A Private Sectionals (Areas 1-4)

Fairburn, GA

Meet Information

Please pass along the below information to the track coaches from your region. Thanks so much.

2013 Class A Sectional Meet

We are looking forward to the Class A Sectional Meet. Included are some important materials for you to look over before the meet.
Medals/Trophies: No medals or trophies or team scoring.
Entries: Each region will send results to the GHSA and they will send in your entries. If you have an athlete who is unable to compete, please notify your region secretary ASAP.
Substitutions: There are no substitutions. You may run any of the six names listed on your relay entries from your region meets.
How you can help: Coaches assigned field events need to run those events. If you have a question or problem, Dick Moss will assist you. Coaches assigned as running event officials and field event officials need to attend the referees meeting immediately following the coaches meeting at 9:30.
Uniforms/Jewelry: Make sure that your athletes are wearing regulation uniforms and that they do not compete while wearing any jewelry. Watches are not considered jewelry by the national federation.
We also must abide by GHSA and national federation rules, so please advise your athletes about electronic devices and some of the other newer rules.
Facilities: We will have concessions and bathrooms available. We ask that you not set up tents on the infield. We have a warm-up field adjacent to the track. We ask you to please keep your athletes off the infield and away from the timing system, finish line and pole vault pit once the running events start. In the bleachers, tents may only be set up along the top row.
No scoring.
Results for the top eight places will be announced and complete results will be posted beneath the press box.
Competition Area:
During Field events The roped off areas are for competitors and officials only. Field event officials please enforce. In the pole vault a coach is allowed to be the pole catcher.
During Running events No one is allowed on the track or infield unless checking in to run or to referee.

Sectional Meet Time Schedule: Class 1A (Private & Public)
(No running events will start before the conclusion of the field events. The running schedule will be
modified if necessary due to the timing of the field events finish. All running events will be in the order:
Public School Girls, Private School Girls, Public School Boys, then Private School Boys.)
Saturday, April 27, 2013
9:30 a.m. Coaches / Meet Umpire Meeting
FIELD EVENTS: 9 competitors to Finals in horizontal events (jumps and throws)
10:30 a.m. Public Girls Discus Throw, Public Girls Long Jump (East Pit)
Public Girls Pole Vault
Public Boys Long Jump (West Pit), Public Boys Shot Put
Private Girls High Jump, Private Girls Pole Vault
11:15 a.m. Public Girls Triple Jump (East Pit), Public Boys Triple Jump (West Pit)
Private Girls Discus Throw
Private Boys High Jump, Private Boys Shot Put
11:45 a.m. Public Boys Pole Vault, Private Boys Pole Vault
12:00 noon Public Girls High Jump, Public Girls Shot Put
Public Boys Discus Throw
Private Girls Long Jump (East Pit), Private Boys Long Jump (West Pit)
12:45 p.m. Public Boys High Jump
Private Girls Shot Put, Private Girls Triple Jump (East Pit)
Private Boys Discus Throw, Private Boys Triple Jump (West Pit)
RUNNING EVENTS: (Running schedule may be adjusted, if needed, by Games Committee)
1:45 p.m. 400 Meter Relay (2 Heats each division)
2:30 p.m. 400 Meter Dash (2 Heats each division)
3:00 p.m. 100 Meter Dash (2 Heats each division)
3:25 p.m. 100 Meter / 110 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats each division)
4:00 p.m. 800 Meter Run (2 Heats each division)
4:30 p.m. 200 Meter Dash (2 Heats each division)
4:55 p.m. 300 Meter Hurdles (2 Heats each division)
5:35 p.m. 1600 Meter Relay (2 Heats each division)
GHSA Recommended Opening Heights: (may be revised by Games Committee should
quality of fields and / or weather conditions dictate)
Boys Pole Vault 90 Boys High Jump 56
Girls Pole Vault 70 Girls High Jump 46

Additional Information from GHSA
Seeding at Sectional Meets (from Area Meets):
Sectional Meet Seeding will be done by the GHSA after all Area Meet results have been submitted.
Running Events:
Top 2 from each Area Meet Seeded by Place first, then Time
o 2nd Place finishers serpentined in reverse order to achieve a split between the fastest
1st Place Heat winner and fastest 2nd Place Heat finisher
3rd and 4th Place Finishers from each Area Meet will be seeded by time only.
Field Events: All entries seeded by distance/height, in reverse order, worst to best
Advancement: Sectional Meets to State Meet
Top 8 Places in Running Events and Top 9 Places in Field Events from the Sectional Meet advance
to the State Meet. (For REPLACEMENT purposes, CLEAR Running Event 9th and 10th Places /
Field Event 10th and 11th Places MUST be established for ALL events at Sectional Meets.)
Running Events: Qualifying heats only, no running finals will be held.
Two heats each event: Top 2 in each heat, and next 4 fastest times advance to State Meet
Field Events: (Horizontal Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus Throw, Shot Put)
Trials and Finals with Top 10 advancing to Finals for three additional attempts.
Competitors should be reordered worst to best for the finals.
Field Events: (Vertical Events: High Jump and Pole Vault)
Events should be carried to conclusion.
See Casebook (page 11) for TieBreak procedures
All SEEDING at State Finals is based on Sectional Meet performances.
State Meet Seeding will be done by the GHSA after all Sectional Meet results have been submitted.
Seeding at State Finals (from Sectional Meets):
Running Events: One Heat Finals for ALL events.
Top 2 in each heat from Sectional Meet Seeded by Place first, then Time
All other qualifiers from Sectional Meet seeded by time only
Field Events: (Horizontal Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus)
All entries seeded by distance/height, in reverse order, worst to best
Trials and Finals with competitors receiving three additional attempts in Finals.
Competitors will be reordered worst to best for the finals.
Field Events: (Vertical Events: Pole Vault and High Jump)
All qualifiers seeded from worst to best.

Referee Assignments: Please read over to see where your school is assigned. Make sure you review NFHS and GHSA rules prior to the meet. This is what I have so far. If you can help in an area, please email me where you would like to be.

Games Committee PUB 1 - PRV 1 - April Cassell - FPD
PUB 2 - PRV 2 - Tom Pee - AA
PUB 3 - PRV 3 - Roby Ross Landmark
PUB 4 - Pam Canup - Commerc PRV 4 - Ken Eaton - Whitefield
Jury of Appeals PUB 1 - PRV 1 - John Griffin
PUB 2 - PRV 2 - Tom Pee - AA
PUB 3 - PRV 3 - Roby Ross Landmark
PUB 4 - Pam Canup - Commerc PRV 4 - Ken Eaton - Whitefield
Alternates Bill Thorn - Landmark Scott Queen - ELCA

Girls Long then Triple Marion - Turner Tallulah Falls / Savannah Christ

Boys Long then Triple Telfair Co. - Commerce FPD

Shot Put Schley Co. North Cobb Christian

Discus Our Lady of Mercy

High Jump Commerce - Greenville Paideia

Girls Pole Vault then Boys Tim Cummings - Athens Chr.

400 Meter Relay Brad Cooley - Hawkinsville Galloway

400 Atlanta Interanational

100/110 Hurdles Holy Innocents'
Mt. Vernon

Strong Rock

800 Pace Academy


300 Hurdles ELCA


1600 Relay Greenforest

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