6A Girls Pre-Season Outlook

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photo by Daniel McCauley

6A Girls:

1 - Northview

2 - South Forsyth

3 - Harrison

4 - West Forsyth

5 - Milton

6 - Mill Creek

7 - Brookwood

8 - North Gwinnett

9 - Etowah

10- North Paulding

Watch list: Parkview, Pope, Roswell, Peachtree Ridge, Alpharetta, Norcross, Lambert, Walton, Lakeside-Dekalb, Collins Hill

Northview: Just as Northview ended last season, Northview enters the 2015 XC season at #1. The Lady Titans return 6 of their top 7 including returning champion and 4:50/10:24 track sensation Lindsay Billings. Anna Barefield (5:11/11:07) and Sarika Temme-Bapat (5:23/11:36) finished in the top 12 in XC and will be a strong 2-3. It appears the Lady Titans thin out severely after #5, so if anyone falters, it could get dangerous for them. With all of that said, they’re the pre-season #1 and the team to beat.

South Forsyth: Led by the top 10 XC duo of Savannah Carnahan (4:59/10:41) and Kaylee DuPont (5:01/2:17), South Forsyth enters the season at #2 after finishing #2 at State last year. The biggest knock against the Lady War Eagles is that there appears to be a severe drop after their top 4. For South Forsyth to contend with Northview and hold off teams like Harrison, they’ll need to find a consistent #5 runner; otherwise, Carnahan and DuPont will have no margin for error if they not only want to contend with Northview for the title but also hold other suitors off.

Harrison: Harrison’s 5th place team returns 6 of their 7 members led by Maddie Rountree (5:20/11:33), Kira Stanley (5:13/11:31) and Alex Lacy. The Harrison girls are a staple near the top of the rankings year in and year out, and this season looks to be no different. In addition to returning 2 girls under 11:35, Harrison has 6 girls under 5:50 and 5 girls with returning averages of 21:10 or faster from last season. Like South Forsyth though, there’s a hole at #5 that will need to be filled. They’re a well-coached team who will be in the mix.

West Forsyth: Liz Galarza (5:19/11:02) leads the charge following her 3rd place finish at state a year ago. West Forsyth’s 4th place finish last year headlined a strong season, and it appears they improved during track season. West returns 5 girls 5:46 or faster in the mile including 2 under 5:35. They also have 6 girls who’ve run 12:30 or faster in the 3200m. West seems to have more depth than SF and Harrison at #5, but they’ll need to close the gap on Galarza to catch up. West is an up-and-coming team

Milton: Riley Burr with her sub-5:00 1600m skillset headlines a very dangerous Milton crew heading into this XC season. They return 5 of their 7 runners at state (granted losing 2 of their scoring 5). Among those returners are 4 other girls at 5:40 or faster in the 1600m and 4 runners with 5K averages of sub-21:00 from last XC season. Like West Forsyth, there’s a big gap after their ace, but also like West, they could move far up the podium with an improved 1-5 spread. Andy Carr will undoubtedly have his girls in top form and will look to improve upon their 3rd place finish a year ago.

Mill Creek: Three Petits? Really? Camryn (5:17/11:19), Hannah (5:27/11:39) and Marisa (5:46) help lead the charge along with Sara Scales (10th in XC) and a much improved Lexi Froh (5:33/2:22) for the Lady Hawks of Mill Creek. They appear close to even with West Forsyth and Milton on paper which could lead to some hate from northern Gwinnett for being a pre-season #6 outside the podium. Like others on this list, Mill Creek doesn’t have a ton of depth after their scorers, but if their top 5 all do their jobs, it’s tough to argue against them being a true podium contender.

Brookwood: The Lady Broncos had a disappointing end to their 2014 XC campaign with a surprising 14th place finish. This team appears to have many questions. 3 of their varsity athletes from last XC season did not run track, and those who did run track made great improvements. Mackenzie Ellison (5:08/2:13) and Lauren Flynt (5:14/11:38) will lead Brookwood into the season with 4 other sub 5:50 1600m girls. The Lady Broncos seem to only be a half-step off podium consideration. Coach Chris Carter will work hard to bridge that small gap and return Brookwood to that level.

North Gwinnett: Another team on this list with 3 of their returning top 5 without track times, The Lady Bulldogs return pretty loaded following their 13th place finish a year ago. Aside from Sidney Sheppard, Laura Friedman, and Carly Anderson, North Gwinnett returns 5 girls under 5:50 from track season. They lack a true front runner though, so any damage they do on the big stage will rely on a tight 1-5 split; with that said, they do have some depth, and with a strong summer of running, who’s to say one of these Lady Bulldogs doesn’t emerge?

Etowah: Following a very disappointing 16th place finish at state last year, Etowah enters this season at #9 after emerging in track season. Led by Kyla Resnick (5:23/11:54) and Mackenzie Walsh (5:35/11:11), Etowah returns 4 total girls under 5:40 along with several others in the low 6:00s. Julia Turbyfield (21:03 XC 5K average) turned to the 300 hurdles this past track season but surely will re-join her teammates in their top 5 to help Etowah accomplish among the biggest one-year swings in recent memory.

North Paulding: Similar to Brookwood in that 3 of their varsity level athletes did not run track, North Paulding enters the season in the top 10. They will be led by rising freshman Alex Whiten who already has three official sub 20:00 5Ks to her name. Along with Whiten, the Lady Wolfpack returns 4 girls who broke 5:55 in the 1600m along with 6 total girls returning with sub 22:00 5K averages. This is an intriguing team who seems to have won the freshman lottery with Alex Whiten and two others

1Northview High School (GA)58
1) Lindsay Billings16:56.461
2) Sarika Temme-Bapat18:26.265
3) Anna Barefield18:35.008
4) Tiffany Yue19:10.6120
5) Shannon Marsh19:14.1024
Average Time: 18:28.49 Total Time: 1:32:22.43 1-5 Split: 2:17.64
6) Sophie Kopec20:00.7453
7) Claire Finn21:10.10136
2Milton High School (GA)161
1) Riley Burr19:10.6421
2) Charlotte Matt19:13.0123
3) Marie Repasy19:14.7925
4) Victoria Wagner19:42.0040
5) Emily Bowers19:59.8552
Average Time: 19:28.06 Total Time: 1:37:20.29 1-5 Split: 49.21
6) Emily Velez20:45.11105
7) Sophie Matt21:02.85125
3Harrison High School (GA)176
1) Mattie Rountree18:44.6011
2) Kira Stanley18:54.8718
3) Alex Lacy19:45.8742
4) Andie Whitfield19:51.5745
5) Kayli Moody20:08.6260
Average Time: 19:29.11 Total Time: 1:37:25.53 1-5 Split: 1:24.02
6) Jennifer Tull20:11.2062
7) Alexa Subasavage20:21.5673
4South Forsyth High School (GA)177
1) Savannah Carnahan17:24.692
2) Kaylee DuPont17:38.493
3) Milicent Bergey18:31.857
4) Emma Maisel19:25.9032
5) Jessica Brannigan21:06.96133
Average Time: 18:49.58 Total Time: 1:34:07.89 1-5 Split: 3:42.27
6) Natalie Smithson21:10.64137
7) Meagan Crumley21:13.42144
5West Forsyth High School (GA)209
1) Liz Galarza18:03.444
2) Stephanie Shea19:54.0546
3) Dara Niemi19:57.0048
4) Amanda MacArthur20:03.2955
5) Julie Ericson20:06.0056
Average Time: 19:36.76 Total Time: 1:38:03.78 1-5 Split: 2:02.56
6) Madison Bowers20:41.3598
7) Kim Gibson20:43.00102
6Mill Creek High School (GA)218
1) Hannah Petit18:30.006
2) Sara Scales18:44.3710
3) Camryn Petit18:52.6916
4) Morgan Pyle20:36.0690
5) Elena Guerra20:38.7496
Average Time: 19:28.37 Total Time: 1:37:21.86 1-5 Split: 2:08.74
6) Angela Korol21:58.39199
7) Kaylee Kennedy22:15.74217
7Etowah (GA)270
1) Kyla Resnick18:46.4613
2) Shelby Rensel19:20.0030
3) Madison Fowler19:50.0044
4) Julia Turbyfield20:28.8680
5) Macki Walsh20:43.75103
Average Time: 19:49.81 Total Time: 1:39:09.07 1-5 Split: 1:57.29
6) Beth Haynes20:47.99109
7) Kaitlyn Dorsey20:48.21110
8Roswell High School (GA)300
1) Rachel VanAmburgh18:58.6919
2) Sunshine Flamer19:36.4437
3) Kara Coulter19:37.9938
4) Ava Stovall20:37.2492
5) Lauren Fuller20:52.25114
Average Time: 19:56.52 Total Time: 1:39:42.61 1-5 Split: 1:53.56
6) Hannah Butler21:44.26182
7) Meghan Hashemi21:45.32184
9Brookwood (GA)322
1) Lauren Flynt18:50.2514
2) Mackenzie Ellison20:14.4066
3) Ashton Askew20:25.6675
4) Maria Coughlin20:27.0878
5) Isabel Veith20:33.5489
Average Time: 20:06.19 Total Time: 1:40:30.93 1-5 Split: 1:43.29
6) Aalayah Foster21:23.03154
7) Renee Silver21:33.31168
10North Paulding HS (GA)326
1) Alex Whiten18:50.7315
2) Simone Johnson20:10.2761
3) Savannah Watkins20:19.7670
4) Natalie Coolidge20:25.8376
5) Brianna Wolven20:44.28104
Average Time: 20:06.17 Total Time: 1:40:30.87 1-5 Split: 1:53.55
6) Alejandria Olivares20:58.96119
7) Auburn Cohan21:00.61120
11Pope High School (GA)354
1) Ashley Kehoe18:45.1212
2) Brittany Powell19:34.3936
3) Darden Hearn19:55.5647
4) Heather Thornton20:15.8368
5) Lauren Fischer21:50.87191
Average Time: 20:04.35 Total Time: 1:40:21.77 1-5 Split: 3:05.75
6) Cameron Graves21:51.51193
7) Emma Kopkowski22:32.78233
12Woodstock High School (GA)369
1) Hannah Everest19:47.2043
2) Bailie McInnis20:15.3567
3) Taylor Poole20:24.8374
4) Alayna Cagle20:29.3684
5) Nicole Frazer20:42.87101
Average Time: 20:19.92 Total Time: 1:41:39.61 1-5 Split: 55.67
6) Brittany Burnett21:01.80122
7) Catherine Moreau21:02.80124
13Centennial (GA)419
1) Katie Meyer19:12.8322
2) Anna Truax19:58.5750
3) Maddy Peterson20:12.1863
4) Jacqueline Hodges21:01.87123
5) Alexandra Fisher21:28.13161
Average Time: 20:22.72 Total Time: 1:41:53.58 1-5 Split: 2:15.30
6) Katia Gerasimenko22:31.84230
7) Rachel Hott23:10.37253
14Alpharetta (GA)435
1) Kenedy Thorne19:14.9726
2) Sarah Chappell20:02.2454
3) Megan Evonsion20:32.0587
4) Alicia Johnson20:41.4599
5) Jules Mead21:34.64169
Average Time: 20:25.07 Total Time: 1:42:05.35 1-5 Split: 2:19.67
6) Emma Fairlie21:40.51175
7) Margaret Brehm21:47.61187
15Walton High School (GA)442
1) Stephanie L'Estrange20:12.9864
2) Isabelle Snider20:21.0072
3) Vivian Bridges20:29.0081
4) Kate Richards20:37.5494
5) Ashley Madsen21:05.53131
Average Time: 20:33.21 Total Time: 1:42:46.05 1-5 Split: 52.55
6) Sara Lewin21:21.38151
7) Jessica Sumner21:47.00186
16Johns Creek HS (GA)456
1) Allison Rothrock19:15.5227
2) Rachel Wozniak20:37.4093
3) Kelley Crudo20:46.03107
4) Andrea Colavito20:48.79111
5) Sarika Gowda20:58.80118
Average Time: 20:29.31 Total Time: 1:42:26.54 1-5 Split: 1:43.28
6) Sydney Tanguilig21:31.95164
7) Sophie Brandeis21:37.68172
17North Gwinnett (GA)462
1) Sidney Sheppard20:06.5657
2) Sarah Melkerson20:14.1865
3) Lauren Friedman20:42.32100
4) Carly Anderson20:50.54112
5) Alayna Lamberth21:03.15128
Average Time: 20:35.35 Total Time: 1:42:56.75 1-5 Split: 56.59
6) Emma Egg21:10.86138
7) Morgan Behrens21:26.64157
18Lakeside HS, DeKalb (GA)490
1) Morgan Mihalis19:28.0034
2) Corrie Smith19:43.0041
3) Rachel Grimes20:54.00115
4) Eliana Blam21:17.00148
5) Sarah Breeden21:22.00152
Average Time: 20:32.80 Total Time: 1:42:44.00 1-5 Split: 1:54.00
6) Hannah Breeden21:44.19181
7) Brittani Andrieni22:21.00222
19Lambert HS (GA)510
1) Mae McKenna19:58.2149
2) Abby Fox20:21.0071
3) Sarah Stachura21:01.00121
4) Anna McCarthy21:05.00130
5) Kaylee Stilwell21:10.93139
Average Time: 20:43.23 Total Time: 1:43:36.14 1-5 Split: 1:12.72
6) Libby Bocko21:18.00149
7) Bethany Buck21:39.00174
20Parkview High School (GA)555
1) Melody Weiler19:18.0529
2) Rachel Hurst20:26.6577
3) Emma Allison20:56.23117
4) Jamie Freeman21:29.20162
5) Alayna Guthrie21:35.03170
Average Time: 20:45.03 Total Time: 1:43:45.16 1-5 Split: 2:16.98
6) Mariel Criswell22:13.52214
7) Alex Sparks22:14.20216
21Peachtree Ridge High School (GA)564
1) Meghan Peel20:06.6758
2) Mary Kathryn Knottt20:18.3069
3) Alaina Burnside20:45.73106
4) Ashley Galanti21:31.97165
5) Joanne Chun21:32.52166
Average Time: 20:51.04 Total Time: 1:44:15.19 1-5 Split: 1:25.85
6) Kate Watkins21:51.77194
7) Mary McKenna22:03.44205