Battle Of Atlanta Canceled This Fall

The Battle of Atlanta Cross Country meet is one of the largest in the state of Georgia. Each year the meet attracts 3000+ runners and about 5000 spectators. Moving to another date in the season is not possible. The park is booked for other events and there would be conflicts with other existing cross country meets in the state. We hope to be back in 2021. 

"After weighing a number of factors, meet administration has decided to cancel the 2020 Battle of Atlanta. There is a process for securing Nash as a site. The current pandemic has impacted that process so that the earliest we would know if the meet could go on would be 2-3 weeks before the meet was supposed to happen. After seeing the direction that things are going we decided we did not want to have to cancel at such a late date. We know how many teams and runners these impacts and felt that having to cancel late would be more harmful than canceling now. The Henry County authorities involved in the Battle of Atlanta approval process have always been helpful and supported whatever decision we chose to go with. We just felt it was better to do this now vs having to wait until the last minute. This decision does not impact the October 3rd Nash Farms XC Festival. The hope is that it will go on as scheduled."

Claud Spinks