SEGMAC Conference Track Meet

Blackshear, GA

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2018 Southeast Georgia Middle School Athletic Conference

Track and Field Championships

March 21, 2018

Track Meet Information

SCRATCH MEETING: Wed, Mar 21 the scratch meeting will begin at 9:00 am. The scratch meeting on Wed, Mar 21 will begin at 8:00 am. The meeting will take place under the shelter. When the meeting is complete there will be no scratches made.

TIME: Wed, Mar 21 start time will be 09:00 am.

ENTRIES:You can enter only 2 from each school in an event. You can have 2 teams in each relay.

SCORING: We will score the top 8 places. The scoring will be as follows:

O Individual: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

o Relays: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

o Throwing / Jumping (Each throw and jump will be measured)

NUMBER OF EVENTS: Athletes can participate in a total of 5 events

o 3 field & 2 team

o 2 field / 1 running & 2 team

o 1 field / 2 running & 2 team

JEWELRY: Please make sure that all athletes remove all jewelry before running in the meet.

UNIFORMS: Please make sure that all athletes are wearing a proper uniform. Make sure all relay teams are dressed the same.

NO TAPE ON THE TRACK: Please do not put tape on the long jump runway, high jump area, or exchange lanes.

FIELD ASSIGNMENTS: Attached you will find Field Event assignments.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: We will stay as close to the schedule as possible. It is necessary to make sure that your track athletes know where to go and what they are running.

CHECKING IN FOR FIELD EVENT: Athletes will check in at the site of the field event. If they are doing multiple field events, make sure they let the event judge know. High Jump takes precedence over all field events. When they are done with high jump, they can then report to the other field event. If you are an event judge and you have an athlete participating in another field event, then you can go ahead and run that event. When the athlete shows up from his or her other event, then you can run that athlete in a 2nd flight.

CHECKING IN FOR RUNNING EVENT: Make sure when the runner hears 1st call they must check in to the control tent to get there lane number. By the 3rd call they must report to the clerk of court. From the clerk of course they will be sent to the track for their event.

ENTERING AND EXITING TRACK: All participants will enter and exit the track on the far end near the track building.

TEAM LOCATION:There will be no teams allowed to set up in the infield. The infield will only be used for warm-ups. The teams can set up tents past the concession stand area. That area is located between the track and the softball area. IF YOU ARE NOT A COACH OR AN ATHLETE YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE INFIELD.

BUS PARKING: You can unload your team at the service entrance, which is at the back of the school off of Wadley Street. You can also park your bus in circled area.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions will be available.


8:00 Scratch Meeting underneath Football Shelter, near track building.

08:30 First Call Field Events

09:00 Girls High Jump

Boys High Jump

Girls Long Jump

Boys Long Jump

Girls Shot Put

Boys Shot Put

Boys Discus

Girls Discus (Complete all other field events).

First Call Running Events

4x100 Relay

1600m Run

400m Dash

100m Dash

100m Hurdles

110m Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

4x400 Relay

Presentation of Awards Girls & Boys

Event Judges

Girls High Jump: Jeff Davis / Ware

Boys High Jump: Ware / Jeff - Davis

Girls Long Jump: Appling / Martha Puckett

Boys Long Jump: Martha Puckett / Waycross

Girls Shot Put: Waycross / Brantley

Boys Shot Put: Arthur Williams / Brantley

Discus Boys / Girls: Pierce / Long

Exchange Judges for the 4x100 Relay:

Exchange One: Appling / Brantley

Exchange Two: Jeff Davis / Ware

Exchange Three: Martha Puckett / Waycross

Meet Director:
Jamie Abrams, Waycross MS

Starter: Michael Youngblood

Back-up Starter / False Start: Chad Brown, Pierce Co.

Race Recorder: Perfect Timing Group

Head Field Judge: Jamie Abrams, Waycross

Hurdle and Block Crew: Ware Co. / Waycross

Lap Counter: Hildrick Garrison, Ware / Coach Brown, Pierce

Timing Device Operator: Perfect Timing Group

Custodian of Awards: Kevin Stephenson, Waycross

Clerk of Court / Announcer: Sonny Spurlock

Games Committee: (One coach from each school only the Ware Coach will only vote if the

vote is a tie) Ware, Pierce, Waycross, Appling, Martha Puckett