Miles Yapp Holds Off a Late Challenge Winning 6A in 4:15.10

Its pretty awesome when you get to watch a race where 10 athletes go sub 4:21 for a 1600. Wish we could have shot this race (video n/a on NFHS currently) There was alot of movement from postions 1-8 throughout. Yapp took the lead somewhere on lap 2?) with Schwind of Lambert, Mitchell Sanders of Walton, Stockwell of Lakeside, Khayvonn Benson of Marietta amongst others all in close contact. Yapp never really gapped those chasing keeping strong kickers in the race. He had to hold off a tough late challenge down the homestretch taking the win in 4:15.10. In a Finish Lynx photo finish Stockwell outleaned Schwind (-.02) both going sub 4:16. Sanders (4:17.23) outfought Benson for 4th (4:17.65) with Sam Costa of Mill Creek (who had quite a cheering section (4:18.06)

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