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Marietta, GA

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Phil Logan has been involved with T&FXC as a parent, coach, timer and meet organizer over the last 20 years. He is a graduate and former All-American Football standout at the University of South Carolina. Phil is the founder and CEO of The Perfect Timing Group, the largest and most active FAT timing service in Georgia.

Founder - Head Timer (2003) - The Perfect Timing Group -

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4 months ago Tributes to Bruce
@GACARTER The Georgia TF\XC community has lost a giant. Bruce was a personal friend of mine an...
7 months ago How do you challenge a Timing Company's time?
Which county meet? Timing challenges should be directed to meet director at the meet on the ...
8 months ago Two Separate Scheduled 3200m?
@Ellisdon74 Top runners will race early... bottom numbers will race late. Register the same, h...
1 year ago Results from girls Race D
1 year ago Timing results
@lrodney10 Karsyn Rodney official time is 19:24.56
1 year ago Opinions About the Chattahoochee Hills Eventing Venue
Carrollton HS staff does a great job with the GHSA CC State Meet. My biggest concern with moving ...
2 years ago Meet of Champions
@Eveiedewitt [url=]
2 years ago Let's Get the Discussion Board Rolling to How it Was 'Back in the Day'
@RobtheAggie I love the fact that FPD course is a single loop 5k. You don’t get to run on tho...
3 years ago Pole Vault
@bbpeavey No pole vault or triple jump this year.
3 years ago GHSA proposal being discussed tomorrow
Is 1A still separated (Public and Private)?
3 years ago MS Boys Short Hurdle
What distance do MS boys run short hurdles? Is it 110 or 100 meters. I was under the impression ...
4 years ago Perfect timing group-Team results from John Scott Harness meet?
@timcacs -sorry Tim... should be their now!
5 years ago Coaches Invitational
5 years ago No live feeds today?
@Mondo Thanks....
5 years ago Girls 6A results
All are posted now....sorry!
5 years ago No live feeds today?
@Mondo Perfect Timing have been instructed to send results LIVE after 30 minute protest period ...
5 years ago Alexander / Asics Invitational 2016
@BrianRobinson This meet will officially close at midnight tonight (Oct. 5th). Any late teams...
5 years ago Saucony Battle of Atlanta 2016
Opps...corrected! Webmaster, please parse for profiles.
5 years ago 15 yr old Brian Herron, 2016 USATF 15-16 Junior Olympic Champion, 400 Meter dash!
Why did he have to be put back into race in Lane 7? Was he DQ'd in prelims?
6 years ago How accurate are the results?
@Niafoxx Are you looking at results or the meet program?
6 years ago GA Region 2-AAAAAA Track and Field Championship 2016
GA Region 2-AAAAAA Track and Field Championship Apr 18, 2016 Apr 19, 2016
Yes, newly surfaced after 2015 track season.
6 years ago Live video? Other state coverage? Weather delays?
John Green was warned by more one officials AND his coach was also notified prior to his race tha...
6 years ago Terrence Trammell Hurdle Clinic
October 11, 2015!shop/c241r
6 years ago American Track League
This event was amazing!!! The atmosphere was like no other track meet in this town since the Oly...
6 years ago Candance Hill - 11.15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Timing and Data Management - Contractor License 6/6/2015 - 5:57 PM 40th Great S...
7 years ago My Girs State Meet Highlights....
[u]Morgan Ilse[/u] 3200 - 1600m double - she was motoring [u]Catie Faust[/u] 400 - 800 double - ...
7 years ago GA Region 3-AAAAA Track and Field Championship 2015
Licensed to Perfect Timing Group - Contractor License ...
7 years ago South Gwinnett Tune-Up Meet 2015
[i][b][url=]Revised Boys 200m Results[/url][/b...
7 years ago The Perimeter Relays 2015
Event has been added....Female DMR
7 years ago River Ridge Home Meet #3 2015
Pole vault was contested the prior day at a different venue.
7 years ago Does it seem relatively dead here?
I too was curious on reasons this track season has been very hush hush. The cross county season ...
7 years ago Panthers Relays 2015
Her profile has been updated to show the correct time - 5:54
7 years ago
Very well done!
In Georgia....Rain nor cold stops meets here....only Lightning and that is for only 30 minutes. ...
7 years ago "1st Annual Big Peach Distance Kickoff" 2015
@Shaunas If this event is GHSA sanction, then only GSHA schools are allowed.
7 years ago Polar Bear Meet at Westlake HS - Dec. 20th
7 years ago Polar Bear Meet at Westlake HS - Dec. 20th
[b][url=]Registration Website[/url][/b] [b]Pe...
7 years ago Article Comment: Track & Field Announces 2015 Signing Class
Congrat to DeAndra, but still don't like her coach for taking away scholarships from signees. I ...
7 years ago Dominion Dash rankings should have been 3k.
7 years ago Aubrae Gunderson Invitational 2014
@runintherain93 .....corrected.
7 years ago FC Championship- Wrong link
7 years ago IPICO Chip #948 from Gwinnet Meet Found @ Horse Park
7 years ago 3rd Annual AT&T Panther XC Invitational 2014
@trackside Coaches enter names into system. Results were based on names provided by schools. ...
7 years ago Cobb County
@kshoyaxc Results are up now...
7 years ago 3rd Annual AT&T Panther XC Invitational 2014
@kinseysnell Register all you athletes for XC meet...Girls and Boy on two separate categories. ...
7 years ago Brooks Memphis Twilight Classic - Unknown Results
All HS and MS results show several unknown runners after each race. Why so many?
7 years ago Time of Warpath Middle School Race
This is correct: Packet Pickup - 7:00am VARSITY GIRLS (Top 7 runners) - 8:00am VARSITY BOYS (T...
7 years ago Warpath Invitational 2014
This is the correct schedule: Packet Pickup - 7:00am VARSITY GIRLS (Top 7 runners) - 8:00am VA...
7 years ago Bob Blastow - New Meet Schedule
No wave start. The JV Girls and Boys will run together at 9:40am.