Senior Salute: Esau Hutcherson Of Dacula

What were some of the highlights of your high school cross country and track careers?

Lettering during my freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school and earning the Coaches Award during my sophomore year of high school are some of my biggest highlights, in addition to going to state in the 300m hurdles my junior year.

Did you encounter any struggles or adversity along the way that you had to overcome?

I had some struggles during my high school track career. However, those obstacles helped me to become a better athlete and student. Learning how to three-step in the 110m hurdles was a struggle for me, during the 9th grade. Working with my coaches and watching videos of other hurdlers that had great form helped me to stop stutter stepping when approaching the hurdles.

Aside from the competition, what was the best thing about being a part of your school's program?

The best part of my school's program is the family environment. Everyone supports and encourages one another. Having a group of people that I could have fun with and bond with has been the highlight of my school's program.

Are there any coaches or teammates that you've worked with over the past four years that you'd like to thank?

I would like to thank: Coach Dexter, Coach Edwards, Coach Irvin, Coach Jack, Coach Johnson, Coach Michael, Coach Watkins, and Coach Whitley and all the other coaches and teammates that have helped me with track and field.

How are you coping with COVID-19 knowing that your HS track career might very well be over?

I think I'm coping with COVID-19 pretty well. My mind is focused on the future and continuing my track training via zooms sessions. While my high school season might be over, I'm looking forward to the possibility of running at the collegiate level.

What are your plans and goals for the future? Do you intend on continuing with the sport in college or in another capacity?

I plan to major in computer science and compete at the collegiate level in track and field and hopefully win a national title for my future institution.

What advice would you give to a younger athlete who's hoping to have a successful and enjoyable high school career?

Enjoy the moments with your teammates and coaches as you never know when your season can be taken from you.