Meet Information



We are charging $100.00 per team which includes both male and female, if you are only bringing one gender it's $ 70.00. Just bring a check with you Sat. am.

If you come as an individual it's $15.00 a kid, pay which ever is lowest for your team. This is only to pay for our timer - fast feet. We will need coaches to help us out with events. I have spoken with most of you already. Also we could use some extra indoor shots, particularly female. We will do check in and warm ups in the gym beside us. Please see order of events below. We will move events up if we can time wise, but should pretty close. Please call me if you have any questions, let's go make some history. Tim Cummings 706-340-2734

9:00 am - Check in - Field House open - come to gym (track is next door)

9:45 - 3000 meters - Girls then Boys

Girls Pole Vault

Girls High Jump

Boys long jump

Girls Shot Put

10:45 55 meter Hurdles G/B

Boys High Jump

Girls Long Jump

Boys Shot Put

11:20 55 meter dash G/B

Boys Pole Vault

11:55 4 x 200 relay

800 meter run

Boys Triple Jump / followed by girls triple.

12:55 400 meter dash

1:25 1500 meter run G/B

2:00  200 meter int. Hurdles

2:15 200 meter dash G/B

2:50 4 x 400 Relay G/B