7A Sectional 2 - Regions 4,6,7,8 2021

Cumming, GA

Meet Information

Saturday, May 8 at West Forsyth High School

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Basic Information

1. The top four (4) finishers in each event from each Region meet will advance to a Sectional Meet. 

2. Boys and Girls Sectionals in each classification will take place on the same date at the same site (see schedule of Sectionals). 

3. For Running Events, there will be qualifying heats only - no running finals will be held. (a) There will be two heats in each event. The top finisher in each heat (2) and the next six (6) fastest times from either heat will advance to the State Final. (b) For the 1,600 Meter and 3,200 Meter Runs, the top eight (8) finishers in each race will advance to the State Final. 

4. For Field Events, finals will be held in all events with the top eight (8) finishers advancing to the State Final. For replacement purposes, all field events must determine clear 9th and 10th place finishers. D. A listing of Sectional Sites may be found on the GHSA web site (https://www.ghsa.net/sectional-track-meet-sites-2019). Athlete Replacement Area (Class 1A) / Sectional (Classes 2A,7A) Meets to State Meet) When there is a tie in any event involving more contestants than the Area/Sectional Meet is entitled to enter into the State Meet, the contest must continue on the day of the competition until the representatives to the State Meet are determined. 

All State Meet entries will be posted on the GHSA T&F website (http://www.ghsa.net/track-and-field) for verification. Schools will not receive paper copies of their qualified athletes. It is the responsibility of EACH COACH to review that school's entries on the web site and immediately notify the Area/Sectional Meet Director if corrections need to be made. 

Sectional Meet Schedule 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

9:00am Boys - Pole Vault weigh in and warm-up

9:30am Implement Weigh-in   (At the timing tent at the finish line.)

9:45am  Coaches Meeting at the finish line

10:00am  Warm-ups for field events start

10:30 am
1600 Meter Run (1 Section-all qualifiers girls/boys)

FIELD EVENTS: nine (9) competitors to Finals in horizontal events (jumps and throws)

10:30 am
Pole Vault (Boys)

11:00 am
High Jump (Girls) Discus Throw (Boys, then Ambulatory)

Long Jump (Girls) Triple Jump (Boys)

Shot Put (Girls then Wheelchair, Ambulatory)

1:00 pm
Discus Throw (Girls, then Ambulatory) High Jump (Boys)

Pole Vault (Girls) Long Jump (Boys)

Triple Jump (Girls) Shot Put (Boys then Wheelchair, Ambulatory)


RUNNING EVENTS: (The 4x800 Meter Relay should not start before all field events are completed. Running

schedule may be adjusted, if necessary, due to Field Event and/or weather delays. However, the time increments

between running events should be maintained to ensure adequate recovery time between events.) (The order of

running events will be Wheelchair, Ambulatory, if needed, then girls/boys)

Running Events

3:00 pm 4x800 Meter Relay (1 Section-all qualifiers girls/boys; two alleys with one-turn stagger)

3:35 pm 4x100 Meter Relay (2 Heats each girls/boys)

4:10 pm 400 Meter Dash (Ambulatory, then 2 Heats girls/boys)

4:25 pm 100 Meter Dash (2 Heats) (Ambulatory, then 2 Heats each girls/boys)

4:40 pm 100/110 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats each girls/boys)

5:00 pm 800 Meter Run (Wheelchair, Ambulatory, 2 Heats each girls/boys)

5:20 pm 200 Meter Dash (Wheelchair, Ambulatory, 2 Heats each girls/boys)

5:35 pm 300 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats each girls/boys)

6:00 pm 3200 Meter Run (1 Section-all qualifiers girls/boys)

6:50 pm 4x400 Meter Relay (2 Heats each girls/boys)

GHSA Recommended Opening Heights: (may be revised by Games Committee should strength of

competition and / or weather conditions dictate)

Class 6A-7A:

Boys' Pole Vault - 10'6" Boys' High Jump - 5'8"

Girls' Pole Vault - 7'6" Girls' High Jump - 4'8"

Contact - Clayton Tillery at ctillery@forsyth.k12.ga.us if you need any information!