GISA Spotlight: Milan Ming of Atlanta Girls School

Milan Ming poses with her 3 Gold medals

Milan Ming of Atlanta Girls School, had a fantastic outing at the 2018 GISA State Track Championships down in Albany last Saturday. Ming  (just a sophomore) tripled in the Sprints (GISA allows athletes to compete in 3 running events) as she swept the 100m (12.17) 200m (24.83) and 400m dash (56.53) as well as anchoring her 4x100 squad to Bronze.  All of Ming's individual times, would make her very competitive in the GHSA....Just how competitive, she broke Daloria Boone's 200m GISA state record and the 400m record! Congrats! 

Ming with a large lead in an event

Milan Ming poses with a fellow competitor after a Podium presentation. 

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