MCSD Meet for April 14, 2020 2020

Columbus, Ga

Meet Information

If you are interested in participating, Please contact Jeff Battles at MCSD First. DO NOT REGISTER WITHOUT CONTACTING JEFF BATTLES. If you are a MCSD School you can register anytime.

We will be using Fully Automatic Timing (Finishlynx). 

There will be no scratch meeting the day of the meet. All scratches, additions, or changes must be made online before deadline

Absolutely no radios, CD players or other sound equipment are to be brought into the stadium. All athletes are to remain in the stand or designated warm-up area when not competing in their event. Buses are to be parked in the designated areas.

Teams Scheduled





If you are interested in participating, please contact

Jeff Battles

MCSD Director of Athletics

(706) 748-2595