Instructions For Compiling Results In A Spreadsheet

There seems to be a growing trend of meet directors and timers not utilizing the HyTek meet manager or  RaceTab meet manager, along with other timing companies (primarily Road Race timers) putting their cross country results into a spreadsheet format. This is okay, but the data can be simplified in the spreadsheets, eliminating multiple columns that are not necessary for parsing meet results that can cause results to be unparsable on the state level, possibly resulting in a delay of your meet's results making it into the database. 

For starters, if you are utilizing the HyTek meet manager or RaceTab, you must generate a flat HTML results file, as the PDF format will not work. 

We can work with other programs that generate HTML files, though we often have to go into the RAW results posted and add some text (like the race distance competed at, and specifically rename column headers to what our database recognizes.

Excel spreadsheets are acceptable, but one needs to follow the specific protocols below. After following the protocols, please e-mail the file to Please follow the protocols below to ensure your meet's results are promptly entered into the MileSplit database. 

Each race needs to be in a separate file or 'sheet'. Also, MileSplit Georgia only needs the following columns of data (and nothing more)

Here are the essential columns needed from left to right. And please name each column exactly as below: 

Place, Name (no commas) Team, Time 

All the other data is not needed and should be deleted out of the spreadsheet you submit, including bib numbers, pace, etc, etc, etc. Delete all those columns before e-mailing us the files. Sorry to be so specific, but when using an excel spreadsheet, this is required for us to process results into the database. Also, please make sure the time is recorded in minutes and seconds, and if needed tenths or hundredths of seconds.

For example: 23:01.02 is the correct format. 

Compiling results in word or doc X and self-posting will not work in the database. Follow the spreadsheet protocols above and submit the file to

Do this correctly, and the MileSplit 'Formatted Results' will tabulate Team Scores for each race.

Below is an example of an acceptable spreadsheet.

HS Girls 5000 Meter Run

PlaceTeamFull NameTime
1CherokeeLily Cincola0:21:02
2AlexanderLinda Vasquez0:22:00
3East CowetaLeah Pfaff0:22:00
4AlexanderSydney Lowe0:22:25
5East CowetaShannon Ferry0:22:28
6AlexanderCamryn Curtis0:23:18
7CherokeeMyiah Thomas0:23:25
8Wheeler High SchoolHaden Drake0:23:41
9NorthgateAbby Collins0:23:54
10CherokeeGrace Avillar0:24:14
11Wheeler High SchoolPooja Kanyadan0:24:24
12East CowetaMary Ellen Goltermann0:24:27
13NorthgateElizabeth Spradlin0:24:28
14St. Anne Pacelli Catholic SchoolShaRae Williams0:24:33
15East CowetaMaddie Stanley0:24:34
16East CowetaMelissa Antrim0:24:34
17NorthgateClaire Wathen0:24:47
18NorthgateKeira Borngesser0:24:53
19East CowetaSkyler Carder0:25:34
20East CowetaDillen Bertelsen0:25:43
21NorthgateMadison Duke0:25:56
22Wheeler High SchoolJada Dixon0:25:58
23CherokeeKendle Butterworth0:26:04
24St. Anne Pacelli Catholic SchoolSammi Gomez0:26:13
25Wheeler High SchoolAlix Foy0:26:21
26CherokeeAbbie Lehocky0:26:27
27East CowetaMadison Grace Anderson0:26:59
28CherokeeLyla Frady0:27:00
29Wheeler High SchoolCate McCoy0:27:10
30CherokeeEmma Tyler0:27:13
31East CowetaLorelie Houde0:27:18
32AlexanderJoy Davis0:27:19
33CherokeeCasey Hawley0:27:20
34AlexanderBlakelie Coats0:27:39
35St. Anne Pacelli Catholic SchoolKarina Reeves0:28:21
36NorthgateAbby Carr0:28:21
37NorthgatePaige Gill0:28:22
38Wheeler High SchoolManya Chugh0:28:40
39Wheeler High SchoolMichelle Namgoong0:28:45
40CherokeeEmma Snyder0:28:46
41Wheeler High SchoolAbigail Duffy0:29:15
42NorthgateMary Ellis Hulsey0:30:13
43St. Anne Pacelli Catholic SchoolGabby Gurrola0:32:06
44St. Anne Pacelli Catholic SchoolFaye Green0:34:05
45Wheeler High SchoolAnnah Priyadi0:47:24