All Northeast Georgia Cross Country Awards

All Northeast Georgia All-Regional Cross Country Team 2018

Women's Runner of the Year-Caroline McArthur, Oconee County

Men's Runner of the Year-Graham Blanks, Athens Academy

Women's Coach of the Year-Lynne Ely

Men's Coach of the Year-Brady Sigler, Jefferson & Ralph Moore, North Oconee


Katherine Law  Jefferson High School
Caitlin Schroeder-Jefferson High School
Kelsey Morse-North Oconee High School
Caroline Duncan-North Oconee High School
Samantha Brodrick-Clarke Central
Lucy Yeomans-Clarke Central
Lena Cook-Clarke Central
Bryce Phillips-Hart County
Caroline McArthur-Oconee County
Phoebe Brodrick-Oconee County
Sydney Matthews-Oconee County
Norine Moore-Oconee County
Jenna Eisele-Oconee County
Olivia Kulniszewski-Jefferson
Isabel Vanderpool-Jefferson
Destinie Martin-Banks County
Jaycie Ponce-Jackson County


Matthew Brown-Hart County
Sam Garringer-Hart County
Russell Hendley-Jackson County
Ethan Dougherty-Monroe Area
Griffin Stephens-Banks County
Graham Blanks-Athens Academy
Shane Shelafoe-East Jackson 
Marco Flores-East Jackson
Riley Thornton-Jefferson
Matthew Schroeder-Jefferson
Levi Holladay-Jefferson
Alex Thomas-North Oconee
Davis Potts-North Oconee
Brady Kalessa-North Oconee
Wesley Johns-Oconee County
Colby Meeks-Clarke Central
Braden Delamater-Clarke Central