Wheeler Relays (Boys) 2010

Marietta, GA

Meet Information

$100 per team or $185 for both boys' (3/6/10) and girl' (2/27/10) teams. Entry fee due by 3/3/10.

1. Three per open event, one team per relay.

2. Each athlete can participate in a maximum of five events, either three field events + two running, or two field events + three running events. The maximum running events you can enter an athlete in is three. This includes both relays & individual hurdle events.

3. Upon receipt of entries, we will establish seeding of events. Each event will be seeded slow heat first, fast heat last. Coaches, please be HONEST about the time/distance/height the athlete is capable of achieving at this early point in the season.

4. Each field event (except vertical jumps