Day 2 NXN Nationals Blog from Nicholas Yanek

Nicholas Yanek and Sam Bowers

Nike Day 2

Today we got the chance to preview the Glendoveer Cross Country Course.  There are some rolling hills, but the bigger obstacle is the mud.  There are many parts of the course where your foot just sinks into the ground.  The athlete Village is very nice with foam rollers, designated tented sections for each team, snacks, and a spike station.  It's supposed to rain a decent amount over night, so the course will only be softer.  Coach Carr recommended using 5/8" spikes which look huge, but are needed for this course.

This evening, there was an elite athlete Q&A session.  Evan Jager, Galen Rupp, Hassan Mead, Jordan Hasay, and Colleen Quigley were all on the panel.  Many of the questions were for fun, so it was great hearing funny stories about some of their runs and their favorite music.  Our group of Southeast individuals also took a slight walking tour of Nike Headquarters and found an awesome Steve Prefontaine statue, Michael Jordan's shoes, and a cool Zen Garden!  Everyone is excited for the race tomorrow and having an awesome time at Nike!

Athletes at NXN Q&A are Evan J├Ąger, Colleen Quigly, Galen Rupp, Jordan Hasay, Hassan Meade