Eric Heintze

GATFXCCA Nominees for Officers Positions Eric Heintze Jan 13, 2015

The time has come to determine leadership for GATFXCCA. The 1st Annual meeting of the new GATFXCCA will be held following the Rules Clinic Saturday at Parkview. Additional board positions (classification based) will be determined by an electronic nomination/election after the meeting.

Marist Double Dip Preview Eric Heintze Sep 12, 2007

     Preview of the Marist Double Dip by Head Coach Eric Heintze.       Saturday September 15th is fast approaching, and the anticipation forthe Marist Double Dip Invitational is growing.  Billed as one of thelargest and most competitive meets in Georgia that weekend, thecompetition will be fierce and the racing spectacular. When it is allsaid and done, 22 teams will have raced the fields and hills of Maristfighting for the honor of being champion of the prestigious event. The boys kick off the event at 8:00am hoping to catch somecooler weather.  Top teams from every division will be racing thatmorning.  From 5A, Walton (current top contender and last year's runnerup), Harrison, and South Forsyth (current top contender and 9th lastyear) will be representing the large public schools.  Mark Viglotti(Walton) and Gator Jackson (South Forsyth) also have the potential tobe individual champions.                             continued- click on header