UGA Breaks Ground on 30 Million + Indoor Athletic Facility and NO INDOOR TRACK

Hard to believe UGA is NOT putting an Indoor Track in a new 30 Million $$$ + Indoor Athletic Facility that will NOT accomodate Indoor Track & Field meets! But, its true...I spoke with a representative today on the phone and CONFIRMED my horror on their official Track and Field site. Here is a link to the article Indoor Facility

What is really sad is how they used Kendell Williams to actually speak on behalf of the university to laud what a great thing this is. WOW! AMAZING! The Track and Field program gets a 65 meter 5 lane straight to work out on during the Winter and isn't that just fantastic? 

  • The building will include a 100-yard football practice field, a 65-meter track runway and jumping pits, and a netting system that will provide indoor practice areas for other teams to utilize it during inclement weather.
  • So, why not have a track that can be at least be assembled and taken apart if you are going to have jump pits and a Sprints straightaway? Why not include a 'Throws rink and sector? What the hell am I missing here? Did not Arkansas for years not have an Indoor oval as such that was above the floor? 
  • What exactly does UGA Football need that facility for from mid December thru early February other than practice for 1 damn bowl game? Are temps so harsh they could not practice on their Outdoor practice field the day of a scheduled Indoor Track meet?

This state badly needs an Indoor facility to help our young athletes develop their skills year around. My opinion, what a joke! Georgia, per capita, boasts the top track and field athletes in the USA, and 30 million dollars is being spent and no Indoor Track facility. Many of you may have already known about this, I live in Athens and it was news to me because I don't live, breathe and die UGA football like many in this area. I enjoy the games, even pull for UGA against my alma mater LSU. 

You blew it UGA Administrators and AD Greg McGarity, and this being an Olympic year and all. Long Live Football, have fun paying for $5+sodas on gameday. You had a great opportunity to really advance Track and Field exponentially in Georgia, get better recruits, keep the talent in-state....Very HUGE DISAPOINTMENT UGA !