5A Boys Pre-Season Outlook

A proud defending champ, Clarkston should be a contender in 5A Boys again this Fall

5A Boys Teams

The team title is up for grabs after so many talented Individuals graduated. But, the main crux will include some well knowns, including Flowery Branch, defending champ Clarkston, Forsyth Central, Creekview, Starrs Mill and McIntosh as the primary Podium contenders. Alexander had a great race at 2014 State ad has to be included in the mix as well.

5A Boys Pre-Season Rankings (Subjective)

Flowery Branch- “The Branch” always has a tight pack come November and this year is no different. In 2014 they were 6 points within a State title.Their front runner Jake Shewbert is back along with last season's 2/3 in Grant O'Callaghan and Shawn Olmstead. Nearly all the courses they competed on with the exception of Wendys (McAlpine Park) were challenging courses, so their returners fastest times are most deceptive.... If they stay healthy, it may not be close.

Clarkston- Last years’ defending champions have some holes to fill, (most notably Abbas Abbkar) but still return a talented squad that knows what it takes to stand atop the podium. The Angoras (much like Flowery Branch) only ran on 1 fast course (Bob Blastow)very early season, so their fastest times are more credible than the database allows. Back this Fall should be Awet Ftwi, Binewam Tumbo, Bereket Tewoldemeheret and Suheib Mohamed.

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Forsyth Central- The Bulldogs were the surprise team in Boys 5A during the 2014 season, but came up 7 points shy of a Podium spot (largley due to Alexander having a great race) Good returning pack with state experience. Six of their top 7 should be back including a tight top 4 of Max Warner, Charlie Webb, Will Hasse and Cole Gizelbach.

Creekview- This Fall is potentially Creekview's best shot at a State title. Placed 6th in 2014, with lots of experience returning with their 2-6 runners all Seniors(lose only Brennan Garriques) along with a potential front runner in sophomore Zac Cantrell.

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McIntosh- Haven’t been able to put it together at State the previous two years, but they return one of the more talented teams on paper in 5A this year. They could very well finish much higher. The Chiefs return their entire top 7 including Connor Reynolds, Brian Doyle, Tyler Nigro and Connor Koscevic.

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Starrs Mill- Solid pack returning that had good Spring track seasons. Not out of the question to see 4 teams from their region in the final top 10 (Mcintosh, Starrs Mill, Union Grove, Northgate) Top runners are Nicholas Bryant, Joshua Tysor and Reed Livingston. Their home course (Heritage Christian Church) is beautiful and quick.

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Alexander- Pulled a stunner at State in 2014 making the Podium after not being mentioned in the 5A Boys preview article. Returns a young front runner in Tyler Whorton, but will have to come with up with depth beyond the top 3. Braeden Collins and Austin Muse were a big part of that 4th place squad at State.

Greenbrier- Well coached and always runs smart at State (8th in 2014) They return a solid 5 from State last season. Top returners are Laquentin Brown and Jonathan Vernon.

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Union Grove- Coming off two consecutive top 10 state finishes including 7th last year. However, graduation appears to have taken its toll. May be a late season sleeper if the young guys develop. Matt Seitz was their #2 at State in 2014.

Allatoona- Finished 9th in 2014 returning 4 of their top 7. Have a very talented front runner in Colton Page, but the Bucs will need to fill in behind him to challenge the top teams.

Northgate- New XC coach Brad Wilson (formerly of LaGrange) had a strong track season with his distance squad. This could be the year they put Northgate Boys’ XC on the map along with the Girls’ program. Anfdrew Tuttle and Sherman Dewey are their top returners.

*5A Boys Teams by Fastest Team Average from 2014 XC Season (Courses Vary)*

1McIntosh High School (GA)107
1) Conner Reynolds16:27.4011
2) Brian Doyle16:29.6012
3) Tyler Nigro16:35.8015
4) Connor Koscevic16:45.7025
5) Alan Bowers17:06.1044
Average Time: 16:40.92 Total Time: 1:23:24.60 1-5 Split: 38.70
6) Alexander Wilson17:20.0062
7) Joshua Bowers17:36.0089
2Forsyth Central (GA)122
1) Max Warner16:27.1310
2) Charlie Webb16:34.8814
3) Will Hasse16:44.0724
4) Cole Gizelbach16:49.1931
5) Wes Bacastow17:04.1843
Average Time: 16:43.89 Total Time: 1:23:39.45 1-5 Split: 37.05
6) Reese Mitchell17:22.5366
7) Joseph Rank17:39.2392
3Starrs Mill High School (GA)179
1) Nicholas Bryant16:37.4018
2) Joshua Tysor16:37.6019
3) Reed Livingston17:01.9042
4) Jordan Jones17:12.0049
5) Will Dearman17:12.7051
Average Time: 16:56.32 Total Time: 1:24:41.60 1-5 Split: 35.30
6) Connor Donahue17:15.4053
7) Jack Corrigan17:33.5084
4Creekview (GA)195
1) Zac Cantrell16:41.5323
2) Grant Slater16:47.5729
3) Nick Turano16:58.7239
4) Ryan Camp17:10.2747
5) Chris Oswald17:17.0557
Average Time: 16:59.03 Total Time: 1:24:55.14 1-5 Split: 35.52
6) Drew Young17:20.1363
7) Elliott Conrad17:42.0396
5Lakeside, Evans (GA)214
1) Allen Clark15:41.003
2) Joe Way16:35.9016
3) Brooks Lemmon17:15.8054
4) Corey Booth17:18.7059
5) Joseph Stapf17:32.1082
Average Time: 16:52.70 Total Time: 1:24:23.50 1-5 Split: 1:51.10
6) Price Autry18:34.41205
7) Jason McClanahan19:06.81278
6Cambridge HS (GA)293
1) Bjorn Leicher16:22.128
2) K.j. Hirschi16:36.7317
3) Zach Morgan16:51.2933
4) Liam Nugent17:46.24105
5) Matt Hogan17:57.69130
Average Time: 17:06.81 Total Time: 1:25:34.07 1-5 Split: 1:35.57
6) Bobby VanBrackle18:10.74156
7) Colby Ertwine18:28.29190
7Alexander (GA)316
1) Tyler Whorton16:21.206
2) Austin Muse16:59.0540
3) Braeden Collins17:01.0041
4) Kyle Kelly17:43.2698
5) Zachary Geldmeier17:59.32131
Average Time: 17:12.77 Total Time: 1:26:03.83 1-5 Split: 1:38.12
6) Daniel Bowen18:15.68162
7) Mack Dickie19:09.64285
8Clarkston (GA)317
1) Awet Fitwi16:33.3213
2) Bineyam Tumbo16:46.9227
3) Suheib Mohamed17:06.4945
4) Bereket Tewoldemeheret17:35.8088
5) Tewoldem Bereket18:04.72144
Average Time: 17:13.45 Total Time: 1:26:07.25 1-5 Split: 1:31.40
6) Samuel Gebremariam18:27.47188
7) Jarrett Ray19:35.15337
9Flowery Branch (GA)340
1) Jake Shewbert15:44.004
2) Grant O'Callaghan16:41.0022
3) Shawn Olmstead16:48.0030
4) Kevin Hanes17:38.0091
5) Daniel Kritzniger18:29.00193
Average Time: 17:04.00 Total Time: 1:25:20.00 1-5 Split: 2:45.00
6) Ronny Link18:31.00198
7) Sam Fabiny18:34.00203
10Winder-Barrow HS (GA)363
1) Harrison Daniel17:16.1755
2) Dakotah Kay17:19.1660
3) Jake Martinez17:22.5065
4) Gustavo Garcia17:31.0081
5) Will Pursell17:45.60102
Average Time: 17:26.89 Total Time: 1:27:14.43 1-5 Split: 29.43
6) Tyler Dennis18:30.00196
7) Austin Hubbard18:48.48235
11Northgate (GA)493
1) Andrew Tuttle16:56.4537
2) Andrew Lail17:47.00107
3) Sherman Dewey17:47.54108
4) Hayden Hasberger17:51.55116
5) Justin Whipple17:55.03125
Average Time: 17:39.51 Total Time: 1:28:17.57 1-5 Split: 58.58
6) Jaelin Rainey17:59.32132
7) Diante Forney19:02.92271
12Greenbrier High School (GA)494
1) Laquentin Brown17:08.1446
2) Jonathan Vernon17:10.6048
3) Andy Caudell17:50.00113
4) Anthony Agcaoili18:04.00141
5) Bryson Kotas18:07.00146
Average Time: 17:39.95 Total Time: 1:28:19.74 1-5 Split: 58.86
6) Joe Shipes18:11.00158
7) Riley Campbell18:31.00199
13Jones County High School (GA)516
1) Hunter Kimball16:47.2028
2) Ethan Oulsnam17:12.5850
3) Dalton Carr18:01.30136
4) Jake Barnes18:08.00149
5) Tripp Ussery18:10.20153
Average Time: 17:39.86 Total Time: 1:28:19.28 1-5 Split: 1:23.00
6) William Smith18:22.40177
7) Ethan Batchlor18:35.90209
14Allatoona HS (GA)542
1) Colton Page15:31.182
2) Adrian Hernandez16:56.4336
3) Matthew Wiggin17:51.45115
4) Rylan Heisser17:54.25122
5) Devin Plauche19:02.30267
Average Time: 17:27.12 Total Time: 1:27:15.61 1-5 Split: 3:31.12
6) Cody Anderson19:03.51273
7) Jesse Vanhoozer19:51.55357
15Dalton High School (GA)582
1) Adan Rodriguez16:38.1420
2) Jose Boyzo17:25.1571
3) Jay Tripp17:45.18101
4) Gibby Perez18:17.04166
5) Erik Zamora18:44.48224
Average Time: 17:46.00 Total Time: 1:28:49.99 1-5 Split: 2:06.34
6) Omar Lopez18:44.90225
7) Moises Ponce18:56.73250
16Union Grove (GA)604
1) Matt Seitz16:54.3935
2) Walker Inman17:19.1761
3) Zack Burnett17:41.1195
4) Bailey Gay18:34.67206
5) Luke Anderson18:35.39207
Average Time: 17:48.95 Total Time: 1:29:04.73 1-5 Split: 1:41.00
6) Adam Ford18:36.62210
7) Trey Cruz19:09.33283
17North Atlanta (GA)608
1) Jackson Pearce17:21.0064
2) Nicholas Durham17:26.5877
3) Jack Tribou17:35.7887
4) Steven Spears18:15.96164
5) Nicholas Nelson18:39.98216
Average Time: 17:51.86 Total Time: 1:29:19.30 1-5 Split: 1:18.98
6) Matthew Self19:01.19262
7) Hunter Riggall19:13.77296
18Chapel Hill High School (GA)672
1) Wilson Moore16:23.449
2) Caleb Searles16:49.3332
3) Michael Daniels18:10.00152
4) Nic Culkin-Taylor18:41.50218
5) Jackson Rigdon19:01.07261
Average Time: 17:49.07 Total Time: 1:29:05.34 1-5 Split: 2:37.63
6) Gunner Hicks19:42.81350
7) Garret Grandstaff19:51.30356
19Sequoyah High School (GA)695
1) Braeden Kelly17:33.7185
2) Jonathan Majeed17:46.11104
3) Dalton Trampnau18:07.85148
4) Billy Chimenti18:10.48154
5) Zach Davis18:34.05204
Average Time: 18:02.44 Total Time: 1:30:12.20 1-5 Split: 1:00.34
6) Ethan Fisher19:02.66268
7) Rafael Arreola19:22.66309
20Villa Rica (GA)695
1) Cody Federer17:25.5074
2) Andrew Bush17:53.75120
3) Nick Jones17:57.58129
4) Trey Parham18:11.20159
5) Aaron Schubert18:38.06213
Average Time: 18:01.22 Total Time: 1:30:06.09 1-5 Split: 1:12.56
6) Ernesto Cecilio19:52.71359
7) Corey Somers20:48.48420
21Richmond Hill (GA)751
1) William Hammesfahr17:45.77103
2) Garrett Franzel17:52.97118
3) Ryan Donna18:17.80168
4) Andrew Thorpe18:21.56176
5) Kevin Zhu18:26.85186
Average Time: 18:08.99 Total Time: 1:30:44.95 1-5 Split: 41.08
6) Cooper Williams18:38.96214
7) Avery Mierke18:42.66219