Georgia Running Community Loses 3 Ambassadors of the Sport

* The Late Milton sprints and jumps coach Tim Lester

Sadly, our cross country and track and field community has suffered three losses in the past two weeks related to the COVID-19 virus, which continues to plague the nation in alarming numbers per the John Hopkins University dashboard stats

Danny Potts- As a high school track and cross country coach for over 30 years, Danny Potts' life was dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and encouraging young runners. Danny spent over 10 years attending Roy Benson's Running Camp in Asheville, North Carolina, where he would bring his high school runners into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to escape the heat and humidity of Atlanta every summer. I personally knew Danny as a Timer. He timed all of McEachern's high school meets for many years perched up in their tiny press box. When 'Fast Feet Timing' was overbooked, we always reached out to Danny, and if he was available, he happily filled in. We first met when my son Robert used to race against his (Brian) in USATF 'Youth' age meets. Brian went on to compete for UGA in track and XC for 4 years.

Tim Lester- Was maybe one of the best 'blocking backs' aka known as the 'Bus Driver' in the history of the NFL, as he paved the way for the 'Bus', none other than Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 4 seasons lasting from 1995-1998. Lester spent his final pro season blocking for NFL all-time rushing leader Emmitt Smith. Tim Lester had been a part of the Milton HS track and field program for about 5-7 years working with the sprinters & jumpers, and with the team in general in strength & conditioning and with overall fitness and agility work. Besides his youth football program, Tim was very supportive of our track program and brought us not only coaching knowledge but spiritual guidance and support and for that we are grateful. Tim was a very respected and impactful person in the community of Milton.  Tim believed in serving others...he volunteered countless days with the track program without a kid on the team.  He enjoyed challenging the athletes to believe in themselves, to accept the challenges of life, and make the most out of the opportunity each day presented them with.

David Carey- Coach Carey was a beloved figure down in Forsyth at Mary Persons High School. To my knowledge, he was the head coach of the girl's track team and also a football coach. A little known fact, Coach Carey had lunch duty every day. What folks didn't know is he would carry dollar bills and coins in his pocket every day. Why? Because if a student needs a drink or something extra to eat he would GIVE them some change. He didn't brag about it. He just did it. He will be very missed in the Mary Persons community. We aren't getting off to the greatest start in 2021 as the Nike Indoor Nationals were canceled a few days back as well as the Atlanta Games.