4A Girls Pre-Season Outlook

Can 2014 team runnerups, St. Pius X, challenge powerful Marist this season in 4A Girls?

Once again the Marist girls are the favorites. There seem to be close to half a dozen schools who could snag the last 3 podium spots. The theme among those schools in the lower end of the top 10...finding help at 4 and 5. The teams that do that will move up.

Marist- They scored an astoundingly low 20 points at last year's state meet. They may not post that low a score again this year but they are the very clear favorites. After Marist, things are not nearly as clear. Solid top 3 with Josie Wirtz, Myriam Alvarez and Kendall Nelson. May have 2 top freshman that could have an impact from 2014 MS State Championship squad with Annie Magee and Olivia Baljet.

St. Pius - They had a good state meet last year and should continue to be near this top this year. 5 of their top 7 return giving the Lions a solid nucleas to work with. Top returners are Katie Glenn, Elizabeth Grace Lennon, Emma Jane Braxton, Mallory Grace and Luxey O'Brien. Need to develop a couple of front runners to push Marist by the State meet.

Heritage - Catooosa - Year in and year out, one of the best girl's programs in the state. This year should be no different. 2014 team average is deceptive, as they competed on no 'race tracks'. Did lose their top 2 to graduation, but 3-7 return including Alex Gass, Noor Sabeeh and Sarah Buckler.

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White Co - With an individual state champion contender and some help at 4 and 5 they could move up. Been working hard, Jenna Gearing is looking good and trying to get a 4th straight podium spot, gonna be tough. Lost Rachel Gearing to torn ACL at summer basketball. Hoping a nice freshman class will help their depth.

Woodward - The War Eagles placed 7th in 2014 with one of the tightest packs in the state meet (1-5 was :17!) If everyone can just get faster it could move them on to the podium this Fall. Their top 6 should be back this season led by Mary Grace Lesesne, Gillian Jewell, and Katie Dorton.

North Oconee - Another quality program that returns 6 of its top 7. Some help at 4 and 5 and they could find themselves higher. The Titans have 12 girls that at this time that could see be in our their 7. North Oconee has never been close to this many quality runners. Currently needing the dynamic front runner that could go win a big race or be in top 5. Top 3 returning are Sophie Brown, Amy Stanaland and Gabby Huff-Streiter.

Johnson - Like their male counterparts, ranking the Johnson girls in the pre-season top 10 is no longer a surprise as their program made huge strides last season (including its largest roster) advancing to State out of tough 8-AAAA placing 8th. Their entire top 7 could be back led by Senior Evelin Avitia.

Buford - Another region 8 school who could find themselves higher if they can get some help at the 4 and 5 spots. Very young but talented. Lost National Elite Hurdler and Multi event runner Erin Marsh, as she is focusing on Indoor Track. Trio of solid Sophomores will be carrying the team this year; Lauryn Davidson, Sarah Davis, and Tatum DeGoey.

Chestatee - Program on the rise that can move up. Stuck in the vortex of 8-AAAAwere unable to punch their ticket to State after placing 6th. Their prospects are brighter this Fall returning 6 of their top 7 including sophomore Lindsay Grater who qualified for State as an Individual and soared to 5th overall making the All-State squad.

Whitewater - Placed 9th in 2014 at State. Return 5 of their top 6 including front runner Ashley McMahon, Alexis Smith and McKenzie Hembold. Like so many others, help at #5 and they can move up.

*4A Girls Teams by Fastest Team Average from 2014 XC Season (Courses Vary)*

1Marist (GA)66
1) Josie Wirtz18:39.602
2) Myriam Alvarez19:13.904
3) Kendall Nelson19:17.585
4) Kiki Popescu20:16.0426
5) Lila Crump20:37.8329
Average Time: 19:36.99 Total Time: 1:38:04.95 1-5 Split: 1:58.23
6) Meg Fennelly20:55.5041
7) Katie Hartigan21:24.3964
2White County High School (GA)119
1) Jenna Gearing17:47.431
2) Rachel Gearing20:03.8617
3) Sinead O'bryant20:04.0018
4) Gillian O'Bryant20:55.2840
5) Kiernan Schmidt20:59.6043
Average Time: 19:58.03 Total Time: 1:39:50.17 1-5 Split: 3:12.17
6) Chandler Mauney21:19.5359
7) Abby Watson22:28.30110
3St. Pius X (GA)132
1) Katie Glenn19:56.6815
2) Elizabeth Grace Lennon20:12.7122
3) Emma Jayne Braxton20:29.0328
4) Mallory Grace20:44.7031
5) Lucey O'Brien20:50.3336
Average Time: 20:26.69 Total Time: 1:42:13.45 1-5 Split: 53.65
6) Mary Hathaway Lipscomb21:15.3654
7) Sophie Ceniza21:21.7661
4North Oconee (GA)151
1) Sophie Brown19:50.0013
2) Amy Stanaland19:58.3016
3) Gabby Huff-Streiter20:08.1019
4) Allie Dominicali21:07.8047
5) Melanie Bowden21:17.7056
Average Time: 20:28.38 Total Time: 1:42:21.90 1-5 Split: 1:27.70
6) Amelia Veal21:18.4057
7) Hollis Brown21:34.0070
5Johnson HS (GA)187
1) Evelin Avitia19:39.309
2) Hannah Rogers20:45.5033
3) Arisbel Saucedo20:52.3037
4) Molly Hayes20:54.7039
5) Denisse Rios21:31.7069
Average Time: 20:44.70 Total Time: 1:43:43.50 1-5 Split: 1:52.40
6) Cecilia Rios22:26.66108
7) Kimberly Orellana22:32.10114
6Buford High School (GA)206
1) Lauryn Davidson19:21.406
2) Sarah Davis20:10.1020
3) Erin Marsh20:14.3025
4) Tatum DeGoey21:13.9051
5) Hannah Davis22:22.70104
Average Time: 20:40.48 Total Time: 1:43:22.40 1-5 Split: 3:01.30
6) Emily Cranney22:22.80105
7) Alexandria Label23:16.40135
7Woodward Academy (GA)251
1) Mary Grace Lesesne20:55.7942
2) Gillian Jewell21:08.1948
3) Katie Dorton21:09.5950
4) Samantha Seidel21:14.7353
5) Neena Edupuganti21:19.4758
Average Time: 21:09.55 Total Time: 1:45:47.77 1-5 Split: 23.68
6) Anna Lee21:23.0563
7) Alex Potts21:30.3568
8Heritage HS, Catoosa (GA)260
1) Alex Gass19:53.2614
2) Noor Sabeeh20:10.9421
3) Sarah Buckler20:13.0123
4) Katelyn Thompson22:16.70100
5) Caylee Carpenter22:18.13102
Average Time: 20:58.41 Total Time: 1:44:52.04 1-5 Split: 2:24.87
6) Lacey Rooks22:29.74111
7) Eloise Temporel26:53.11259
9Northwest Whitfield High School (GA)304
1) Reagan Guess20:49.2735
2) Silvia Garcia21:05.0946
3) Kate Roberts21:21.9262
4) Jen Rivera21:24.6065
5) Katie Thompson22:14.4296
Average Time: 21:23.06 Total Time: 1:46:55.30 1-5 Split: 1:25.15
6) Kaylie Richards22:27.91109
7) Ashley Sweeney22:30.64112
10Chestatee (GA)317
1) Lindsey Grater18:42.303
2) Abigail Cliche20:38.7030
3) Merrie Barnett21:14.1052
4) Bailey Hooper22:03.1089
5) Bertha Alejo-Cruz23:27.90143
Average Time: 21:13.22 Total Time: 1:46:06.10 1-5 Split: 4:45.60
6) Abbie Stackis23:35.30148
7) Kayla Krauth24:06.30169
11Whitewater High School (GA)344
1) Ashley McMahon19:24.107
2) Alexis Smith20:13.2524
3) McKenzie Hembold21:08.9549
4) Kaitlyn Buck22:05.9993
5) Kayla Nichols24:11.49171
Average Time: 21:24.76 Total Time: 1:47:03.78 1-5 Split: 4:47.39
6) Abigail Perkins24:19.91180
7) Hannah King25:13.69212
12North Hall (GA)372
1) Mattie Bohanan20:53.2038
2) Mary McGarry21:03.9245
3) Madilyn Patterson21:57.4083
4) Hennebry Waters22:16.1099
5) Megan Mize22:24.60107
Average Time: 21:43.04 Total Time: 1:48:35.22 1-5 Split: 1:31.40
6) Holly Prince23:11.96132
7) Camryn Dickey24:15.50174
13Eagle's Landing High School (GA)418
1) Betty Jackson19:43.7111
2) Lauryn Wilson21:51.4278
3) Ashlyn Santee22:15.5398
4) Gabby Robinson22:34.58115
5) Dahlia Ward22:35.51116
Average Time: 21:48.15 Total Time: 1:49:00.75 1-5 Split: 2:51.80
6) Sky Buie - Cox23:04.91125
7) Julia Wolfenden23:21.51139
14Perry High School (GA)433
1) Tiffany Mountin19:43.6010
2) Retchiel Roble21:21.2160
3) Alyssa Mountin21:34.9071
4) Samantha Dupre23:07.22128
5) Emily Reid23:59.10164
Average Time: 21:57.21 Total Time: 1:49:46.03 1-5 Split: 4:15.50
6) Taylor Hillhouse24:19.29178
7) Eve Hardy24:20.00181
15Cartersville High School (GA)446
1) Bree Cole21:15.7155
2) Edith Milian21:52.7679
3) Abby Foristall21:57.0382
4) Payton Putzer21:58.5186
5) Kayla Carpenter23:29.00144
Average Time: 22:06.60 Total Time: 1:50:33.01 1-5 Split: 2:13.29
6) Amber Seymour25:12.00210
7) Allie Caughman25:16.53214
16Fayette County (GA)478
1) Amaya Anderson20:47.0634
2) Asia Green21:29.4267
3) Caitlin Umila21:53.1580
4) Cristina Cauthen22:31.55113
5) Rachel Gomes24:34.35184
Average Time: 22:15.11 Total Time: 1:51:15.53 1-5 Split: 3:47.29
6) Rachel Williams26:16.99245
7) Rebekah Shirey29:17.67289
17Pickens County (GA)487
1) Sabrina Young19:35.898
2) Bailey Mullett20:25.3327
3) Lizzie Lohman23:17.86137
4) Deana Boling23:19.61138
5) Somer Prather24:17.61177
Average Time: 22:11.26 Total Time: 1:50:56.30 1-5 Split: 4:41.72
6) Leah Waagen25:46.69233
7) Nicolette Tucker26:17.68248
18Wayne County (GA)488
1) Brooke Reese21:44.0275
2) Morgan Evans21:56.0081
3) Alexis Bunch21:58.3785
4) Andia Hermann22:54.00123
5) Alma Manning22:59.00124
Average Time: 22:18.28 Total Time: 1:51:31.39 1-5 Split: 1:14.98
6) Cheyenne Reese23:06.74127
19Locust Grove High School (GA)549
1) Madison Allie19:46.0012
2) Samantha Kerr22:51.29120
3) Morgan Evans22:51.70121
4) Jamie Ford23:26.75142
5) Alanis Finn23:43.84154
Average Time: 22:31.92 Total Time: 1:52:39.58 1-5 Split: 3:57.84
6) Taylor Andrews25:22.84217
7) Brianna Moore25:23.95219
20Grady (GA)554
1) Grace Griffith21:49.3677
2) Anna Tischer22:05.0092
3) Selena Kleber22:15.0097
4) Colleen Griffin23:24.32141
5) Emily Ng23:33.31147
Average Time: 22:37.40 Total Time: 1:53:06.99 1-5 Split: 1:43.95
6) Jordan Killenberg23:35.60149
7) Ella Nelson23:46.09156