Address: 171 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta, GA 30064

DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 to exit # 265 (North Marietta Parkway). Turn Northwest (left). Continue to Whitlock Ave. ( 8th light-about 1.75 miles). Turn right at light onto Whitlock Ave (First Methodist Church is on the right) and go about 4 miles. School is on the left.

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2018-04-07 2nd Annual GA Spring Break Showdown
2018-03-28 Marietta/ North Cobb/ Walker/ Harrison
2018-03-21 JV Marietta/ Kell/ North Cobb/ Pope
2018-03-14 Marietta/North Cobb/Kenn Mount/ Walton
2018-03-07 Marietta/McEachern/Hillgrove/Lassiter Quad Meet
2018-03-03 8th Annual Marietta Middle School Invite
2018-02-17 5th Annual Marietta Distance Carnival
2017-07-23 GEORGIA GAMES
2017-05-19 Georgia HS Meet of Champions
2017-04-15 Middle School State Championship Tune-Up
2017-04-15 Cobb County Youth League Championships
2017-04-08 GA Spring Break Showdown
2017-03-25 Cobb County Championship Meet
2017-03-15 Marietta/ Kennesaw Mountain/ Walton/ Walker Quad-Meet
2017-03-11 CCYTL Meet #2
2017-03-08 Marietta/Harrison/ North Cobb/ Pope Quad-Meet
2017-03-04 7th Annual Marietta Middle School Invite
2017-03-03 Marietta/ McEachern/ Hillgrove/ Osborne Quad-Meet
2017-02-18 Marietta 4th Annual Distance Carnival
2016-09-08 Mount Bethel Invitational
2016-07-16 Georgia Games
2016-06-11 USATF Georgia Association Area A
2016-05-21 Georgia HS Meet of Champions
2016-04-20 GHSA Region 4-AAAAAA Championships
2016-04-16 Marietta LAST CHANCE Invitational
2016-03-23 Marietta/ Lassiter/ North Cobb JV Tri-Meet
2016-03-16 Marietta/Allatoona/Kennesaw Mountain/ Walker Quad-Meet
2016-03-09 Marietta/ Harrison/ Pope/North Springs Quad-Meet
2016-03-05 6th Annual Marietta Middle School Track & Field Invitational
2016-03-02 Marietta/Hillgrove/Kennesaw Mountain Tri-Meet
2016-02-24 Marietta/ McEachern/North Cobb/Walker Quad-Meet
2016-02-20 Marietta 3rd Annual Distance Carnival
2015-07-18 Georgia Games
2015-06-06 USATF Georgia Association Area A
2015-04-18 Marietta LAST CHANCE Invitational
2015-03-28 Cobb County Track and Field Championships
2015-03-18 Marietta/ Harrison/ Kell/ Wheeler Quad-Meet
2015-03-11 Marietta/ Harrison/ Hillgrove Tri-Meet
2015-03-07 5th Annual Marietta Middle School Track & Field Invitational
2015-03-04 Marietta/Walton/North Cobb Tri-Meet
2015-02-26 MEET CANCELLED Marietta/Allatoona/McEachern Tri-Meet
2015-02-21 Marietta 2nd Annual Distance Carnival
2014-07-20 Georgia Games
2014-04-17 GHSA Region 4-AAAAAA Championships
2014-03-28 Marietta Friday Night Lights Invite
2014-03-19 Marietta/ Walker/ Kennesaw Mountain Tri-Meet
2014-03-12 Marietta/ North Cobb/ Campbell Tri-Meet
2014-03-08 Marietta Middle School Invitational
2014-03-05 Marietta/ Pope/ Harrison Tri-Meet
2014-02-26 Marietta/Walton/ Allatoona Tri-Meet

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