Meet Schedule

Region 1-A
Track Meet
April 15, 2019
RD 4/19/19
Hugh Mills Stadium
Albany GA
Schedule (We will move as fast as possible so times are approximate. Events may be earlier or later. ADEQUATE TIME WILL BE GIVEN FOR ATHLETES TO REST BETWEEN EVENTS.)
9:15 AM Scratch Meet
10:00 AM Preliminary Events-First Call
10:15 400 M Relay (4 Heats)
10:303200 M Run (2 FINAL)
11:05 400 M Dash (4Heats)
11:20 100 M Dash (5 Heats)
11:35 800 M Run (Timed Final)
11:55 110 M Hurdles (Boys 2 Heats) 100 Hurdles Girls (2 Heats)
12:10 200 M Dash (5 Heats)
12:30 300 M Boys Hurdles (2 Heats-Timed Final)
1:00 PM Field Events (All Events are FINALS)
Session 1
Shot Put
Triple Jump
High Jump
Pole Vault
Pole Vault
Long Jump
Session 2
Shot Put
Triple Jump
High Jump
Long Jump
3:00 FINAL EVENTS - Girls Final Followed by Boys Final for each event.
(Medals will be awarded during the break in events)
3:00 400 M Relay
3:15 1600 M Run
3:45 400 M Dash
4:00 100 M Dash
4:20 100 M Int Hurdles (Girls)
4:30 110 M High Hurdles (Boys)
4:45 200 M Dash
5:00 300 M Girls Hurdles-Timed Final
5:15 1600 M Relay (4 Heats-Timed Finals)
Trophy Presentation
Only Athletes that have been called will be allowed on the infield. Entry gate to the field is near the 100m Start line. No athletes should enter near the finish line-EXIT Only. Only personnel working events will be allowed on the infield.
No use of video will be allowed to determine outcome of an event.
Tents are not allowed under or in front of the stadium seating covering.
Coaches MUST remain behind designated areas on the infield, away from the track area.
ADMISSION-$5 age 5 and up
Please assist with trash pick-up throughout the day and at the conclusion of the track meet.