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8 months ago Everett Smulders Breaks 4:00
How many are Georgia natives? That seems to always come up in the conversations of milers from ea...
1 year ago Pro Ekiden
Did Justin Watchel race in a pro event ? This doesn't seem Legal as he is on a PRo Team,he wasnâ€...
2 years ago Sam Ellis 3:57!
Just thought it might be worth a mention.
2 years ago Rankings = Wrong Once Again
@spxcoachrm great post!!! Message boards are mostly opinions. If someone’s opinion is deleted...
2 years ago Predictions for Wingfoot
Im taking Sully for the win and it won't be close by the time they reach the finish. he hasn't b...
2 years ago Top 10 List Question
@hudsonxc for sure. He jumped over 7’ at Dalton Rotary but Pre milesplit. Results are hard to ...
2 years ago Top 10 List Question
@hudsonxc Wouldn’t that be the same as competing unattached at a meet after the outdoor season ...
2 years ago Top 10 List Question
Is the top 10 All-Time list for Outdoor only? If not, it is missing the #2 jumper in Georgia His...
2 years ago State meet results
Any track nerds on here know where I may luck up and find some results from when James Flack was ...
2 years ago Timing Group
I will assume we will never see results from this group.
3 years ago Entries for each event?
No limits I believe,especially if they are unattached
3 years ago Front page pic
We sure are lov8ng that front page pic.
3 years ago 3A and 4A track coaches
@spxcoachrm Carrollton allows tents almost anywhere outside the track fence..
3 years ago Sectional Locations
Its on GHSA. looks like it was just added today.. Thats a long trip for us..
3 years ago Sectional Locations
@coachac. Seriously? Grovetown?
3 years ago Meet of Champions
Is there a committee for choosing individuals?
3 years ago Jalen Murray
Would like to have seen him at Asics or Coach Wood. He looked so relaxed Friday going through te...
3 years ago Course Questions??
@utvolxc Baylor would be on campus?
3 years ago Clayton County meets
anyone have info on these meets? Seems like fast times from some..
3 years ago Coach Wood Historically Fast
Fastest course in Georgia
3 years ago 4x8 proposal data vs. voting results--link to data
[quote=scott starr]I have a few thoughts concerning the attempt to add the 4x800 to a contested e...
3 years ago Virtual meets using only registered athletes
@crossfan2861 this would be nice to have.
3 years ago 4x8 & Single-A Sectionals Proposals
[quote=GATFXCCA]After receiving the minutes and those voting [b]For[/b] and [b]Against[/b], we ha...
3 years ago Sad news from North Carolina
3 years ago Wingfoot XC - Individual Previews
Nice previews,although McMillan is at Brentwood Academy and Hasty went to Brentwood High school. ...
3 years ago Cherokee record going down?
I just know his coach doesn’t race a lot
3 years ago Cherokee record going down?
[quote=dudedevil4x4]@trailcat so you wanna talk about it? I feel like you want to talk about it. ...
3 years ago Can 8th Graders not run in varsity races?
Tennessee allows 8th graders in varsity sports as well
3 years ago Cherokee record going down?
Could see something big out there tomorrow
3 years ago Heritage 5 Star Meet
There are still openings for the meet in Ringgold, Georgia if any Chattanooga area teams are look...
3 years ago Ridgeferry
@Buckwheat191 I could tell last year that course got short in the changes made.
3 years ago Ridgeferry
Any team scores? Must be a road race timing company.
3 years ago Univ of Alabama Track & Field Camp
@BamaXC Didn’t most of their points come from the distance events?
3 years ago An Article from Colorado Milesplit
I see another "Coach"in the background looking on..@spxcoachrm
3 years ago Weather in Albany
And why is this allowed to happen? Isn’t safety for the kids and fans a concern to them? We hea...
4 years ago Inappropriate article
Maybe a bit skewed but still worth seeing!!
4 years ago Inappropriate article
Just imagine if they could do a virtual state meet for Georgia with only athletes that will be at...
4 years ago Inappropriate article
@ParkviewTrack I didn't even look. It wasn't Georgias page
4 years ago Inappropriate article
Or I click on 6A virtual meet for XC and it takes me to the Montana mile split page
4 years ago Inappropriate article
Milesplit is where I go for high school track news and I’m fine with them covering it.
4 years ago waterfall start for 800 and 1600 middle school state meet
Being at Parkview, even if you stack 2 per lane, you can only do 12 per heat.
4 years ago Boston Marathon - weather & on now
Blake Jorgensen- 2:34 ATC runner and former Westminster firm back in the day..
4 years ago GA Region 6-AAAAAA Track and Field Championship 2018
Heat sheets?
4 years ago Adding a coach to a team on milesplitp
Your team admin should be able to easily add a coach if he is logged in and goes to admin team an...
4 years ago McLeod 4th at Arcadia
Unreal. 8:52.70 at FSU
4 years ago Early Bird Endurance Meet 2018
Any results?
4 years ago An Appeal to GHSA to put kids first
This rule will be addressed in April to my understanding.
4 years ago McLeod!!!
@spxcoachrm He and the two Florida kids are going out is what he told me and was said in the inte...
4 years ago McLeod!!!
I predict it’s broken in two weeks. Then it will last awhile
4 years ago McLeod!!!
Phillips actually started to reel him in a little in the backstretch and curve but Jacob pulled a...