Meet Information

The coaches' meeting will start at 4:00pm. This meet will start at 4:30pm. The order of events will be as follows:

4:30 - Shot (G)/(B), Discus (B)/(G), Long Jump (B)/(G), Triple Jump (G)/(B), High Jump (G)/(B), Pole Vault (G)/(B)
3200m G/B
300mH G/B
Running Events
4x100m G/B
1600m G/B
400m - G/B
100m - G/B
100m/110m Hurdles - G/B
800m - G/B
4x400m - G/B

Limit of 5 Events per athlete (3 individual, 2 Relays with no more than 2 individual open races). All field events will have minimum distances after the first legal attempt.

The costs of this meet will be $70 for full team or $35 per gender. Payment will be due the day of the meet.