Athlete Q & A with Westlake's Cameron Murray

When did you first become interested in track?

Track wasn't the first sport I participated in. I played baseball, basketball and football before I tried track. Two of my elementary school teachers and my 1st football coach talked to my mom about putting me in track because they saw that I was really fast. So, I really didn't become interested until my mom signed me up for track with Burdette Park. 

What other sports do you play at your school?

I don't play any other sports at Westlake. I did play little league football, baseball and basketball when I was younger.

When did you realize, you had the talent to succeed in the sport? and who brought that to your attention?

My coaches saw the talent early and always expected more from me because of my talent. Although my coaches saw the talent early, I didn't see it because I wasn't winning. I was always competitive, but I wasn't winning. It wasn't until I got into the 8th grade that I started believe that I had talent to succeed in the sport. I won the GA MS State Championship in the 100mhurles and long jump in 8th grade. The two kids that I beat in the GA MS Championship 100mhurles were Derrik Allen (Lassiter), whose going to Notre Dame for football and Caden Ciul (Johns Creek) whose going to Auburn University for track. To finally beat them was when I realized I had talent to succeed in the sport.  

What is your favorite event and why?

My favorite event is hurdles because it shows my all-around athletic ability in one event. It shows my speed, quickness, technique, and explosiveness.

Who has been your most influential person (besides a parent) in your Track career and why?

It would be a group of people that have been key in my track career and that would be my summer track club, Quicksilver. Quicksilver put me in a lot of different events when I was younger because they didn't know what I was going to grow into. I grew late and when I moved up to a different age group, I was tried at different events. This is how I was able to learn the hurdles, high jump, triple jump, long jump and sprints. The coaches at Quicksilver always tell the athletes the more events you can do, and do well, the more valuable you are to a college.  

Do you compete in Indoor or Summer Club Track, and if not, why? 

I do compete during indoor and during the summer. During the summer I run with Quicksilver Trak Club.
What has been your favorite moment in your Track career thus far and why?

My favorite moment in my track career was winning the overall 2017 GA 7A Boys State Championship. We were picked to win a few times before 2017, but injuries kept us from winning. So, to win with our girls last year and win the 2nd boys State title in our schools history has to be my favorite moment. 

What are your ultimate goals for the 2018 HS Outdoor Track season?

My ultimate goal for the 2018 HS season is double as overall team GA 7A state champions. This is something that has never been done on the boy's side for track field and I would love to be a part of history.

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is literature.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza.

How do you spend your 'off time' away from school and the track?

I spend most of my 'off time' hanging with my family and catching the latest movies. 

Are College coaches pursuing you to compete for them, have you signed a LOI yet? and if so, with who?

Signed LOI to compete at The University of Tennessee.

Do you follow MileSplit GA?

Yes, I follow MileSplit GA.