Meet Information


This meet is open to ALL schools, any class, any association, any state.
Varsity grades 9-12
Middle School grades 5-8

Cost: $50 for both Varsity Girls and Boys teams, $50 for both Middle school Girls and Boys teams, or $75 for all 4 teams.
*If you only have 1 runner or one team please contact me for meet fee information.
*Team tents may be placed above the bleachers of the football field or near the parking area for the baseball/softball fields.
*Restrooms are located at the football field and also at the baseball field.

Meet Schedule:
Coaches Meeting 8:00 am
Varsity Girls (5k) 8:30 am
Varsity Boys (5k) 9:00 am
Middle School Girls (3k) 9:30 am
Middle School Boys (3k) 10:00 am
Awards 10:45 in football bleachers

Course Maps:

Angie Bell: