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1270 Highway 29, North, Athens, GA 30610

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Colors:purple and gold
GA 1A Private
1A Region 8 Outdoor
1A Region 8 CC
Georgia High School Sports Association

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Posted by timcacs on 06-29-2007


This class is getting tighter with every new week's ranking. ACS is still holding on to the top spot over Walker (though both are heavy in points per event) ELCA...
Athens Christian's boys appear to be well on the path to defending their 2013 A Private Boys state title based on their performances this Spring thus far....First...
1A Private Boys stock has been rising slowly in Track and Field, but this Spring will make the entire state take notice of the shear talent and skills these elite...
Athens Christian hangs on the top ranking thru 3-18, but Walker and ELCA closed the gap considerably after scoring the top 12 places. These rankings were calculated by...
Athens Christian's defending state champion boys squad remains comfortably on top of the 1A Private Boys Team Power Rankings. These rankings were calculated by...


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