1A Private Girls State Preview

(All Pics by Daniel McCauley) of MileSplit GA

(Text by Bruce Taylor and Daniel McCauley)

Super Frosh Anna Marian Block has earned the top seed in the 800 having a pr of 2:11

Sarah Foreman of Landmark has Anna Marian Block on her shoulder in the 800.

Mattie Millikan of Mount Pisgah finished 2nd behind Block in the 800

Team Outlook:

its gonna be a hard row to hoe for any school to put real pressure on Our Lady of Mercy and Eagles Landing Christian as they both came out Sectionals strong except for distance. ELCA is much like Mercy, strong in the Sprints, (equally matched) in both Relays, horizontals but doesn't have the Hurdlers like OLM does.

Leah Banks of OLM out in front of the pack in the 400

Mercy is led by Individual triple threat athlete Leah Banks who specializes in the 400, 100h and LJ.

Deja Barthell of OLM is a threat in both short Sprints

Deja Barthell was 2nd at Sectional in the 100m and scored in both TJ/LJ. Landy Thomas won the 100m last week and was 3rd in the 200m and Janelle Morris is another hurdler who can score big.

OLM's 4x100 will be seeking to upset ELCA in the 4x100 in Albany

ELCA racing in the 4x100

Mercy's 4x400 squad came out of Sectionals ahead of ELCA

An ELCA runner motors around the oval in the 4x400 Relay

T'aja Cameron of ELCA is the fave to take the 200 in Albany

Sydney Spencer of ELCA leads the heat in the 200 Meter Dash.

ELCA is led by a duo of potential high point athletes including T'Aja Cameron as she won the 200 and TJ at Sectionals and Sydney Spencer who won the 100m, placed 2nd in the 200m and 4th in the LJ. Abigail Rogers is the top Shot gal coming in with a strong chance for a title. Count on them to score at least 16 in the Relays.

Athens Academy may challenge ELCA and OLM in the 4x400 Relay Saturday...

Athens Academy may have their best showing in years behind the frosh phenom Anna Marian Block who is nationally ranked in the 800 and one of the best All-Classes in the 1600. Emily Ballard-Meyer is capable of scoring in both the 400m and 800m races. Thrower Julia Hairsay could contend for titles in the Discus and Shot.

Morgan Lewis of Mt. Vernon is the top 100 Hurdler coming into State

Collier Middleton of Walker and Leah Banks will seek to challenge Lewis in the 100 Hurdles.

Nicole Fegans of Landmark Christian should be one of the favorites in both the 1600 & 3200.

Landmark Christian may have a lock on a top 4 spot as there's a nice gap after running a combined 'Virtual Meet' using Region 1600/3200 results and last week's Sectionals. Nicole Fegans is a threat to score big in the 16/3200, along with Kathryn (800/1600) and Sarah Foreman in the 800. mary Kellison Thorne could place as high as 2nd in the PV with Jordan Boyd and Rachel Morley chipping in on the Field and Hurdles.

Charity Williams of ACS (purple and gold) will seek a title in the 300 Hurdles

There are a ton of teams on the 2nd tier including Athens Christian, FPD, Walker and Mount Pisgah.

Helen Williams of AIS and Nicole Fegans of Landmark(drafting her) battled at Region in the 1600/3200 races. Trailing is Sophie West of Paideia and Foreman of Landmark.

1600 Meters- Emma Grace Hurley of Fellowship Christian School is the top seed in the 1600m with her time of 4:55.56. Anna Marian Block of Athens Academy, Landmark's Nicole Fegans, and Helen Williams are certain to add a level of competition that will bring the stadium to its feet. It will be interesting to see how many of these top girls go under five minutes and by how much. Look also for Landmark's Kathryn Foreman, Sophia West of Paideia, and Shannon Fair of Aquinas to add to the mix in their quests for a medal.

Emma Grace Hurley is a threat to double in the 1600 and 3200 but is going to have her plate full....

3200- Nicole Fegans, Emma Grace Hurley, and Helen Williams have earned the distinction of being the clear favorites in this eight lap battle. Throwing it down and trying to challenge them will be Kathryn Foreman and her little sister Sarah, along with Sophia West and Shannon Fair. Fegans defeated Williams in the Area 3 Region 5 Championship, however, Helen has shown steady improvement throughout the season and will most certainly give 100%. Watch for Emma Grace to do something special in what should prove to be a fantastic match-up.

Athletes and Events to Watch:

100m- Sydney Spencer-ELCA, Deja Barthell & Landy Thomas- OLM

200m- T'Aja Cameron & Sydney Spencer- ELCA

400m- Leah Banks- OLM, Tyra Poole-Walker

800m- Anna Marian Block- Athens Academy; Mattie Millikan- Mt. Pisgah

1600m- Emma Grace Hurley; Anna MarianBlock; Helen Williams; Nicole Fegans

3200m- Nicole Fegans; Emma Grace Hurley; Helen Williams

100h- Morgan Lewis- Mt. Vernon; Leah Banks- OLM; Collier Middleton- Walker

300h- Sydney Force- Strong Rock; Charity Williams- ACS; Collier Middleton- Walker

4x100- ELCA, OLM

4x400- OLM, ELCA, Athens Academy

Carson Dingler of FPD is in another stratosphere than her competitors in the PV with a 13-6 pr.

Madison Pickerel of ACS has cleared a bar of 5-2 this season.


HJ- Summer Hendley- Sav.Christian; Madison Pickerel- ACS; Maya Dodson- St.Francis

LJ- Leah Banks- OLM

TJ- T'Aja Cameron- ELCA; Gaby Ajibade- Tallulah Falls; Jordan Allen- Tattnall Square

PV- Carson Dingler- FPD

Discus- Maggie Johnston- FPD; Julia Hairsay- Athens Academy; Rachel Morley- Landmark

Shot- Abigail Rogers- ELCA; Julia Hairsay- Athens Academy;


These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We took the individual rankings and relay rankings and scored them as a normal meet: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

1.Our Lady of Mercy90
Alion Belvin (300H 5 = 5)
Courtney Johnson (400m 1 = 1)
Deja Barthell (100m 8 + LJ 3 + TJ 4 = 15)
Janelle Morris (100H 5 + 300H 1 + HJ 2 = 8)
Landy Thomas (100m 6 + 200m 5 = 11)
Leah Banks (100H 8 + 400m 10 + LJ 10 = 28)
Pauline Cobb (800m 4 = 4)
Relay Team (18)
2.Eagles Landing Christian Academy73
Abigail Rogers (S 10 = 10)
Kayland Thomason (400m 2 = 2)
Relay Team (18)
Sydney Spencer (100m 10 + 200m 8 + LJ 5 = 23)
T'aja Cameron (200m 10 + TJ 10 = 20)
3.Athens Academy59
Anna Marian Block (800m 10 = 10)
Emily Ballard-Myer (400m 5 + 800m 1 = 6)
Julia Harisay (D 8 + S 6 = 14)
Morgan Grace (PV 2 = 2)
Relay Team (9)
Sydney Williams (HJ 5 = 5)
(1600 + 3200= 13)

4.Landmark Christian School56
Jordan Boyd (100H 3 + HJ 2 = 5)
Kathryn Foreman (800m 5 = 5)
Mary Kellison Thorne (PV 8 = 8)
Rachel Morley (300H 3 + D 6 = 9)
Relay Team (4)
Sarah Foreman (800m 3 = 3)
Distance (1600 10+ 3200 12= 22)
5.Athens Christian35.5
Abby Resop (D 2.5 = 2.5)
Charity Williams (300H 8 = 8)
Claira Heiss (100H 1 + PV 5.5 = 6.5)
Olivia Pineo (100H 2 + PV 5.5 = 7.5)
Relay Team (2)
madison pickerel (HJ 9 = 9)

Collier Middleton (100H 6 + 300H 6 + HJ 5 = 17)
Relay Team (3)
Tyra Poole (200m 4 + 400m 8 = 12)
7.Mount Pisgah Christian School31.5
Ally Smith (400m 4 = 4)
Mattie Millikan (800m 8 = 8)
Morgan Millikan (100m 2.5 + 200m 2 = 4.5)
Paige Peterson (TJ 5 = 5)
Relay Team (10)
8.First Presbyterian Day School23
Carson Dingler (PV 10 = 10)
Maggie Johnston (D 10 + S 3 = 13)

8.Fellowship Christian School23
Cameron Swartz (LJ 4 = 4)
Emma Grace Hurley (1600 10+ 3200 8=18
9.Tattnall Square Academy21
Jordan Allen (100m 5 + LJ 8 + TJ 8 = 21)
10.Mount Vernon Presbyterian School16
Morgan Lewis (100H 10 + 200m 6 = 16)
11.George Walton Academy15.5
Dilys Osei (100H 4 + 300H 2 = 6)
Morgan Robertson (100m 2.5 = 2.5)
Relay Team (7)
12.Savannah Christian Prep15
Diana Wickham (400m 3 = 3)
Relay Team (1)
Summer Hendley (HJ 5 + LJ 6 = 11)
13.Stratford Academy13
Ally Raymond (PV 2 = 2)
Aysha Roberts (LJ 1 = 1)
Faith Boyington (TJ 1 = 1)
Maggie Hamilton (PV 2 = 2)
Mary Wilson Avant (D 5 = 5)
Taylor Reese (HJ 2 = 2)
13.Whitefield Academy13
Corey Johnson (400m 6 = 6)
Lauren Vanarsdale (200m 3 = 3)
Relay Team (4)
Jazaria Brown (TJ 2 = 2)
Naeisha McClain (D 4 + S 5 = 9)
Relay Team (2)
16.St. Francis12.5
Kori McDaniel (S 0.5 = 0.5)
Maya Dodson (HJ 9 + TJ 3 = 12)
17.Tallulah Falls12
Anna Davis (300H 4 = 4)
Gaby Ajibade (LJ 2 + TJ 6 = 8)

Atlanta International (Helen Williams 1600 and 3200 11
19.Prince Avenue Christian School10.5
Rachel Machovec (D 2.5 + S 4 = 6.5)
Rebekah Haynes (100m 4 = 4)
20.Hebron Christian10
Camille Humphrey (PV 4 = 4)
Maddy Howe (800m 6 = 6)
21.Strong Rock Christian School10
Sydney Force (300H 10 = 10)
22.King's Ridge Christian School8
Sydnee Walker (S 8 = 8)

AQUINAS 7 (Shannon Fair 1600 and 3200)
PAIDEIA 6 (Sophie West 1600 and 3200)

25.Mount De Sales2
Brendon Coats (100m 1 + 200m 1 = 2)
25.Calvary Day School2
Moriah Harris (800m 2 = 2)
25.Savannah Country Day School2
Amari Oliver (S 2 = 2)
26.North Cobb Christian1
Olivia Gamadanis (D 1 = 1)
27.Providence Christian Academy0.5
Sydney Robinson (S 0.5 = 0.5)

Distance Scores Based on Season Bests:

1,600 Meter Run

1Emma Grace Hurley11Fellowship Christian School4:55.5610
2Anna Marian Block9Athens Academy4:57.708
3Nicole Fegans10Landmark Christian School5:03.386
4Helen Williams10Atlanta International School5:03.945
5Kathryn Foreman11Landmark Christian School5:13.074
6Sophia West9Paideia5:14.163
7Shannon Fair12Aquinas5:18.902
8Emily Ballard-Myer10Athens Academy5:22.331

3,200 Meter Run

1Nicole Fegans10Landmark Christian School10:41.4510
2Emma Grace Hurley11Fellowship Christian School10:44.438
3Helen Williams10Atlanta International School10:45.016
4Shannon Fair12Aquinas11:01.755
5Anna Marian Block9Athens Academy11:04.004
6Sophia West9Paideia11:34.223
7Kathryn Foreman11Landmark Christian School11:37.812
8Sarah Foreman9Landmark Christian School11:46.031