GHSA A Private Boys State Preview

(contributions by Dan Mac)

A Private Boys are in for a treat as well, having to only travel an hr or 2 or less, up to Berry College, getting to compete on a brand spanking new facility at 'Valhalla' on the Berry College campus (though Jefferson's pomp and tradition will be missed) MileSplit GA will have 2 top photographers onsite for Thursday distance Finals, Friday and Saturday (but no video is allowed) 

Landmark Christian would love to repeat as Champs once again for beloved Coach Bill Thorn, who is one of the greatest Track/XC coaches in history of Georgia. The Eagles are very balanced across the board except for Throws. Distance and hurdles may determine their fate..I adjusted the 1600/3200 to reflect qualifiers 'Season Bests' to make the team scoring more realistic (though there is no way to predict what can happen on raceday) There was a HUGE 'broohaha' at Region 5-A, when ELCA's 4x400 team was Dq'd (as my timer related this to me in real time) it may have cost ELCA ultimately up to 10 points.. After correcting distance bests, Athens Academy looks strong enough to claim a Podium spot. And..he's back... Coach Tim Cummings, now at Riverside Military, certainly has the experience and knowledge, to recognize and harness talent, and Coach Tim is a master of that skill! Tallulah Falls, Holy Innocents and Darlington should be scrapping to reach the Podium.

Mid Distance/Distance: Ben Davies of Holy Innocents', who's been doing some serious training, developing speed and strength, has posted the fastest times in the 800 & 1600 this season, going 1:56 and 4:20 Alex van Schoor of Galloway also went sub 2:00 in the 800 at the Sectional Meet, followed by Kermit Jackson of Landmark.  Griffin McCauley of Paideia plans on making the 1600 a great race, having returned to competition after missing the 2016 Track & XC seasons.  Ryan Iyer from Athens Academy will be another serious contender in the 1600, having run 4:30 earlier in the season.  Iyer and McCauley will also face off in the 3200 where their PRs are only two seconds apart.  Seth Cruver from Landmark is looking to make his mark in the 8 lap showdown.

Top Athletes to Watch:

Jeffery Uzzell of ELCA- 100,200, 4x100

Charles Dimnwaobi of Riverside Miltary- 100,200, Relays

Nicolas Toomer of Landmark- 400, TJ, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Ben Davies of Holy Innocents- 800, 1600 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Griffin McCauley of Paideia- 3200, 1600 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Ryan Iyer of Athens Academy- 3200, 1600

Kermit Jackson of Landmark- 800, 1600 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Sean Queen of ELCA- LJ, TJ, 4x100

Brandon Stone of Landmark- 300h, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School Atlanta, GA, USA

Alex Thomas of Holy Innocents- PV

Len'Neth Whitehead of Athens Academy- Shot

Addison Brown of ACS- Discus

Paul Mullinax of Athens Academy (bottom c)- Discus

Team Scores

2Eagles Landing Christian Academy69
1Landmark Christian School81
4Riverside Military Academy49.5
3Athens Academy62
5Tallulah Falls34.5
7Darlington School32
6Holy Innocents' Episcopal School34
8Hebron Christian28.5
10Our Lady of Mercy20
11First Presbyterian Day School19
11Whitefield Academy191
14Mount Vernon Presbyterian School17
15Stratford Academy16
17Athens Christian14
18Providence Christian Academy13
19Calvary Day School9
19Wesleyan School9
21King's Ridge Christian School8
22Mount Pisgah Christian School8
23Mount De Sales7
25George Walton Academy5
26Mount Paran Christian School3
26Savannah Christian Prep3

100 Meter Dash

1Jeffrey Uzzell2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy10.91 10
2Charles Dimnwaobi2018Riverside Military Academy11.02 7
2Kai Williams2018Mount Pisgah Christian School11.02 7
4Willie Fulks2017Whitefield Academy11.24 5
5Eric Motes2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy11.30 4
6Jake Wilson2019Mount Paran Christian School11.35 3
7Tijah Whatley2018Darlington School11.41 2
8Antonio Copeland2017Riverside Military Academy11.46 0.5
8Taj Dodson2019Our Lady of Mercy11.46 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Jeffrey Uzzell2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy22.09 10
2Charles Dimnwaobi2018Riverside Military Academy22.10 8
3Zatrick Pearce2017Tallulah Falls22.78 6
4Eric Motes2017Eagles Landing Christian Academy22.92 5
5Roosevelt Trammell2018Providence Christian Academy23.00 4
6Victor Gipson2017Hebron Christian23.11 3
7Tijah Whatley2018Darlington School23.31 2
8Jakob Wooten2019Mount Pisgah Christian School23.43 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Nicolas Toomer2019Landmark Christian School50.69 10
2Zatrick Pearce2017Tallulah Falls50.80 8
3Donovan Pickett2019Landmark Christian School51.15 6
4Joel Brown2018Brookstone51.60 5
5Issac Teasley2019Riverside Military Academy51.80 4
6Trevor Bone2020Athens Academy51.99 3
7Demi Lasisi2018Riverside Military Academy52.10 2
8Brian Pickens2017Whitefield Academy52.19 1
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800 Meter Run

1Ben Davies2017Holy Innocents' Episcopal School1:56.13 10
2Alex Van Schoor2018Galloway1:59.20 8
3Kermit Jackson2017Landmark Christian School2:01.09 6
4Brandon Potra2019Hebron Christian2:01.44 5
5Drew Swan2017Athens Academy2:03.60 4
6Charlie Pike2018Galloway2:05.34 3
7Caleb Hall2017Providence Christian Academy2:06.06 2
8Aaron Hughes2019Tallulah Falls2:06.13 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Ben Davies2017Holy Innocents4:20.86 10
2Griffin McCauley2018Paideia4:27.38 8
3Ryan Iyer2017Athens Academy4:35.10 6
4Kermit Jackson2017Landmark Christian School4:35.92 5
5Alex Van Schoor2018Galloway4:36.93 4
6Seth Cruver2019Landmark Christian4:37.66 3
7Brandon Potra2017Hebron Christian4:40.31 2
8Alex Branch2019Athens Academy4:44.12 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Ryan Iyer2018Athens Academy  9:44.67 10
2Griffin McCauley2018Paideia  9:46.04 8
3Seth Cruver2017Landmark Christian School  9:56.54 6
4Alex Branch2019Athens Academy10:12.19 5
5Kameron Jackson2020Landmark Christian10:21.87 4
6Ethan Selph2020Hebron Christian10:18.96 3
7Alec Tubbs2019Paideia10:25.87 2
8Zachary Justice2020Whitefield Academy10:41.77 1

110 Meter Hurdles

1Titus Moore2018First Presbyterian Day School14.86 10
2Brandon Stone2017Landmark Christian School15.06 8
3Jack Mchugh2017King's Ridge Christian School15.20 6
4Cedric Robertson2017George Walton Academy15.34 5
5Matthew McNair2019Mount De Sales15.53 4
6Victor Cross2017Our Lady of Mercy15.89 3
7Wesley Tillman2017Brookstone16.01 2
8Sean Queen2018Eagles Landing Christian Academy16.09 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Brandon Stone2017Landmark Christian School40.04 10
2Victor Cross2017Our Lady of Mercy40.19 8
3Joel Brown2018Brookstone41.60 6
4Jordan Jakes2018Eagles Landing Christian Academy41.83 5
5Drew Swan2017Athens Academy42.00 4
6Roth Wilcox2019Darlington School42.09 3
7Demarko Hooper2017Riverside Military Academy42.25 2
8Jack Mchugh2017King's Ridge Christian School42.27 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Eagles Landing Christian Academy42.24 10
2Riverside Military Academy43.37 8
3Whitefield Academy43.75 6
4Our Lady of Mercy43.93 5
5Mount Vernon Presbyterian School44.10 4
6Mount De Sales44.21 3
7Hebron Christian44.58 2
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Landmark Christian School3:26.75 10
2Riverside Military Academy3:27.15 8
3Eagles Landing Christian Academy3:30.28 6
4Tallulah Falls3:32.29 5
5Hebron Christian3:32.57 4
6Holy Innocents' Episcopal School3:32.67 3
7Our Lady of Mercy3:35.46 2
8Athens Academy3:36.41 1
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High Jump

1Brandon Selders2017Calvary Day School6-2 9
1Elijah McKoy2017Darlington School6-2 9
3Jarues Bong Dibongue2017Riverside Military Academy6-0 4.5
3McKinley Thompson2019Stratford Academy6-0 4.5
3Nathan Hunt2018Stratford Academy6-0 4.5
3Thala Freeman2017Tallulah Falls6-0 4.5
7John Stewart2017Hebron Christian5-10 1.5
7Taj Dodson2019Our Lady of Mercy5-10 1.5
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Long Jump

1Sean Queen2018Eagles Landing Christian Academy23-2.25 10
2Roosevelt Trammell2018Providence Christian Academy21-6 7
2Titus Moore2018First Presbyterian Day School21-6 7
4Thomas Davis2019Paideia21-5.5 5
5Zatrick Pearce2017Tallulah Falls20-11.75 4
6Nicolas Toomer2019Landmark Christian School20-11.25 3
7Alex Calvert2019Hebron Christian20-11 2
8Orion Caldwell2017King's Ridge Christian School20-8 1
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Triple Jump

1Nicolas Toomer2019Landmark Christian School44-6.25 10
2Sean Queen2018Eagles Landing Christian Academy44-4.5 8
3Thala Freeman2017Tallulah Falls42-10.5 6
4Elijah McKoy2017Darlington School42-8.5 5
5Russell Mole2017Stratford Academy41-11.5 4
6Chris Edmonds2019Brookstone41-10.25 3
7Robert Johnson2018First Presbyterian Day School41-5 2
8Grant Ferking2017Wesleyan School41-3.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Alex Thomas2018Holy Innocents' Episcopal School14-0 10
2Christopher Lee2018Wesleyan School13-0 8
3James Brubeck2017Riverside Military Academy12-6 5.5
3Price Willoch2017Walker12-6 5.5
5Aleks Slavich2018Brookstone12-0 3
5Ryver Morrow2018Hebron Christian12-0 3
5Tucker Keadle2019Hebron Christian12-0 3
8Tucker Massey2018Stratford Academy11-0 1
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Shot Put

1LenNeth Whitehead2020Athens Academy60-10.5 10
2Paul Mullinax2018Athens Academy49-6.75 8
3Ahmir Lee2017Mount Vernon Presbyterian School48-9.5 6
4Elijah Ball2018Darlington School48-2 5
5Addison Brown2018Athens Christian48-0 4
6Evan Reese2017Savannah Christian Prep47-9.25 3
7Jourdain Irvin2018Stratford Academy46-2 2
8Edward Verdree2017Holy Innocents' Episcopal School45-5 1
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1Addison Brown2018Athens Christian154-4 10
2Paul Mullinax2018Athens Academy151-7 8
3Carson Brown2017Whitefield Academy147-9 6
4Elijah Ball2018Darlington School146-1 5
5Reggie Burnette2018Mount Vernon Presbyterian School135-8 4
6Alan Harris2017Mount Vernon Presbyterian School135-4 3
7John Ward2018Athens Academy132-7 2
8Jacob Hunt2018Darlington School127-7 1