Preview of The Mountain Invitational

Thursday’s Mountain Invitational looks to be one of the top weekday invites in the state with over 1400 runners registered to fly across the fields and up and down the mountain! Chip timing this year, looks pretty warm at race time with a high of 79 at the start of the Middle School races. The humidity is low and there’s some good shade on a lot of the course so should be a good day for a run. Can’t wait for a true XC festival in the mountains with music blasting and neon shirts running all over God’s great creation!


BOYS TEAM - Ranked teams in the boys race include AAA #2 North Hall, #6 Oconee, #8 East Jackson, and #9 Buford, along with AAA watch list Dawson and White. AAAA #6 Chestatee and AAAAAA watch list South Forsyth will be strong along with AAAAA watch list Forsyth Central, AAAAAA West Forsyth, AAAAAA Grayson, AAAAA Gainesville, and Lakeview. North Hall’s boys should run away with the team title, with South Forsyth, Grayson, West Forsyth, Oconee, and Chestatee chasing the other 2 trophies down.

GIRLS TEAM - The girls race includes AAAAAA #9 West Forsyth and AAAAAA #10 South Forsyth along with AAA #4 White County, #6 North Hall, #7 Buford, #9 Oconee, and # 10 Jackson County. AAA Watch list Dawson and Hart join AAAA #4 Chestatee, AAAAAA Grayson, and AAAAAA North Forsyth to make the girls one a great pack to watch. West Forsyth and South Forsyth’s girls look to be the favorite, taking their county rivalry up into the hills. Other teams trophy hunting should be White County, Grayson, and Chestatee. These 3 trophies will be hard earned to whoever grabs them.

BOYS INDIVIDUAL – North Hall’s Bryce Schuebert has yet to lose to one of his teammates, making him and South Forsyth’s Ryan Peppenhorst race favorites. This lead pack will be thrilling to watch with North Hall’s Quintin Miles, Zach Hill, Seth Chapman, and Bailey Pless chasing the leaders with White County’s Austin Thompson, Dawson County’s Dylan Forester, Buford’s Josh Thompson, and Forsyth Central’s Max Warner. There are 15 medals going out individually and you may have to break 17 to get one.

GIRLS INDIVIDUAL – White County’s super sophomore Jenna Gearing leads a talented group of girls. Challengers include South Forsyth’s duo of Savannah Carnahan and Milicent Bergey, Hart County’s Audrey Honiotes, and Union County’s Emma Garrison. Other girls giving chase should be Makayla Hewell of Banks, Makayla Ellis of North Hall, Sarah Beth English of Chestatee, Grayson’s Yanely Gomez, and West Forsyth’s freshman Julie Ericson and Liz Galarza. Again, the top 15 medals going out won’t be easy! It’s going to be a very talented group of girls on that medals stand.