Foot Locker South Team Georgia Boys Pic Collage

(all photos by Daniel McCauley)


Kyle Harkabus warming up

Racing to get on the gravel road

Fighting for position

Leaders approaching the hill

John Higinbotham

Calan Gizelbach and Zack Truitt

Myles Collins

Shane Shelafoe

Devin Wade

Riley Thornton

Cruz Gomez - Team Texas - 1st place

Colin Baker #106 - Team South Carolina & Daniel O'Brien - Team Virginia

Kyle Harkabus

Kyle Harkabus 1st Team Georgia

Myles Collins in sprint traffic

Myles Collins

Jack Filan

John Higinbotham

Zach Jaeger

Zack Truitt

Devin Wade #1901

Shane Shelafoe #2401

Devin Crow #2125

Chris Cherono