GHSA Updates Situation, Does Not Affect XC Outlook This Fall

Not much changed today with the GHSA, as the updated guidelines focused entirely on football which was expected. Over 300 COVID-19 cases have been reported by schools to the GHSA per this AJC piece,    Cross Country seems like an afterthought in the grand scheme of things sportswise for the upcoming fall high school sports season.  XC has one of the highest participation rates in Georgia high school sports as does track and field. Why are our Sports being overlooked?  

These are certainly the most complicated and uncertain times in nearly all of our lives. Let's stay positive, and hope the 2020 fall XC season can happen. It's not a good sign that Team Nationals was canceled today for 2020. Let's join together and find both short term and long term solutions to make the sport a reality again, it takes discipline and sacrifice, very easy for a dedicated XC runner.