Athens Academy US Home 9/26 2020

Watkinsville, GA
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Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 68 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Urena, Ricardo 22:48.88 Athens Academy
Arnold, Jake 19:15.55 North Oconee
Shepherd, John 23:16.70 Athens Academy
Alvarado, Chris 22:42.30 Clarke Central
Digby, Erick North Oconee
Arnold, John Athens Academy
Pearson, Max 17:14.90 North Oconee
Hequembourg, Blaise 20:42.06 Athens Academy
Porter-Sims, Jace 17:38.80 Clarke Central
Doler, Jack 23:39.40 North Oconee
Slatcher, Bennett 22:13.97 Athens Academy
Carlson, Max Clarke Central
Morris, Bo 20:03.86 North Oconee
Bachman, Blake 22:51.90 North Oconee
Tomlinson, Cohen 19:47.65 Athens Academy
Fierson, Henry 18:55.41 Clarke Central
Cox, Tucker 17:29.06 North Oconee
Strickland, Colin 26:20.34 North Oconee
Almodovar, Jaime 22:12.90 Clarke Central
Buczynsky, Cole 19:42.42 North Oconee
Hollingsworth, Tom 23:38.64 Athens Academy
Kang, Andrew 26:26.02 North Oconee
Terrell, Cameron North Oconee
DeLoach, Will 19:30.21 Athens Academy
Nackashi, Solomon 18:27.70 Clarke Central
Bujanda, Victor 18:59.43 North Oconee
Scruggs, Jackson 17:56.53 Athens Academy
Nesbit, Luke 18:25.70 Clarke Central
Gayer, Jake North Oconee
Rayburn, Owen 22:33.33 North Oconee
Meyer, Thomas 19:53.19 Athens Academy
Rosch, Michael 18:49.10 Clarke Central
McDonald, Eli North Oconee
Bloom, Dillon 21:04.47 North Oconee
Sullivan, Rob 20:11.89 Athens Academy
Carabello, Adam 20:45.40 Clarke Central
Duncan, David 21:53.43 North Oconee
Le, Khoa Athens Academy
Potts, Davis 15:48.88 North Oconee
Scruggs, Lewis 18:35.07 Athens Academy
Ehlers, Thomas 18:41.90 Clarke Central
Lewis, Jonathan North Oconee
Slatcher, Wade Athens Academy
Mustard, Stephen 19:08.93 North Oconee
Strickland, Aaron 21:36.38 North Oconee
Slate, Davis 22:01.99 Athens Academy
Wolf-Hardy, Beck 18:54.10 Clarke Central
Hancock, Bo 17:33.64 North Oconee
Waskiewicz, Joshua 22:45.85 North Oconee
Bruner, Cullen 18:52.23 Clarke Central
Naeher, Luke Joseph 27:31.06 North Oconee
Leach, Taylor 23:24.26 Athens Academy
Martin, Jackson 22:30.89 North Oconee
St. Onge, Grant 21:38.65 Clarke Central
Gemano, Mark North Oconee
Hequembourg, Walter 22:56.78 Athens Academy
Kajder, Matthew 20:11.90 North Oconee
Ahmed, Fardin 39:32.23 Athens Academy
Ehlers, Andrew 20:30.80 Clarke Central
Sabo, Trey North Oconee
Lerch, J.D. 20:59.32 North Oconee
Dillon, Robbie 18:57.72 Athens Academy
Grantham, Kurali 20:28.46 Clarke Central
Pearce, Benjamin 22:21.07 North Oconee
Patel, Krish 19:15.05 North Oconee
Groarke, Sean 24:44.21 Athens Academy
Pearson, August 20:38.20 Clarke Central
Veal, Max North Oconee
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 58 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McLanahan, Davis 21:03.05 Athens Academy
Kurtz, Allison 23:02.40 Clarke Central
Marlowe, Hannah 22:12.68 North Oconee
Elsbernd, Lilly North Oconee
Waugh, Lucy 21:25.33 Athens Academy
Smith, Alyssa North Oconee
Lavender, Nathalie 25:25.78 Athens Academy
St. Onge, Audrey 29:10.86 Clarke Central
Hawkins, Gately 23:35.46 North Oconee
Williams, Clara Jane 22:28.40 Athens Academy
Robinson, Ariel 27:14.60 Clarke Central
Wright, Camryn 28:47.71 North Oconee
James, Amelia 26:53.30 Clarke Central
Scott, Kyla 25:59.93 North Oconee
Tillman, Louise 25:57.23 Athens Academy
Stancil, Mary Martin North Oconee
Campbell, McKinley 22:25.80 Clarke Central
Orman, Ava 29:28.90 North Oconee
Bledsoe, Liv 21:31.40 North Oconee
Walton, Callie 26:44.41 Athens Academy
Crumley, Bethany North Oconee
Hetsko, Melanie 25:27.05 North Oconee
Orman, Georgia 23:01.60 North Oconee
Woody, Caroline 26:31.64 Athens Academy
Cook, Lena 19:21.80 Clarke Central
Watson, Kala North Oconee
Duncan, Caroline 19:59.35 North Oconee
Morse, Kelsey 19:07.50 North Oconee
Woody, Katherine 24:44.50 Athens Academy
Brodrick, Samantha 18:51.20 Clarke Central
Fisher, Melissa North Oconee
Coggins, Emily 23:48.65 Athens Academy
Wright, Charley North Oconee
Kleiber, Kate 22:11.71 Athens Academy
Morris, Emily 25:40.75 Athens Academy
Baer, Amelia 32:41.96 Clarke Central
Self, Kearsen North Oconee
Clementz, Lauren 28:57.62 Athens Academy
Grimont-Caguana, Genesis 32:40.05 Clarke Central
Nelson, Samantha North Oconee
Mauricio, Margalit Athens Academy
Player, Cali 26:44.30 Clarke Central
Strickland, Saige 25:45.54 North Oconee
Bush, Katia North Oconee
Delgado, Daniela 24:03.10 Clarke Central
Poole, Emma 24:22.29 North Oconee
Tillman, Lily 25:25.23 Athens Academy
Reynolds, Mae North Oconee
Merrill, Maggie 28:25.02 North Oconee
Vaeth, Valerie 30:25.27 North Oconee
Crosland, Mills 23:27.38 Athens Academy
Webber, Elena 23:44.40 Clarke Central
Waldron, Olivia North Oconee
Hetsko, Faith 23:45.61 North Oconee
Klatkiewicz, Ellisen 26:15.56 North Oconee
Harrison, Sarah 20:40.71 Athens Academy
Graham, Monica 22:54.60 Clarke Central
Smith, Emily 26:12.81 North Oconee
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