Hannah Miniutti: Day 1 NXN Experience

I arrived at the airport to fly to Oregon around 3:30 after going to a couple blocks at school. After arriving at the airport and making my way to the gate, I had to get my go-to plane snack aka pretzels and two huge bottles of water (hydrate or diedrate). Once I boarded and got to my seat, I unfortunately had to spend most of the flight doing homework, but I knew I would appreciate it once we arrived. And now was for the fun part, the flight landed right on time at 7:00 pm. After making my way through the airport, I met up with a couple other NXN runners and started for the bus that took us to the hotel.

On the bus, Sully, Graham, Marlee (other NXN runner), and I talked about various racing strategies and debated over our favorite Mexican fast-food chains. Graham and I voted Willy's (the clean winner), Sully voted Moes, and Marlee voted Chipotle. Once we arrived at the hotel, Sully, Graham, and I walked over to Chipotle which was just around the corner. We ate with a few other runners, but I did not get anything to eat since I ate on the plane. After everyone ate, we all walked back to the hotel.

When we got there, Sully, Graham, and I decided to further explore the hotel. Graham attempted to get on the roof but was unsuccessful unfortunately due to all the doors being locked. Then we went our separate ways to get some shut-eye in preparation for the exciting day ahead.