain20:43.00135
10North Cobb Christian (GA)373
1) Sam Shaylor16:45.403
2) Austin Hatch18:20.0026
3) Garrett Davis19:34.0076
4) Micah Crocker20:36.83130
5) Jason Du20:44.46138
Average Time: 19:12.14 Total Time: 1:36:00.69 1-5 Split: 3:59.06
6) Armond Butler20:55.91154
7) Brooks Barron22:06.11205
11Lakeview Academy (GA)375
1) dhruv gaur18:26.4030
2) hayes kennedy18:41.4038
3) cameron shreeram19:14.3165
4) cameron sachse20:23.70116
5) jonathan kirwin20:33.80126
Average Time: 19:27.92 Total Time: 1:37:19.61 1-5 Split: 2:07.40
6) avery jackson20:55.69153
7) T.j. wolcott21:20.90177
12Fellowship Christian School (GA)384
1) Mitchell Keim17:59.8817
2) Johnnie Baehman19:01.0349
3) Doug Keim19:32.4275
4) Mark Shoda20:21.21115
5) bailey yeager20:34.69128
Average Time: 19:29.85 Total Time: 1:37:29.23 1-5 Split: 2:34.81
6) Joshua Torres20:48.89142
7) Paul jacobs20:53.52149
13Mount Paran Christian School (GA)419
1) Graham Kington18:48.1841
2) Espen Oswald19:03.4553
3) Riley Nasarallah19:40.0081
4) Stuart McKay20:18.00111
5) Jake McWhorter20:37.95133
Average Time: 19:41.52 Total Time: 1:38:27.58 1-5 Split: 1:49.77
6) Jordan Moss20:49.60144
7) Barrett Johnson21:23.26180
14Mount De Sales (GA)443
1) Josh Russell18:50.5042
2) Tunji Afolabi-Brown19:20.2468
3) Allen Kim19:52.3188
4) Matthew Lemon20:20.28114
5) Nicholas Jones20:37.51131
Average Time: 19:48.17 Total Time: 1:39:00.84 1-5 Split: 1:47.01
6) James Wang20:48.50141
7) Roen Algea20:53.72150
15Stratford Academy (GA)459
1) Dylan Ogle19:00.7848
2) Thomas Nash20:05.2596
3) Asa Marshall20:09.37102
4) Kevin McGean20:12.32104
5) Steve Durkee20:14.68109
Average Time: 19:56.48 Total Time: 1:39:42.40 1-5 Split: 1:13.90
6) Chris Jellum22:02.77200
7) Ben Pruett24:40.16238