Updated Info For Coaches Invitational

         Good evening COACHES,  I hope your season is progressing well.  Those of
you who are entering the COACHES INVITATIONAL at Georgia Tech should
plan on having all the entries completed by 5:00 on Friday 3/9.  Please
be very accurate in your athletes performance entries and provide
specific meets where the performance was accomplished.  As the season
has just begun last year's County, Region or State times will suffice as
will performances from XC.   Please read the bottom of this email as it
provides some insight on how to register on the www.gasports.com
website.  I understand that the site can be confusing and difficult to
use so hopefully the directions that Steve Copeland has provided below
will ease your problems with the site.  We are excited  about another
great year and are looking forward to the large number of teams that
will attend the 2007 Coaches Invitational @GA tech.. 
A reminder to all Coaches that the 1600 Sprint Medley on Saturday is a
COED relay that will follow the 200 (girl),  200 (boy), 400 (girl) and
800 (boy) format.
After all entries have been received an acceptance list will be posted
on Tuesday 3/13.  If you have any scratches at that time please make
them ASAP so that a final meet program can be established by Thursday

       Here are instructions for entering athletes into the meet.  Most of
this is about getting registered and logging in. Once you get on the
control panel read the Help section there.

       Submitting Track Entries on GaSports.com

       To submit entries on the GaSports.com web site, you must be registered
on the site as a Track coach at your school. To register, click the
Register/Login link at the top of the left menu and then click the
"Georgia High School Coaches Register Here" link. Fill in the
information using your SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS and then click the Register

       If you are not already registered, the system will immediately send you
a password. Some school email systems block automatic password email as
Spam. If you do not get your password, email 'scopeland@sportsiq.com'
and ask for your password.

      All coaching registrations are reviewed before getting full access. You
will get a second confirmation email once your registration as a coach
is accepted. If you do not register using your school email address,
this process will be delayed.

       Once you logon to GaSports.com, click the Control Panel link at the top
left of the page, next to the Welcome Back message.

        On the control panel, click the Help button at the top right and read
the "Submit Track Performances" section for detailed instructions on
posting your entries.

         Thanks for interest in the meet and we'll see you on 3/16-3/17.  Cathi

Cathi Monk
Science Teacher
Head XC and Track & Field Coach
Pope High School
770-578-7900 ext. 255
770-578-7902 (fax)