Region Madness: It's Back... Runners, Start Your Engines

It's here, despite all the fears of COVID-19 here in Georgia, we have made it thru to the Region Championship meets. Computer madness, from glad to sadness, it's time for Region Madness dudes and dudettes. Okay, I survived the 80's, lol. But, the next 2 weeks will decide what squads and individuals qualify for the GHSA State Championships, as well as GISA and GAPPS. Twenty region meets will be contested this Saturday. 

A few top teams did not race their varsity squads at the Coach Wood Invitational, which I find quite puzzling, considering it's a PR course, especially this late in the season. It is what it is... Region Madness takes no quarter, there are victors, state qualifiers, and the vanquished, whose seasons are suddenly ended, falling short of punching their tickets to Carrollton. 

On a disturbing note, it was shocking when preparing this article, how many regions only had 4 schools with a team average in the XC Team Rankings menu, and in some cases three or less such as Marist's region. It's a sad fact, Georgia will once again have teams move on to Carrollton that are not deserving of this honor. Replete with athletes that will be found walking the course. Can we please find a future solution to this embarrassment? 

It's a heartbreaking thing for strong squads to endure this travesty.  Programs, that have unfortunately landed in very tough regions, many of whom potentially could have challenged for top 4 Team Podium spots on 'any given day' at State,  The Carrollton course is grueling and mentally challenging, full of uphills, downhills, and all the illogical street crossings. But, anything can and will happen on race day. here. It's an all-out barroom blitz for many metro ATL classes in 7A, 6A, and 5A, which are chock full of talented individuals and teams, some will thrive and others will struggle. 

Below is a list of Regions in which very deserving teams to qualify for State will not make the dance. 

7A-Region 6 (loaded) 
7A- Region 5 (loaded bubble) 
7A-Region 3 (bubble)
6A-Region 7 (loaded bubble) 
5A-Region 7 (bubble) 
5A-Region 2 (bubble) 
4A-Region 7 (bubble) 
3A-Region 8 (bubble) 
3A-Region 7 (bubble) 

7A-Region 6 (bubble) 
7A-Region 5 (loaded bubble) 
6A-Region 7 (loaded bubble) 7 squads have a chance to qualify! 
5A-Region 8 (bubble) 
A Private-Region 8 (bubble)  
A Private-Region 1 (bubble)

Teams need to keep an 'eye on the ball' so to speak and stay focused on 'getting out' of Region first. Georgia is pretty insane compared to other states, the GHSA having eight classes and the top four teams from region meets moving on to the big enchilada at Carrollton. 

MileSplit Georgia will have a 'Region Scoreboard' posted beginning Saturday, and it will be updated daily as results are self-posted or submitted via e-mail to us thru 10/31. We highly encourage MD's and host schools to shoot photos of individual winners and teams, so we can compile a weekly recap. 

Good luck and good racing to all the high school harriers in Georgia!