Berry College Clara Bowl Invitational 2012

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    I would go with the meet information and not the webpage.

    My question is: 10 person varsity race = $100 and then $5 per person JV = a lot more money! x 2 if you have boys and girls. Most meets put a cap on how much a team would have to spend. I can see schools like ours spending over $400 to compete plus paying for parking on top of it? I hope the trophies are real gold, we could pawn them off to get some money back :)
  • Ryan McClay
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    yeah, that and the extreme heat are the two reasons we're not bringing our JV this year.

    I talked to Paul Deaton last week and noticed this yesterday when I went to register our team. I know for a fact the 5A/6A races are later this year (he alternates every year). I'm going to wait until it gets fixed before we register.
  • Alan Parish
    This is the correct schedule:
    Open Race 8:00 AM
    1A, 2A, 3A, 4A Varsity Girls 8:45 AM
    1A, 2A, 3A, 4A Varsity Boys 9:30 AM
    5A, 6A Varsity Girls 10:15 AM
    5A, 6A Varsity Boys 11:00 AM
    Junior Varsity Girls 11:45 PM
    Junior Varsity Boys 12:30 PM
  • Ronnie Brown
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    @spxcoachrm Berry is such a fun meet and a great atmosphere. Seems like the heat issue could be mitigated a little bit by starting at 7:30 and running races at 30 minute intervals (or less) versus 45. I know the start and finish areas conflict with each other a bit so maybe that's not possible.
  • Eric Heintz
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    I honestly think that entry fees are getting out of hand. I talked about this in reference to the Carrollton meets last year. Now your everyday average invitational is charging $200 a team to get in. Just two or three years ago the average fee was $120 (that is a non-scientific number based solely on my terrible memory). In the grand scheme of things it is still cheaper than having to hire 8 referees on a Friday night, but for small programs this can be a real burden. My entry fees this year are actually about 30% higher for the total season compared to last year (that is based on real math).
  • scott gowan
    Does someone have the contact person/meet director for this meet they can send me? I see that it is sanctioned for Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. We are in Florida and may be interested in attending if it's sanctioned for our state.

    Scott Gowan
    Chiles HS
    Tallahassee, Florida
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    @tacoboy I called that number and was told that I had the wrong number.


    Funny I called that number and spoke to Paul last week. I just dialed it again to make sure i wasn't giving you bad info and I got his voice mail.
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    The meet had a different time and placement than mile split shows. I took a picture of the paper that was posted and it isn't even close. Can someone tell me which one is correct?