5A Girls Pre-Season Outlook

Elizabeth Graves from Riverwood placed 2nd at State in 5A. She is followed by Starrs Mill's Mary Valli. (pic by Daniel McCauley)

The 5A girls look to be a very strong classification with the majority of last year’s top girls all returning. Individuals with a legitimate shot at racing for the win at Carrollton in November include Alyssa Hooker (Lakeside-Evans), Elizabeth Graves (Riverwood), Mary Valli (Starrs Mill), Olivia Terwilliger (Kell), Kelly May Sheehan (Dunwoody), Lauren Wallin (Creekview), Marielle Lewis (Kell), Caroline Nelson (Northgate), Anna Hayden (Riverwood), Ansley Heavern (Dunwoody), Samantha Cameron (Dunwoody).

Teams: Subjective Rankings based primarily on 2014 State Returnees)

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Dunwoody- Last year’s champions look poised to repeat barring injuries. The Wildcats return their entire top 5 from their 2014 State Championship team including 5A 3200 Meter Champ Ansley Heavern. Sophomore Kelly May Sheehan led the Cats at 2014 State placing 5th and Samantha Cameron (12th) give them a powerful hreesome up front.

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Starr’s Mill- The Panthers had a strong runnerup finish last season at State and will look to challenge again for a title. Led by their talented front-runner Mary Valli, Sarah Phinney, Sophie Handel and Tori Nails give the Panthers a potent quartet. Starrs will need to develop the back half of their pack if they want to upset Dunwoody.

Flowery Branch- Last year’s team was very young. Depending on their Summer running, could they be ready to challenge for the top spot? The Falcons were 6 points away from a Podium spot in 2014. Returning 5 of their top 6 gives them a good start. Top runner at State Mariah Milsap is back with a tight supporting pack including Erica Plummer, Hailey Pearson, Shannon Hoolahan and Kelly Kritzinger.

Creekview- The Grizzlies returns a solid pack with state experience and could challenge for a state title. Reurning 5 of their top 7 led by Lauren Wallin, who placed 7th last season at State, Creekview has risen quickly in the ranks for a fairly young school. It will be interesting to see if a frosh or 2 develop thru the season.

Cambridge- This is a newer school that has benefitted from the horbed of distance running in the Milton area. Solid packed up group (1-5 Split 46.85) returning with state experience, they will need to develop a front runner to crack the podium. Sophomores Chloe Phelps and Chloe Paskins placed 19th/20th in Carrollton last November.

Northgate- The Vikes ran well as a team at State earning a coveted 4th place Podium spot. Returning at leat 5 of their 7, Northgate will be strong up front one again led by 2014 5A All-Stater Caroline Nelson (10th), Elise Glorvigen and Erica Lee, but depth will be the determining factor on where their girls end up.

Columbus- Columbus seems to always be in the top 10 every year. Finishing 8th in 2014, a talented team flew under the radar for much of last season racing primarily in Muscogee County meets. Solid pack returns 6 of their top 7 with state experience. Senior Alina Salgado should be leading the way.

McIntosh- Another school located in a community that supports distance running (Peachtree City) Had a disapointing end to their 2014 campaign placing 7th. Always a dangerous squad, will need to develop their #4-7 to challenge for the podium. Chiefs return at least 4 of their top 6 including top 2 Allyssa LeClaire and Rachel Ward.

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Richmond Hill- Coach Levi Sybert has been a boon to this program the past few seasons placing 9th in 2014. This could be the year they make a statement. Depth could be a concern, but they return a good pack with state experience. Strong top 2 should be back including Jenn Thorpe and Rachel Hammesfahr.

Lakeside-Evans- Return their top 5 led by defending state champion (Alyssa Hooker), Lakeside had a pair of 9th graders (Maggie Bembry and Tamera Mistry) running at state last year. If they can take the next step up and some depth is found/made, they can move-up.

Watch List:

Riverwood: Probably the best 1-2 punch in the classification with overall runnerup Elizabeth Graves and Anna Hayden, but depth was a major issue last year.

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Union Grove- A hungry young team with an influx of talent from their middle school program will look to upset some of the more veteran squads this season. Returning 6 of their top 7 from 2014 certainly doesn't hurt the Wolverines chances. Senior Ellunde Montgomery should lead the pack.

*These are database generated based on Fastest Times* (not the actual Rankings like above*

1Dunwoody (GA)113
1) Ansley Heavern19:01.247
2) Kelly May Sheehan19:11.569
3) Samantha Cameron19:15.0811
4) Ann-Marie Sills20:27.0041
5) Alexandra Womble20:45.7145
Average Time: 19:44.12 Total Time: 1:38:40.59 1-5 Split: 1:44.47
6) Elayna Harris21:11.1364
7) Chloe Thomas21:17.0573
2Creekview (GA)119
1) Lauren Wallin19:12.4410
2) Anneliese Conrad19:43.7915
3) Molly Morris19:54.8721
4) Bella Thomas20:20.4235
5) Anna Hyde20:23.9938
Average Time: 19:55.10 Total Time: 1:39:35.51 1-5 Split: 1:11.55
6) Kennedy Cater20:38.4043
7) Ashleigh Meeker20:46.3246
3Starrs Mill High School (GA)129
1) Mary Valli19:00.586
2) Sarah Phinney19:49.5020
3) Sophie Handel20:06.1026
4) Tori Nails20:19.2033
5) Hannah Fertig20:44.4844
Average Time: 19:59.97 Total Time: 1:39:59.86 1-5 Split: 1:43.90
6) Makira Walton21:27.9790
7) Dori Turnier22:05.92122
4McIntosh High School (GA)138
1) Alyssa LeClaire19:30.2214
2) Rachel Ward19:46.9518
3) Brianna Sattinger19:56.9223
4) Carson Silbert20:22.9436
5) Nicole Zaubi20:46.4747
Average Time: 20:04.70 Total Time: 1:40:23.50 1-5 Split: 1:16.25
6) Caroline Baynes21:27.2389
7) Maddie Smith22:05.66121
5Cambridge HS (GA)193
1) Chloe Paskins20:05.9825
2) Chloe Phelps20:12.7730
3) Samantha Hardy20:13.6731
4) Juliana Harrington20:52.8351
5) Troyce Grant20:59.1956
Average Time: 20:28.89 Total Time: 1:42:24.44 1-5 Split: 53.21
6) Kate Burgess21:08.3462
7) Shealyn Brooks21:10.7663
6Columbus High School (GA)201
1) Alina Salgado19:49.1219
2) Hope Skypek20:00.3424
3) Harper Fine20:09.8529
4) Amber Lorentz21:04.3159
5) Brittney Sims21:15.1070
Average Time: 20:27.74 Total Time: 1:42:18.72 1-5 Split: 1:25.98
6) Morgan Stockdill22:06.71124
7) Nasya Williams23:32.50209
7Union Grove (GA)258
1) Ellunde Montgomery19:44.6416
2) Mackenzie Cromer20:48.7048
3) Kaylee Haake20:52.4350
4) Katy Gwaltney21:11.6265
5) Tori RIves21:22.4979
Average Time: 20:47.98 Total Time: 1:43:59.88 1-5 Split: 1:37.85
6) Abby Renner21:29.9493
7) Ashley Powers21:57.74116
8Northgate (GA)297
1) Caroline Nelson19:56.6622
2) Elise Glorvigen20:19.6734
3) Erica Lee20:26.1740
4) Taylor Lee21:18.3476
5) Cathleen Hoffman22:11.54125
Average Time: 20:50.48 Total Time: 1:44:12.38 1-5 Split: 2:14.88
6) Hannah Skiotis22:20.12136
7) Shelby Watson23:05.67177
9Richmond Hill (GA)366
1) Jenn Thorpe20:26.0539
2) Rachel Hammesfahr20:32.4742
3) Daryn Lane21:17.1074
4) Alycia Ussery21:34.3698
5) Alexis Arai21:54.23113
Average Time: 21:08.84 Total Time: 1:45:44.21 1-5 Split: 1:28.18
6) Jackie Buelow22:34.78152
7) Avery Waters23:07.56183
10Flowery Branch (GA)383
1) Mariah Millsap20:53.0052
2) Erika Plummer21:17.0072
3) Hailey Pierson21:23.6382
4) Shannon Hoolahan21:25.7585
5) Kelly Kritzinger21:29.0092
Average Time: 21:17.68 Total Time: 1:46:28.38 1-5 Split: 36.00
6) Ashley Grant21:30.0094
7) Sarah Slavik22:17.00131
11Riverwood International Charter School (GA)390
1) Elizabeth Graves18:35.392
2) Anna Hayden18:38.943
3) Anna Walker21:44.89106
4) Lainey Young22:21.84137
5) Madison McQuary22:24.06142
Average Time: 20:45.02 Total Time: 1:43:45.12 1-5 Split: 3:48.67
6) Ansley Tolbert23:33.13212
7) Caroline Smith23:36.06218
12Winder-Barrow HS (GA)427
1) Micah Weathers19:06.848
2) Sara Carpenter21:12.3366
3) Katie Arradondo21:13.3168
4) Hope Richardson21:28.4291
5) Summer Bartz23:16.53194
Average Time: 21:15.49 Total Time: 1:46:17.43 1-5 Split: 4:09.69
6) Aurora Komeri29:46.89415
7) April Andrews36:39.46443
13Lakeside, Evans (GA)445
1) Alyssa Hooker18:29.661
2) Maggie Bembry21:15.5071
3) Tamera Mistry21:31.1395
4) Caroline Pinson21:46.03107
5) Hannah Marionneaux22:53.44171
Average Time: 21:11.15 Total Time: 1:45:55.76 1-5 Split: 4:23.78
6) Sydney Spratt23:09.65186
7) Maria Liu23:41.55229

14Woodland (GA)572
1) Elizabeth Roberson20:49.0849
2) Lindsay Scifers21:01.1857
3) Cayla Candelas22:03.01120
4) Emily Greulich22:18.34133
5) Sydney Owen23:33.28213
Average Time: 21:56.98 Total Time: 1:49:44.89 1-5 Split: 2:44.20
6) Karla Alves24:11.48246
7) Amelia Payne24:43.28275